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Ipoh International Run

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FYI ... the prize money is by fast runners to be "quite good". So some folks from HK will be running this as well. One of them is the webmaster of the HKRunners.com, Keith Chan.

the founder of HKrunners.com...cool...unfortunately i won't be travelling up.... :Worried:

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At the 4km mark, I recovered a little to 19min+, back to just sub 5min/km pace. DO moved slightly ahead, and I was running together with a few veteran runners, as evident in their C bibs. There were not many familiar faces along the way. Spotted Sumiko at about the 6km mark, and we ran at a pace quite close to hers. By the 8km mark, it was 39min flat, definitely out of the range of a 4:40min/km pace required for a sub 1:40 mark for my PB. The sun was rearing a little, and coupled with the increasing traffic, I was finding it quite difficult to go any faster. I moved up ahead of Sumiko, and told her to keep up the good pace. DO followed suit, and told Sumiko to run together at around the same pace. I hit the 10km mark in 49min+....

HERE for the full account and pics

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Congrats to all !!


the makan seems to be nicer than penang :P esp the durian......

eh? u all din find 'Red Prawn' in Penang?

that durian we took at Gelang Patah....and then ate very sinful 'fatty meat' at a nice restaurant....the pepper crab was nice....too bad no more frog legs in wine sauce :tongue_smilie:

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Isn't that Dreamrunner running neck to neck with Pacemaker in the following blog?


yah...haha...Richy first pointed to me this blog entry...

the actual post is HERE

Recalling, I looked like I was 'beoing' the finish line, and wasn't really chasing him lah...

but I guess he was glad to finish as well, cos he looked really tired out there....shhh!

runwitme, thanks for sharing the more 'shagged' side of me :tongue_smilie:

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