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Run As One Singapore (21 May 21 - 30 May 21)

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16 hours ago, AutumnRunner said:

This is another hybrid race where its a physical race but booking of certain timeslot is necessary.



Many of the races are implementing the booking of timeslots. Not sure if this is going to be the new normal moving forward, even after the pandemic. I am sure this will be effective in easing congestions at race site or during the race routes, but it adds another layer of pressure if you aren't fast enough during the registration and you are stuck with less ideal timeslots.

11 hours ago, starfinder said:

I remember last year there were quite a number of positive comments regarding this race, especially on the part on using their app..

I remembered that too, so for the sake of a unique race experience I will consider signing up for this.

Again, I am going to harp on the price - why am I charged more for running a longer distance, if there is no additional race support like in a physical race, and I am getting the same exact entitlements as the shorter distances?

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On 3/30/2021 at 10:13 AM, beast said:

Many of the races are implementing the booking of timeslots. Not sure if this is going to be the new normal moving forward, even after the pandemic. I am sure this will be effective in easing congestions at race site or during the race routes, but it adds another layer of pressure if you aren't fast enough during the registration and you are stuck with less ideal timeslots.

I think booking of time slots are feasible for such virtual races, where the participants may not be a lot.

But for popular physical races which can have many thousands of runners, time slots may not be feasible. Personal feel is unless majority of local population is vaccinated and there is solid clearance test for overseas visitors, local races will still not happen.

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Posted (edited)

Had ran it last year... its pretty similar to a virtual race except that u hear an additional voice from handphone over certain parts of the route. The fees is pretty high I would say.

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    • The finisher medal has arrived... There will be some who will be selected for this one... Good luck and best wishes. 👌
    • well, if this is the run forum, and this is local race, then we talk appropriately about run, and this thread is on run challege - infinite distance - according to any runner's capabilities - anything from 100m...to extremes. So, we focus on this "smugly". and if starfinder, you can talk about multi-event, then you should go to non-running event, and share about your non-run passionate activities...and share your joy and experiences like Biking - OCBC Cycle Singapore 2021... uncle believes starfinder and uncle are looking forward for this weekend...Free 42KM Cycling...today 15 May till 13 June... Registration is FOC and the 42k Virtual Cycling Challenge entitlement is Tote Bag and Medal.  beast is entitled to his diverse opinion about extreme running, and if he is able do attempt the accumulatives of just enough (spread over a period of 4 weeks), then that will be a "smug" distance as the outcome . Just give yourself an opportunity to participate with enthusiasm (which uncle has offered like Virtual Ekiden or Virtual Cross Country 10KM Relay), why not try try and experience yourself with the Challenge of Extremes. Some more, uncle is offering to all an opportunity as Team Captain. As for starfinder, if you want to experience, then sign-up for the challenge, even if you can do 5KM or lesser, why not, weekly for only 4 weeks, 25KM is tee (but you must commit to payment). So how much "smug" contribution can you do in 4 weeks, is what this challenge is all about...that is the reason why we share and discuss here encouragingly and motivating one another...do you want to try try 😀 Update, besides opening this opportunity for sgRunners, uncle has been invited to Join Team...a Team Captain after reading this forum thread, PM uncle at instagram and offered uncle to Join Team.. This team is made up of all types of non-runners of Age Group 40-60+....Hikers, Walkers, Cyclists...as long as your have that pair of Iron Legs that can carry you to the extremes, why not. The Team Captain told uncle, with uncle's Extreme contribution of 700KM, the team can aim for Silver or even Gold...lol...they considered uncle as "Legendary" member...sounded like they just "caught" a Pokemon extreme runner...😆 If you are interested, uncle can also open this Team Iron Legs registration for you to join together as a Team for Challenging Silver and Gold level...and a Team Plague with your name and celebrate as Team effort. Perhaps, Sandy is sharing and discussing if there is a Team from sgRunners...and uncle offered the Challenge to ALL...yes, sgRunners can have a Team to take up the Run Challenge... Anyone? Otherwise, you are also offered to Join Team Iron Legs with the Age Group 40+ and above. so startfinder, are you ready to bike OCBC Cycle for a month of fun Virtual Cycle... of course, uncle is extremely ready for the Challenge.. uncle will clock both Ride (submit for OCBC Cycle) and Run (Unlimited Distance Challenge)...kill 2 Events again with 1 Passion in both Cycling and Running...Maximum is 4 submissions...so 10.5 KM x 4 weekly submission also can 😄    Importantly, don't let Covid-19 variants stop you from pursuing you passion, ALL Races Are Cancelled. Agree with starfinder, pursue your interests besides run, so open a thread discussion with the "besides run" activity, why not? As always, uncle will take up any challenge because it is interesting, achievable and fun always.
    • Uncle @kohpapa passion is in running, so it isn't surprise he can clocked so much distances untiringly 😀 @beast also is correct. Nothing to compare. As said before, nowadays I am happy just to run 5 km or lesser, combined with some static exercises. A matter of personal preference really. Personally, I do not have 'run targets' this year. Don't have Uncle's ambitions 😅 But do have a goal to complete round-the-island cycling and perhaps get a kayak 1 star cert. Running isn't the only sports to enjoy (Uncle don't scold me for saying this in a runners forum). We may just do each different sports moderately. No need go to extremes but still can have the joys they bring!
    • latest: Uncle is registered Round Singapore Challenge... PM uncle if you are ready...😃
    • Let uncle share with you, a similar challenge like this one, is now in progress, but for Individual.. Cellcom Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA) 100miles in May Challenge.   uncle is the only red-dot representative.. how to submit result? daily submission from May 1... ending on May 16...submit as much as you can... current ranking... finisher entitlement..after the Chllange... how much did uncle pay [inclusive of shipment]? So uncle is currently competing and finishing an "overseas" virtual challenge from Wisconsin, USA...  BTW: 1 Mile is 1.61KM..so to catch with the # 1, uncle just needs to chong > HM (13.11 Mile), while 123 are chasing uncle....😄
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