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24th Firenze Marathon 07

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thanks for all your congrates... fennel did very well despite her ITB flare up... and that this was her 1st race in such cool weather... :Big Grin: actually, it is not as cold as i had imagine... the weather was perfect... lucky us... :smilie_daumen1:

this is a photo at the start point...


plus a photo of the 4:30 pacer group... noticed that the only woman in the group photo? she's very beautiful in person!!! its hard to imagine someone put up make up for a marathon, look like a model and can run FAST!!! :sweat: i tried to run at her pace but well, after 5km, i lost her... :ph34r:


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just something to share... registration for the 2009 25th firenze marathon has started... and if there's a race that i'll go back and do it again, it probably is firenze... check out this year's medal...


For its 25th anniversary, the Florence Marathon has decided to award all athletes who finish the race a special commemorative medal set with a lily (the symbol of Florence) and a reproduction of the Florin, the coin of the Florentine Republic.

so interesting... their different design is truly a different design... probably because they have such a rich history... if only our scsm can also have different design on the various landmarks of singapore...

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