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Pilot mass runs, cycling events of up to 250 participants now allowed under new COVID-19 guidelines

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SINGAPORE: Pilot sport events with mass participation are now allowed, with new guidelines released by Sport Singapore (SportSG) on Tuesday (Apr 6) stipulating up to 250 participants a session in waves of up to 50.

Mass runs, open-water swims, cycling and triathlon events are some examples that typically fall under this category.

In an updated advisory on organising sport event pilots during Phase 3 of Singapore's COVID-19 reopening, SportSG said different sessions are to be adequately separated by time to avoid participants congregating at the venue.

"Organisers may propose the number of sessions and time interval between sessions to ensure safe participation, which may vary depending on context," said SportSG.

Sport events with mass participation will still not be allowed to have more than 250 participants. Organisers are also not allowed to invite spectators and measures should be in place "to prevent spontaneous gathering of onlookers for such events", added SportSG.

Full Story: ChannelNewsAsia

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    • uncle happened to come across this event...150KM or if closer to 160KM (100 miles)...     open till end of 2021...😄 same theme with Round Singapore or Around Singapore or Singapore Round Island.. As long as this is Virtual, Anytime Anyplace, realistically, can you even cover 10KM Challenge or more per day? uncle can. 50KM/160KM is 100 Miles, can you cover in 2 weeks? uncle can. 500KM, can you cover in 2 months? uncle can cover in 1 month. 2,021KM in 1 year? uncle can cover 6,000KM in 1 year. This is just Quantity in Distance Challenge lah...simply if you are registered in SCSM Virtual Club, simply participate in these weekly challenges and virtual races for free, you are motivated to be in the Leaderboard Ranking for free. like what uncle did in April with other 10K VR members who started to accummulate their distances and points...till the last day of the month.. Whether Team Challenge for 100 members or more to do 1680KM...you just need 3 Koh Papa <FOC> to achieve and accomplish...Bronze level. Aiya, uncle already rewarded self with this one... because this is achievable in 2021...and wish there was a Medal for 7,000KM. Now that will be a Real Challenge for uncle. That Challenge will be good enough for GOLD level for this event, right? 🤣
    • @sandy620, message uncle if you are interested, we can talk freely there, for sure, uncle is interested to form a team...for 300 members...do you really need so many? more like for good enough to gather school kids since school holidays are coming... Sad to say, here we have a lots of event thread starters, race recommendations, race reviewers (past and present) not much of participants in running except uncle and a few runners who can do beyond 16km...because of Covid-19, all races are cancelled, so motivation is curbed, and outdoor activities are "not as active as before". maybe you and uncle can do 1680KM... already uncle said monthly 700km, and how many then can you contribute as the other member?..maybe we need only 4-5 members. btw, local virtual races/challenges do not have really appealing to uncle, like sponsor is who? Local fee in SGD price, uncle could look overseas races for more affordable value.. like...for $30++....NB running tee (black), NB finisher tee (white), participant's medallion, a poncho... just need for 42KM... Seoul Marathon 2021...so cool...no idea what is offered for round Singapore one...uncle got high expectation one..😄 uncle is currently exploring Sao Paulo, Brazil...will let all know next time... As uncle has said, PM uncle on your interest...uncle does not talk much, just execute and show results...completes and finishes... 😄
    • ahhhh so busy schedule... was initially thinking that maybe we can form a team *opss* HAHAHAH to join the round Singapore one hehehehehe
    • Yeappp HAHAHAH self challenge!! But we can get more than 10 members if we want... saw most of the teams from this event, some of them got more than 100 members!
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