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Milano City Marathon

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Well done to both of you!

Now can you upload that Italian flag lady first please? Joking lah.

cannot... i upload the hunks we took photo with first... :Big Grin:


wah....so many hunks....so warm :Big Grin:

actually, i vaguely find them familiar... its the one with white hair who approached us... he pointed to his poncho (the one issued by the florence marathon organiser 1 week earlier)... then he said he stayed at the same hotel as we did... so zhun hor... they also did firenze and milano... same as us too... :)

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Ripley... Fennel got shwe Italian Babes pics.. haha... :w00t: Yeah.. how did both of U did ???

i got shwe italian babe... just one... she only wore a bra while her lower body is covered by a towel... her upper body was painted in italian blue color... and the painter painted a italian flag just above her chest... very nice lah... i took her pic during the milano city marathon expo... most of the audience that crowded around her were 99% male... i was one of the exception... :tongue_smilie:

as for the race itself, fennel did 4hrs 18mins (chip time) for milano... for me, i must say that i am still in cloud nine... never in my life i could imagine myself breaking below 5hrs... and to come in at 4hrs 44mins (chip time) is really a dream come true... this is 23mins faster than my previous PB of 5hrs 7mins (chip time) set in rome, earlier this year... i still can't believe it... but am very pleased... :Big Grin:

Well done ripley... your timing is not far away from mine ...

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Congrats, ladies! :cheers: :Applause:

Sorry abit late ah. Still trying to catch up with the forum after coming back :P

:P me too... but i guess just have to scan through liao... otherwise, very difficult to catch up esp after a BIG race... :Big Grin:

i am very impressed with the timing our ladies clocked in Milano. Well Done. :smilie_daumen1:

how about you trying it yourself next year? :smilie_daumen1:

Congrats esp to Ripley ! :cheers:

U had done very well, heading towards the 4.30 next ???

i adapted very well to the cold weather... so can fly a little... 4:30? you want me to die aaaaah? :sweat: :sweat:

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