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On 2/4/2021 at 4:54 AM, kohpapa said:

how - screen capture visually [HH:MM:SS] on date and time, optional - include "link" of that activity which includes GPS Map and  Hourly Split Time 1-10KM ++.. elevation would mean if you are "cross-country"...expect to be up-and-down... so if uncle has done Hill Run say...ascent from Mount Faber Hill...to NUS Sports Stadium (Lower Kent Ridge Road)...


of course, you can see at 9KM mark, uncle "running" like carry punctured tyres...because that is at Kent Ridge Hill accent...15degree for at least for 1km...sibei siong...puff puff puff....from Hort Park...entering to Science Park 1...on route to NUS campus...






Next week I will try a hilly route. Run soon.

Better time of 1:21:42 (Sep 26, '20) Mt Faber >> Telok Blangah Hill >> Hort Park (Alexandra) >> Kent Ridge Park >> Science Park 1 >> NUH-NUS Lower Kent Road >> NUS Sports Stadium...shall be uncle's return to the hilly route...next week...👌

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Latest Results from Team sgRunners2021. We completed and finished as Rank #2. Congratulations.



Arvin Tunas 1:05:37, Wonderfulblevic 1:05:47, thelonelyrunner 47:47, Papa Koh 1:07:34

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Uncle is proud to announce Team sgRunners Excellence Report Card in the Cross-Country Challenge Competition :


Well done, sgRunnersTeams. You are indeed Singapore Elites. 👏

Latest: an excellent re-run by @beast for Team sgRunnersUnited....


We are Top 4 in Singapore/Asia...


Our results range from 47:17 to 1:03:36...and that makes us one of the strongest contention with the Rest of the World for the Global Best.

The Global Challenge has been extended to 30 April.

We hope to be in Global Top 10 with better faster time.

Uncle would like to take this opportunity to bid all here, as well as members of sgRunners Forum, the very best in your future endeavours.

Thank you and bye bye. Uncle is leaving to spend more time on personal pursuits of ultra distances events, as well as attending to National call of duty to serve the Singapore Athletics.

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On 3/16/2021 at 5:17 PM, kohpapa said:

Thank you and bye bye. Uncle is leaving to spend more time on personal pursuits of ultra distances events, as well as attending to National call of duty to serve the Singapore Athletics.

Yes, almost a break coming 2 months, Pre-SEA Games qualifying races officiating , ultra distances running and practices are really very long hours...and you know uncle is back when you start hearing uncle time to "howlian" some personal accomplishes...

Team Performance... 10KM Team Relay vs Global Teams.

Congratulations, Team sgRunners have maintained Top 10 out of 24 Teams who participated in the Relay 10KM Global Challenge. 



We are Top in Asia and we are in sub4 hour.

Well done and thank you. 👍

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    • Uncle shall open up this Challenge to ALL, as Team Captain. Everyone must have read about this Challenge. It is about Individual mileage contributing to Team Total mileage. Simply show uncle your "smugly" monthly mileage. Then at least we will know each team member's contribution to the Team Total mileage. Bronze, Silver or Gold Level You already must have known what's our desired Target. Please read Challenge Terms and Conditions.  As Team Captain, uncle's contribution will be 700KM. What then will be yours? PM uncle if interested. We have until 4 June 2359 for Registration. But, the countdown on the Individual/Team mileage starts from 25 May. Meaning, any running activities from 25 May can be counted as both Individual and Team Mileage. Talk is cheap, so if discussion and sharing can be focussed on you actually have the determination on yourself (both mind and physical) to take up the Challenge, then just reply or contribute positively and constructively, here. @sandy620, do you want to be in this Challenge, since you started this thread? * Virtual Challege is about "Mind" vs "Physical" because you are practically DIY on your journey to say, "Why Not?" 😀   you need to sync your running app or like uncle, a smart watch Garmin already...     Team Name: sgRunners...PM uncle (already smug enough) so when are you "smug" enough to join...just need 25KM to get the tee..we just aim for 1680KM Bronze Level...that's all 😃
    • everyone has their own goal and aspiration... of course, motivation is same as running in a race...how do you feel to run "slower in distance" while many runners chong "faster in distance" than you...they sure feel "smug" of enduring and faster while you will feel "smug" less with fatigue and slowness... uncle admires @autumnrunner because he had injury last year in 2020, and he has shown the interest to pick up where he left off...and we know he wants to make a comeback...and we must respect all who can and those who need to be motivated and comeback in 2021...for 2020 has been a "washout" year for all... from knowing @autumnrunner... he has been always a great endurance runner (talented)...having being overseas marathons (has shared of great experiences from his blogs), and uncle is sure, he can make a comeback during Covid-19 in 2021... running quantity is a great sure way to build the foundation for a better quality in endurance running capability... so @autumrunner... you can make a greater comeback with uncle (sharing with challenges in Virtual Races/Challenges, and some are affordable)...and don't forget, if there should be a Team Relay Marathon Event (virtual or physical run), you should be ready to say "Yes". right? Leaderboard motivation is "not smugly" way to show off... in fact, that is an intrinsic motivation with the "mind" of unlimited distance more than the "physical" of achieving the impossible distance...that is, if everyone can do it, why not, challenge yourself...use "mind over physical".. uncle got to motivate Team sgRunners too..."why not!"...in the Team Events (Ekiden and Global Cross-Country Virtual Race)..."even if we were never be the Elites!"...but we did it!...like the Elites!!...by Just Do Your Very Best!!! Btw, uncle has invited (private chat) Sandy (thread starter) to join us for 10KM Team Relay to see if she is able to join a Team...perhaps, @autumnrunner will you want to join us as Team Member, if are you ready. The Global Cross Country 10KM Team Relay has been extended 31 May. 10KM for Sandy is great enough distance for her...no need what 1680KM challenge...with 100 members...that is what the organizer wants...profit with quantity participation....but you DIY and sponsor in your runs..haha.. Uncle has once (with Lady Ice) invited privately with weeks of running recruitment drives/chat groups to almost ALL in this forum for Global 10KM Virtual Race for Team Members, and respecting why you didn't respond, and accepting reasons why you cannot participate. "Have not been running lately". That was in February. So what is today, May? If you are keen and ready, you are invited. Just PM uncle. When is the best time to pick up running for Physical Run races, because Covid-19 seems to be not over, and already we are moving on to the 2nd Anniversary of Covid-19, with the current knowledge that there is a new variant that is even more infectious. When all races (mass events) are cancelled because of Covid-19 in 2020. Uncle had just received from Singapore Athletics that this month's Local Race (Run Competition) for Pre-SEA Games Selection will have to be cancelled due to tighter Covid-19 measures. First time in 2021. July will be the likely date as announced on their run calendar.  Don't stop your brisk walking, jogging or running activities. Try try any distance...do 1KM..2KM..5km...50km....500km....5000km...clocked them with your running app...daily, weekly or monthly for those who are able...just move on according to your "smugly" ability. "Dubious" running activities are for those who are Riding/Skate Boarding/PMD...just remember to set these activities as "Riding" mode on your Running App and not "Running" records.  All of you, once you were able to do HM and FM during the normal days of Pre Covid-19, so don't stop believing that you can't do these distances during Covid-19. To sgRunnerTeam members who did 10KM Team Relay with Uncle, can you stretch beyond 10KM and run Xtra distance than 10KM...16KM is the great wall of china for HM...Challenge yourself to break it (that took uncle weeks) and surely you will be motivated with a HM Virtual Race/Challenge like the 2XU 21K RUN aka CHALLENGE (6 Max Times Challenge). Otherwise, look for Overseas Virtual "smugly" ones..some come with nice race packs and great medals too...you must earn them as both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. "Smugly", if uncle could do HM, FM or Ultra Challenge, why can't you. 😄 Suely @autumrunner is already a "smug" believer of Virtual Races/Challenges, Just Go for it! Anyone "smug" enough to join uncle for any Virtual Race/Challenge, just PM uncle.  
    • Don't have to compare what you can accomplish with others.  We all lead very different lives, and some people have more time to do what they are passionate about, others not so much. If you only have time to run 50km a month, that's good also. If you can run 500km a month, fantastic, but that's not a bragging right because those who can't clock as much mileage as you do have other more important commitments in life. Life is unfair like that, but that's how the way it goes. Most importantly is to have some time out to stay healthy. Be it 500km or 50km a month. Don't have to feel bad clocking a lower mileage, or feel smug clocking a higher mileage than others.
    • Maybe uncle shares quantity of runs for monthly, weekly and daily in 2021... on the Leaderboard "Challenge"...you shall start to see 10K+ participants joining for end-of-the-month.. you will notice... uncle is "catching" the top participants...mere HM and FM efforts to catch them...while almost 7,000 are "chasing" uncle... since uncle was previously ranked 3rd in April, so you will notice that for the month of May, uncle will be ranked negatively or postively from the absolute "3rd" position... Those that has sudden risen to the Top 10, look at the +1K or +308, uncle shall place these participants as "dubious", and will "monitor" and expect them if they will be still be competitive in May. They must be consistent, like uncle, otherwise, they are simply "flute" cases...meaning on non-run activities such as biking or boarding... This is a just silly "competitive" daily tasks that uncle enjoys, motivation to why HM and FM efforts are the best runs to remain in Top 10 always. Another one is uncle's calendar for May...besides FM Virtual Races...  now you can see... uncle must chong another 450KM from today to make the challenge "700KM" in May 21 a reality. You say you can do, show the results that you can do, complete and finish the "700KM" Monthly Challenge you can do...and sustain the "3rd Position" in April to be also "3rd Position" in May...because uncle will be disappointed to see "RED -ve" that is all...as motivational "push" factor 😃 Update: uncle just recollected in 2020...reported this on the eve of 2020... consistency...determination....perseverance...nothing is impossible.. so where is the top 3 participants of Dec 2020...especially Deric Lau...1660KM....dubiously, Missing In Action in 2021 
    • that OSIM chair for SOH's use as gaming chair.. Well-Being Chair...SOH's for healthy lifestyle...gaming.  
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