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Singapore is uniquely a Place for Run: It is either "Hot & Humid" or "Wet & Humid"

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Overseas and Local Runners: Please share your experiences and views.

Uncle shall start on the weather of Singapore Climate:

Muggy weather is what our Singapore climate has.

"When it's hot and humid, we sweat more as humidity increases. But it is wet and humid, we are drenched."

We are unlike climate that has dry days, when sweat evaporates quickly, which means it also carries away heat faster. On humid days, when the air is already saturated with water, sweat evaporates more slowly.

Run without replenishing of water or isotonic drink to the body is really going to make the body heats up more. In extreme cases, we begin to suffer from heat cramps or heat stroke. Running in the evening helps to relieve from the heat of the day (with the setting of the sun) to stay cool. Running in shaded forest like trail running is another alternative. 

However, running in the high humidity of the evening run or trail running, sweat evaporates slowly remain. It all depends on how we adapt to the running in high humidity of Singapore, and that is why it is "harder" and "hotter" to run in Singapore in the high humidity. Typically, we run in the tropical climate, many rainforests and vegetation, condusive to grow and thrives here, in spite of the high humidity.

Added to our urban habitat, where buildings with ac-conditioning (essentials for all to keep cool), and emission of all carbon forms, that contribute to more "heat" and hot feels hotter. Higher temperature actually helps to make humidity rise faster in an otherwise tropical weather. Global warming, well, yes and no.

We have a localised version of how we describe our climate:


If you do not understand local "singlish", it doesn't matter. It is just too hot to run here. About the hair, face, body odor and others this can be taken by proper personal hygiene matters. Don't let them bother you, because if after run, you don't take care of "unfinished" personal hygiene affairs after run, someone will say, "Really sibei suay to sit with you (remembered you have just run)?"


Please state your mileage (miles or Kms) like "2.4KM IPPT, 5KM ---> UltraMarathon"

Your preferred Running Routes (preferably Local) and share why (not necessary because they are near to your home)

Add details the schedule (weekly LSD, daily short run, because preparation for Marathon), and if you have a training plan (or coached)

Add details of your running gear, hydration, nutrition, mybe tips based on your running philosophy (barefoot-running)

Add details of your pain, injury management, as well as "tears because it hurts so bad that I must let you know, never..."

If you can provide sources, add visuals (like your routes of interest or even your running gears, hydration and nutrition tips)

Thank you for sharing.

Notes: Newbies and Oldbies are encouraged to contribute:

  • Personal likes and preferences are treated with mutual respects.
  • Opinions for suggestion are encouraged must be based on reasons due to technological improvement and running trends.
  • Differences of perspectives must be simply passion of self, and not what others say and do.
  • You are encouraged to leave details of your progressive profile of your running time and celebrate your PBs here.

Run the talk and share the talk. 


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wah.... very hard to describe cause there are many variables for me... let me just start the ball rolling first...

1. mileage --> usually I like to run the HM cause it is not too long or short... but I do train for FM ...

2. preferred running route --> East Coast Park or Upper.Lower Pierce Reservoir or Punggol Waterway

3. mostly easy runs if not training for races, easy, tempo, LSD when training for races... (Intervals are just too damaging for my injury-prone legs)...

4. no specific tips on running gear, just wear what u feel comfortable with

5. My Archilles Tendonitis has been with me since 2014 and i am trying hard to manage it, but it seemed to be coming back after my SCSM 2019.


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1. Back to running HMish distance. I was focused on Marathon distance for 2017 to early 2019, with mixed results. Really bonked at SCSM 2017 & 2018, best timing at HK 2018 and somehow survived the winter blast of Tokyo 2019. I think I will only try the Marathon distance in temperate climate location.  

2. Punggol Waterway, Pasir Ris and Lorong Halus and pipeline trail. This year I has been trying to use my running to explore Singapore. https://www.strava.com/athletes/13890947/heatmaps/56915d74#12/1.36218/103.93066

3. 7 to 10K 3-4 times a week and 15-20k on Sunday. Started to commute running from office this year.

4. No specific one, although wearing compression on race day give me +psychological boost. Not really sure if physically helping.

5. So far has been injury free, thought this year has been getting sick a bit more often. 


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I saw this forum topic late and this will be my version one short reply here. More details to come add supporting visuals and sources:

1. As my training focus is more on duration (time-based), I am not too fixated on target distance although I race very minimally for a full marathon (42.195km). 

2. Eastern Singapore! Think of the first two editions of Adidas Sundown route 2008/2009) which focused on the heartland residential areas. See this image for the route (click here). Other good running areas in Singapore which are often quoted: Singapore Sports Hub area (zero traffic light route used by most running organisers), Mount Faber Park(for the stairs and slopes),  Punggol area which is good for clocking long runs, Chinese Garden etc

3. For weekly training, I am focused more on getting at least 4 hours of weekly aerobic training volume (walk/stairs/running/swim/gym etc). So the training plan is quite freestyle and can be adjusted for situations. In addition, I also do a monthly MAF test (see this weblink in Dr Phil Maffetone's website for more details) to assess my current progress.

4. I am currently using minimalist footwear/zero drop shoes with little cushioning as wearing heavy cushioned shoes will give me the injuries now instead. Used to be dependent on liquid gels for race nutrition but started to use sport candies/ electrolyte sticks from year 2014.

5. Before learning running technique and training philosophy, I had shin splints often. The turning point was in year 2009 which I started to self-learn POSE Method of Running from international experts via an online forum for that time. Fast forwarding to the next period, I went for the two days training course on August 2016 to become a certified POSE Method Running Technique Specialist.  Stayed injury-free ever since with proper technique learnt. The next learning point was on MAF Method (always misunderstood by most first-timers as only low heart-rate training). Learn more about it in the weblink here and please see the infographic below to see the three main pillars that makes up the MAF method:


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On 12/22/2019 at 11:00 AM, trailblazer said:

@AutumnRunner Just curious if you are managing Achilles Tendinitis better, given that it seems to be recurring for you?

Uncle had suffered with Archilles Tendinitis and plantar fasciitis for 2 years and shared...


Wish that @AutumnRunner, you can recover with speedy recovery for 2020, and uncle had enjoyed tremendously on your tremendous sharing and contribution to both sgRunners and the running community. 👌


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Thank you for all who have shared :  @AutumnRunner, @Arvin Tunas, and @trailblazer

1. Uncle runs all terrains - Trail, Road and Open Water (Sea or Lake), because uncle is a multi-event athlete..

2. Uncle is well situated in Major Local Races venue..Marina Bay, Sports Hub, Downtown, ECP, Eastern (North)...


Uncle covered all including Open Water (ECP, Tanah Merah, Changi, Tekong, Ubin)

However, just update all on upcoming development


Yes, this shall be uncle's running playground for the next years, simply it covers HM, FM and Ultra routes for simply "ACTIVE running" in any running routes...






PCNs in the North (Central) and Central Catchment Reserviors..







Of course, Southern Ridges (Hills, Urban Challenge)...West Coast...more for elevation runs..

(Info: JustRunLah! uncle's bro RunningAngMoh https://www.justrunlah.com/2014/01/25/running-the-southern-ridges-marang-trail-to-kent-ridge/)













This shall be revisited by uncle, for almost 10 years ago, first run was in Trail Run (Urban)...uncle took part in NUS Run, both 2011 and 2012 Salomon Tiong Bahru Trail (Urban) Run, Faber Run...

This one had a very extensive route which covered HDB zones, Green Corridor and part of Southern Ridge and imagine no Road Closures, but manned by Volunteers...cross OHB (overhead bridges)...same like the one in adidas sundown route...totally Community Run..somemore uncle stays at Tiong Bahru once for childhood...TB, BM, QT, BV, Tanglin, KR (NUS)...aiya, Family alumnus of NUS...except uncle (never study type)

Hilly Ultra! Run


NTU>>  NUS-Southern Ridges>> Fort Canning Hill>> MacRitchie Reservior >> Bukit Timah Hill >> Bukit Batok Hill (clockwise)








Of course, anything MR, SR, NF 100 Race, MR25 will be uncle's routes of exploration. Tanjong Pagar Green Corridor (Start) will be to Woodlands Green Corridor (End). There were some of "disappeared" Green Corridor at the West side like Clementi and even right to Jurong, uncle explored. Most are really no tracks, but swarms of many "encounters"..snakes.

uncle's classic "woodcutter-trail running", ran with bros @sky61 and @nobok


4. Minimalist Runner - converted to only sandals since 2013-2014 due to "Black Toes" and Achilles Tendinitis in shoes.


posing running in marathons and trail running with sandals since 2013-14.

5. Pain-free and injury-free. If injured, seek TCM treatment plus strengthening exercises to recover because body repairs, builds, and recovers. Time is to be patient for recovery from injury (months).

Cross training because uncle is a multi-event athlete.

Yes, while at ECP, run, swim, beach running..and run...



for example, when SSW wind blowing...

recognising where wind direction comes and how tides moves...looking at how ships bow and stern are parked at along ECP..




The front of a ship is called the bow, while the rear of a ship is called the stern. When looking towards the bow (while on the ship), the left-hand side of the ship is the port side...starboard is the corresponding word for the right side of a ship...you shall see some open water wannabies swimming anti-clockwise - easier swim..and you swim clock-wise...sebei challenging and means you really swim "very hard"...

Knowledge of Monsoon season, wind and tides are essential...


Get some fun running at ECP next time..of course...it is advisable if you don't know how to swim in "open water", never do it...you have been warned not to do it alone...😲

6. Running with "ghostly" encounters...night runs..

7. Triathlon events (both officiating and participant)

make sure rules you must follow...no mp3 allowed in race

8. Aging ACTIVE running..


running1-gif281624c32af64631.gif "Hot and Humid" and "Wet and Humid" on Urban, Trail, Road, Coastal, Hilly, Reservoirs, Forests, PCNs...uncle runs them all..

Run the talk and share the talk. 

Uncle hope more will share in this forum 😀.  


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thank you, both @SG RED DEVIL and @AutumnRunner...

Humidity & Rain: How does it affect you?

(info - https://www.jointflex.com/humidity-affects-arthritis-pain/)







Joint Pain - How do weather affect you?

(info - https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/weather-and-joint-pain#1)




How you manage arthritis pain (knee)

(info https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-q-and-a-managing-arthritis-pain/)

Regular, gentle exercise that you do on your own, such as biking, swimming or walking, also can help.




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    • Maybe uncle shares quantity of runs for monthly, weekly and daily in 2021... on the Leaderboard "Challenge"...you shall start to see 10K+ participants joining for end-of-the-month.. you will notice... uncle is "catching" the top participants...mere HM and FM efforts to catch them...while almost 7,000 are "chasing" uncle... since uncle was previously ranked 3rd in April, so you will notice that for the month of May, uncle will be ranked negatively or postively from the absolute "3rd" position... Those that has sudden risen to the Top 10, look at the +1K or +308, uncle shall place these participants as "dubious", and will "monitor" and expect them if they will be still be competitive in May. They must be consistent, like uncle, otherwise, they are simply "flute" cases...meaning on non-run activities such as biking or boarding... This is a just silly "competitive" daily tasks that uncle enjoys, motivation to why HM and FM efforts are the best runs to remain in Top 10 always. Another one is uncle's calendar for May...besides FM Virtual Races...  now you can see... uncle must chong another 450KM from today to make the challenge "700KM" in May 21 a reality. You say you can do, show the results that you can do, complete and finish the "700KM" Monthly Challenge you can do...and sustain the "3rd Position" in April to be also "3rd Position" in May...because uncle will be disappointed to see "RED -ve" that is all...as motivational "push" factor 😃
    • that OSIM chair for SOH's use as gaming chair.. Well-Being Chair...SOH's for healthy lifestyle...gaming.  
    • what a photo that you managed to find after i mentioned on the gaming chair,.... hahaha
    • siong... it will take me a while to complete what u can complete in a month... hahah
    • uncle happened to come across this event...150KM or if closer to 160KM (100 miles)...     open till end of 2021...😄 same theme with Round Singapore or Around Singapore or Singapore Round Island.. As long as this is Virtual, Anytime Anyplace, realistically, can you even cover 10KM Challenge or more per day? uncle can. 50KM/160KM is 100 Miles, can you cover in 2 weeks? uncle can. 500KM, can you cover in 2 months? uncle can cover in 1 month. 2,021KM in 1 year? uncle can cover 6,000KM in 1 year. This is just Quantity in Distance Challenge lah...simply if you are registered in SCSM Virtual Club, simply participate in these weekly challenges and virtual races for free, you are motivated to be in the Leaderboard Ranking for free. like what uncle did in April with other 10K VR members who started to accummulate their distances and points...till the last day of the month.. Whether Team Challenge for 100 members or more to do 1680KM...you just need 3 Koh Papa <FOC> to achieve and accomplish...Bronze level. Aiya, uncle already rewarded self with this one... because this is achievable in 2021...and wish there was a Medal for 7,000KM. Now that will be a Real Challenge for uncle. That Challenge will be good enough for GOLD level for this event, right? 🤣
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