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24th Firenze Marathon 07

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only tigger will start a thread on overseas marathon but won't go lor... (see the NYC 2007 thread...) :cool_grin:

sotong, i sound like i'm going aaah? okie, here's the truth: i am going... (i state here that i'm going)... :P

Yes, tigger not like someone that look down from the sky and think only elite can start thread. :nono:

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all the best to Fennel & Ripley for your overseas European Marathon :)

Enjoy the experience, food, wine and hunks....erm, I mean sights :Big Grin:

thanks shortlegs... thanks Dream... :)

yeah... fennel and i talked about this... must enjoy the hunks... :Big Grin:

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thanks :), will enjoy the hunks :cool_grin:

dont be cheeky! see no touch or the vice versa :Thinking:

eh, vice versa = touch no see??? :LMAO:

sorry, could not resist chucking that one in :001_tt2:

...just close your eyes and touched.

...oochs....sorr le, I thought it was wax.

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