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New Runner here

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Hi Wols... welcome to this forum... hope running has changed your way of life so far...


this forum was setup where runners can gather and discuss about new races or past races... the civil situation has totally cut off all in person races so far... hence it is quieter than it usually is...

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    • Yes, almost a break coming 2 months, Pre-SEA Games qualifying races officiating , ultra distances running and practices are really very long hours...and you know uncle is back when you start hearing uncle time to "howlian" some personal accomplishes... Team Performance... 10KM Team Relay vs Global Teams. Congratulations, Team sgRunners have maintained Top 10 out of 24 Teams who participated in the Relay 10KM Global Challenge.  We are Top in Asia and we are in sub4 hour. Well done and thank you. 👍
    • According to uncle-aka-"future-trend reader and fortune-reading teller"... Career and Wealth are stable, especially love in general, except special attention to be paid to health issues... OSIM...you mean this one... buying for SOH gf's mother on Mother's Day...thanks to mutual understanding due to crisis in March... and for SOH's mother on Mother's Day...enjoy a lot of tenderness and love.. of course, SOH needs one also for his active career lifestyle...as UA World Ambassador and get paid handsomely...  start from monthly installment SGD 99.. quite unlike his usual style...aiya...still got High Court pending case...WIN big means  1) Millions in Loss Income compensation for having to forfeit having to go previous SEA Games even if SOH has qualified, because of Ashley Liew's Court Case. Remember in previous post..credibility of a National Sports Association who supported Ashley... XXX - corrected... National Sports Authority who supported Ashley in the first place, "thoroughly investigated". 2) Ashley Liew appeal against Expert Witness (The Truth) and Expert Witness (Compensation for SOH's Loss of Income) and what if Ashley Liew LOST in both appeals. Kena pay big big, even a layman in non-Law also know, "Pay the Price for not keeping your mouth shut when you lose, tsk tsk tsk". 3) Expect "National Sports Authority" to issue a Press Statement... S****  SOH 4) SOH vs "National Sports Authority" next saga...why you reject my application to go to SEA Games ah? Mere speculations on the future outcome...eat 🍿....zzzz and dream on 🍿...because the TRUTH hurts.  
    • uncle can, and was thinking about forming a team as Team Captain, but, uncle thinks there is none here...😲 in March April  Just completed a virtual full marathon distance... going for next one this weekend... shall be starting Virtual FM from May 8-30... BTW, this Virtual Race is FOC to sign-up, and can win prizes with lucky draw.. https://www.sunshinecoastmarathon.com.au/atlas-events-virtual-series    
    • the distance looks quite scary... 1680km for the minimum Bronze standard.. If we can get 10 members, each member have to run 168km in a month meaning around 42km per week.... not impossible.. just that need to find at leas 10 members who will commit to a 42km per week running schedule.... 
    • I noticed even his recent facebook post on the OSIM chair that he had seemed to be quite unlike his usual style...  
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