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On 2/4/2021 at 4:54 AM, kohpapa said:

how - screen capture visually [HH:MM:SS] on date and time, optional - include "link" of that activity which includes GPS Map and  Hourly Split Time 1-10KM ++.. elevation would mean if you are "cross-country"...expect to be up-and-down... so if uncle has done Hill Run say...ascent from Mount Faber Hill...to NUS Sports Stadium (Lower Kent Ridge Road)...


of course, you can see at 9KM mark, uncle "running" like carry punctured tyres...because that is at Kent Ridge Hill accent...15degree for at least for 1km...sibei siong...puff puff puff....from Hort Park...entering to Science Park 1...on route to NUS campus...






Next week I will try a hilly route. Run soon.

Better time of 1:21:42 (Sep 26, '20) Mt Faber >> Telok Blangah Hill >> Hort Park (Alexandra) >> Kent Ridge Park >> Science Park 1 >> NUH-NUS Lower Kent Road >> NUS Sports Stadium...shall be uncle's return to the hilly route...next week...👌

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Latest Results from Team sgRunners2021. We completed and finished as Rank #2. Congratulations.



Arvin Tunas 1:05:37, Wonderfulblevic 1:05:47, thelonelyrunner 47:47, Papa Koh 1:07:34

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Posted (edited)

Uncle is proud to announce Team sgRunners Excellence Report Card in the Cross-Country Challenge Competition :


Well done, sgRunnersTeams. You are indeed Singapore Elites. 👏

Latest: an excellent re-run by @beast for Team sgRunnersUnited....


We are Top 4 in Singapore/Asia...


Our results range from 47:17 to 1:03:36...and that makes us one of the strongest contention with the Rest of the World for the Global Best.

The Global Challenge has been extended to 30 April.

We hope to be in Global Top 10 with better faster time.

Uncle would like to take this opportunity to bid all here, as well as members of sgRunners Forum, the very best in your future endeavours.

Thank you and bye bye. Uncle is leaving to spend more time on personal pursuits of ultra distances events, as well as attending to National call of duty to serve the Singapore Athletics.

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On 3/16/2021 at 5:17 PM, kohpapa said:

Thank you and bye bye. Uncle is leaving to spend more time on personal pursuits of ultra distances events, as well as attending to National call of duty to serve the Singapore Athletics.

Yes, almost a break coming 2 months, Pre-SEA Games qualifying races officiating , ultra distances running and practices are really very long hours...and you know uncle is back when you start hearing uncle time to "howlian" some personal accomplishes...

Team Performance... 10KM Team Relay vs Global Teams.

Congratulations, Team sgRunners have maintained Top 10 out of 24 Teams who participated in the Relay 10KM Global Challenge. 



We are Top in Asia and we are in sub4 hour.

Well done and thank you. 👍

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    • Maybe uncle shares quantity of runs for monthly, weekly and daily in 2021... on the Leaderboard "Challenge"...you shall start to see 10K+ participants joining for end-of-the-month.. you will notice... uncle is "catching" the top participants...mere HM and FM efforts to catch them...while almost 7,000 are "chasing" uncle... since uncle was previously ranked 3rd in April, so you will notice that for the month of May, uncle will be ranked negatively or postively from the absolute "3rd" position... Those that has sudden risen to the Top 10, look at the +1K or +308, uncle shall place these participants as "dubious", and will "monitor" and expect them if they will be still be competitive in May. They must be consistent, like uncle, otherwise, they are simply "flute" cases...meaning on non-run activities such as biking or boarding... This is a just silly "competitive" daily tasks that uncle enjoys, motivation to why HM and FM efforts are the best runs to remain in Top 10 always. Another one is uncle's calendar for May...besides FM Virtual Races...  now you can see... uncle must chong another 450KM from today to make the challenge "700KM" in May 21 a reality. You say you can do, show the results that you can do, complete and finish the "700KM" Monthly Challenge you can do...and sustain the "3rd Position" in April to be also "3rd Position" in May...because uncle will be disappointed to see "RED -ve" that is all...as motivational "push" factor 😃
    • that OSIM chair for SOH's use as gaming chair.. Well-Being Chair...SOH's for healthy lifestyle...gaming.  
    • what a photo that you managed to find after i mentioned on the gaming chair,.... hahaha
    • siong... it will take me a while to complete what u can complete in a month... hahah
    • uncle happened to come across this event...150KM or if closer to 160KM (100 miles)...     open till end of 2021...😄 same theme with Round Singapore or Around Singapore or Singapore Round Island.. As long as this is Virtual, Anytime Anyplace, realistically, can you even cover 10KM Challenge or more per day? uncle can. 50KM/160KM is 100 Miles, can you cover in 2 weeks? uncle can. 500KM, can you cover in 2 months? uncle can cover in 1 month. 2,021KM in 1 year? uncle can cover 6,000KM in 1 year. This is just Quantity in Distance Challenge lah...simply if you are registered in SCSM Virtual Club, simply participate in these weekly challenges and virtual races for free, you are motivated to be in the Leaderboard Ranking for free. like what uncle did in April with other 10K VR members who started to accummulate their distances and points...till the last day of the month.. Whether Team Challenge for 100 members or more to do 1680KM...you just need 3 Koh Papa <FOC> to achieve and accomplish...Bronze level. Aiya, uncle already rewarded self with this one... because this is achievable in 2021...and wish there was a Medal for 7,000KM. Now that will be a Real Challenge for uncle. That Challenge will be good enough for GOLD level for this event, right? 🤣
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