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Sundown Marathon 2021

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4 hours ago, Sloweunner said:

Back as a physical event



last year justrunlah connect virtual race..register $10...never say how much will be entitlements when u really want to go...run with buddy..run with team...and then all the add-ons charges shall come..

so they subscribe to a 3rd party event management website..ontraxk..

mass run event requires approval and lots of protocol like Active Sg, MOH..and latest is 250..includes participants and staff.

Monthly session...likedat uncle can run multi sessions marathon challenge...DIY..foc

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I think if the authorities approve, this will be a litmus test of how other races are going to be organised. 4000 is not a lot for Sundown, but there are many other races with historically lower participation numbers. Such races may be allowed to proceed if this Sundown is successfully done.

I believe there may be other requirements for the runners, such as proof of vaccination?

Nevertheless, I think it is a good start.

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if the authorities can approve cross-border visits (events here depend lots on international participants), and when  most here/overseas are vaccinated...and really there is no mutation covid strain..then ok

virtual challenge/race...same theme/marketing almost like in 2020/2021...justrunlah! connect...


previously posted by uncle here...

now at ontraxk website..

4000 for current 250-limit per day... is 16 sessions... the assumption is the authority must have allowed 500-limit per event day in the coming days... so 4000 / 500 is 8 sessions or per day. So no surprising...4000 must not be factored as 4000/day.

Ultramarathon 55KM is offered.. 55km run-in person within 8-day/8-sessions within an official route....very similar to Round As One Singapore...6KM or 12.9 KM...achievable with cumulative 8-sessions attempts..

lol...merchandizing marketing...upgrade $10 to popular entitlements..


next will be this and that...previously $8 registration per person-event..


don't end up paying "race entitlements" to top-up with your run event 😀




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Posted (edited)

if the authorities can approve cross-border visits (events here depend lots on international participants), and when  most here/overseas are vaccinated...and really there is no mutation covid strain..then ok

With a new Covid-19 variant strain, and 1 locally death recorded for even those who are vacinnated, and the closing of borders of the world with India (the source of the new Covid-19 variant strain)...of course, those countries suspected of having the new Covid-19 variant strain including Singapore...

let uncle share with all, FM Virtual Race experience [a submssion and not a challenge with multiple submission]...

To do a virtual FM in May [like in previous Sundown Run-in place editions], often on inter-monsoonal period, the weather is often unpredictable wet with rain and then dry with sun coming out fast with the parting rain clouds, making the place feel like a suana - hot, wet, humid...



faces afternoon rain at start...wet and soggy...change of gear and wear with a cool shower after 16KM with a meal... the rest of the journey was not so bad, cooler evening but lots of people because of Public Holiday...Tanjong Rhu, Marina East, Sports Hub...



uncle took part in a one-session submission only...within a 48-hour window..


if the event would have in a 1-day window period [like cut-off time], 2 out 3 would have DNS or DNF...

Virtual Race/Challenge DIY is indeed, especially for FM is no play play...need to plan logistics and train with practices...overcoming the "wall of china" at HM and FM...

you guys had being there before [experiences]...and will definitely know...without logistics such as road closure/nutrition/hydration/medical support...DIY event Virtual Challenge/Race...is indeed very "siong"..😃

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23 hours ago, kohpapa said:

With a new Covid-19 variant strain, and 1 locally death recorded for even those who are vacinnated, and the closing of borders of the world with India (the source of the new Covid-19 variant strain)...of course, those countries suspected of having the new Covid-19 variant strain including Singapore...


With the number of new covid cases and possible spread in communities, I have a feeling this Sundown physical race may not proceed....

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Posted (edited)

Uncle's personal experiences in Virtual Races [Ultra Challenge/FM/HM/10KM/5KM/10KM Team Relay/Ekiden Relay], find this Sundown Marathon event is indeed a Virtual Experience, not really Run-in Person.


ONTRAXK.COM is just a Virtual Race/Challenge platform of Official Sundown Marathon Singapore. 

Upload of Results to the ONTRAXK.COM is via Strava or Runkeeper (which uncle has posted previously using Runkeeper).


can I do the marathon from 415 and end before 8am?

This could be the Virtual Challenge Slot [period of about 4-hour window per day], how much distance can you achieve, capture and submit as result.

If uncle can walk 1-hour with about 3KM, then 4-hour would mean 12km. If slow run or jog, then x1.5...that would be 18km. But, if tempo run, that would be 24KM [Pace at 6KM/hour]

Up to Maximum of 4-day, a walker can complete a Marathon distance challenge.
Up to Maximum of 3-day, a jogger can complete a Marathon distance challenge.
Up to Maximum of 2-day, an abled runner can complete a Marathon distance challenge.

Base on uncle's ability to complete a session of Full Marathon Virtual Race [6:50:37] with Runkeeper apps, uncle would have taken a 2-day Challenge Slots for Sundown Marathon.

Of course, probably tie up with buddy system or Get a group or Team Relay participation marketing gimmicks from Sundown, and again, Finisher Medals, merchandise on Monthly tees with different themes, not forgetting Finisher Tees... how about themed Masks...shoe bags FREE if you register with Family...add-ons means top-up $$.

Aiya, why waste monthly event registration of $10, when you can have FOC registration at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Virtual Club.

This one for May 2021. Some more, the platform is "synced" with major apps, no need to upload results...


No need to pay registration another $10 to be ranked in the Leaderboard...


uncle having fun daily, being "chased" and "chasing" global runners...what the...looks like uncle got to chong 30KM to catch up with the 2 japanese wannabees...and that Skier from Canada [yesterday ranked with a 100KM] how can in past 2 days in May you must have ski and not run Ms Jodie Gauld...

But, never mind, uncle will chong a Full Marathon this weekend.....*2021 Seoul Marathon [Virtual] FM...😀

Tips on staying on top of Monthly SCSM Virtual Club Leaderboard...2 HMs Distance and 1 FM weekly...

In the Month of April 2021...


Surely by Month end, there will be 10+K of Global wannabees "chasing" uncle always... Choooong ahh...everyone...😄

BTW, almost forgot to "howlien" uncle's motivation to run Virtual FM...






cool right? and to be ranked Globally on the condition of being a "Finisher".

How much did uncle pay [shipment included]?


Latest...*2021 Seoul Marathon [Virtual] FM...

Arrival from Seoul, Korea today...uncle Koh Papa...please sign,,


Yippee...Race Pack for this weekend (May 1 - 9) FM Virtual Race has arrived...


nice Race Medalion...


so what's the reward for completing the run and be a "Finisher"?

wah, Finisher Medal..


on the condition - uncle needs to send GPX to their website...or timing which also include Route Map...[like what uncle has posted above]

How much did uncle pay [shipment included]?


The Finisher Medal will be "shipped with a minimal cost" after submitting the GPX...only after May 9 [close of event]...👌 

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In every race event, there should be Event Tee Sponsor.

For example New Balance for the 2021 Seoul Marathon, 2021 London Marathon and 2021 NYC Marathon, or Adidas for 2021 Boston Marathon.

But, for 2021 Sundown Marathon, who is the sponsor?

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Posted (edited)

uncle reviewed "Sundown Marathon" events...



and in previous year 2020...1 Oct 2020 - 31 March 2021



Sundown Marathon indeed has taken the "Virtual Challenge" format with Challenge, Highest Distance and Upload Your Runs.

[Virtual] - 2021 Sundown Marathon is more like it..😀

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    • uncle just want to share about challege...like this one which starfinder and uncle is participating... so both of us registered for free 42km...and we received information for submission of results... So uncle started from 12am on 15 May according the Rules and Conditions... uncle completed within 24-hour...weather is very hot and humid...3 submissions...afternoon - next day before sunrise - and just this morning... submited and verified... ok, uncle got the eCert... so wait 5 July... cool right, FOC...just need 42KM (ride)... actually uncle "ride and run"... got this precious 42KM distance... upload for this one...today (16 May) is the last day uncle needs at least 1 FM distance to catch up to be #1... well uncle is now #1...lol... abuthen  Singapore is 13 hours ahead of Wisconsin, USA...so uncle got to be patient... just to be kiasu and extreme... uncle is preparing for a Half Marathon run tomorrow before 1pm...extremely extreme right? just for smugly reason to "how lian", why not? 😃 oh, almost forgot...something uncle checks daily... ok, past 350KM is a target for 700KM for May...mmm just need HM, FM x 1 or x2 or x3 to reach the Top of SCSM Virtual Club...aiya, looking forward...as uncle has posted previously...those who are handicap with the least number are the real ones..the rest are very "dubious" participants..just chase them for the fun...just catch them like Pokemon GO..pika pika... just need to zzZZZ, rest and recover...😃 We are in CB Paase 2 (Heightened Alert) from today. Wishes all to Stay Safe, Wear Mask and Stay Healthy.  
    • The finisher medal has arrived... There will be some who will be selected for this one... Good luck and best wishes. 👌
    • well, if this is the run forum, and this is local race, then we talk appropriately about run, and this thread is on run challege - infinite distance - according to any runner's capabilities - anything from 100m...to extremes. So, we focus on this "smugly". and if starfinder, you can talk about multi-event, then you should go to non-running event, and share about your non-run passionate activities...and share your joy and experiences like Biking - OCBC Cycle Singapore 2021... uncle believes starfinder and uncle are looking forward for this weekend...Free 42KM Cycling...today 15 May till 13 June... Registration is FOC and the 42k Virtual Cycling Challenge entitlement is Tote Bag and Medal.  beast is entitled to his diverse opinion about extreme running, and if he is able do attempt the accumulatives of just enough (spread over a period of 4 weeks), then that will be a "smug" distance as the outcome . Just give yourself an opportunity to participate with enthusiasm (which uncle has offered like Virtual Ekiden or Virtual Cross Country 10KM Relay), why not try try and experience yourself with the Challenge of Extremes. Some more, uncle is offering to all an opportunity as Team Captain. As for starfinder, if you want to experience, then sign-up for the challenge, even if you can do 5KM or lesser, why not, weekly for only 4 weeks, 25KM is tee (but you must commit to payment). So how much "smug" contribution can you do in 4 weeks, is what this challenge is all about...that is the reason why we share and discuss here encouragingly and motivating one another...do you want to try try 😀 Update, besides opening this opportunity for sgRunners, uncle has been invited to Join Team...a Team Captain after reading this forum thread, PM uncle at instagram and offered uncle to Join Team.. This team is made up of all types of non-runners of Age Group 40-60+....Hikers, Walkers, Cyclists...as long as your have that pair of Iron Legs that can carry you to the extremes, why not. The Team Captain told uncle, with uncle's Extreme contribution of 700KM, the team can aim for Silver or even Gold...lol...they considered uncle as "Legendary" member...sounded like they just "caught" a Pokemon extreme runner...😆 If you are interested, uncle can also open this Team Iron Legs registration for you to join together as a Team for Challenging Silver and Gold level...and a Team Plague with your name and celebrate as Team effort. Perhaps, Sandy is sharing and discussing if there is a Team from sgRunners...and uncle offered the Challenge to ALL...yes, sgRunners can have a Team to take up the Run Challenge... Anyone? Otherwise, you are also offered to Join Team Iron Legs with the Age Group 40+ and above. so startfinder, are you ready to bike OCBC Cycle for a month of fun Virtual Cycle... of course, uncle is extremely ready for the Challenge.. uncle will clock both Ride (submit for OCBC Cycle) and Run (Unlimited Distance Challenge)...kill 2 Events again with 1 Passion in both Cycling and Running...Maximum is 4 submissions...so 10.5 KM x 4 weekly submission also can 😄    Importantly, don't let Covid-19 variants stop you from pursuing you passion, ALL Races Are Cancelled. Agree with starfinder, pursue your interests besides run, so open a thread discussion with the "besides run" activity, why not? As always, uncle will take up any challenge because it is interesting, achievable and fun always.
    • Uncle @kohpapa passion is in running, so it isn't surprise he can clocked so much distances untiringly 😀 @beast also is correct. Nothing to compare. As said before, nowadays I am happy just to run 5 km or lesser, combined with some static exercises. A matter of personal preference really. Personally, I do not have 'run targets' this year. Don't have Uncle's ambitions 😅 But do have a goal to complete round-the-island cycling and perhaps get a kayak 1 star cert. Running isn't the only sports to enjoy (Uncle don't scold me for saying this in a runners forum). We may just do each different sports moderately. No need go to extremes but still can have the joys they bring!
    • latest: Uncle is registered Round Singapore Challenge... PM uncle if you are ready...😃
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