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Singapore International Triathlon 2013

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actually nearer to our Neighbouring Country.. there was one Triathlon.. also favoured by locals.. Port Dickson International Triathlon Challenge 2013.. had their event just over the weekend.. 6-7 july 2013..


Venue: Avillion Admiral Cove / Admiral Marina & Leisure Club Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

6 July 2013:
7.30am Sprint Triathlon
9.30am Kids Triathlon (10 years & under)
10.15am Kids Triathlon (11 - 15 years)

7 July 2013
7.15am Triathlon Challenge

Kids Triathlon
(10 years & under) - 150m swim, 4km cycle, 800m run
(11 - 15 years) - 300m swim, 8km cycle, 1.6km run

Sprint Triathlon - 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run
Triathlon Challenge - 1.6km swim, 1km beach run, 43km cycle, 9.5km run
Note : Relay Team runner will take on the 1km beach run from the swimmer and then will continue with 8.5km run after the cyclist return.

Limited to 2,000 total number of participants.

Registration fees:


quite fun..


with international presence..like HK youths..for the sprint..






and finishing medal.. nice..



two write-ups on the event: Part 1 - http://www.tristupe.com/2013/07/port-dickson-international-triathlon.html and Part 2 - http://www.tristupe.com/2013/07/part-2-port-dickson-international.html good ones.. enjoy.. can always consider this.. in 2014..

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I will like to hav my first far oversea IM70.3 taiwan.. family can go holiday after the event... in additional wetsuit is optional...

i think i will stick to tropical water IM swim since i will not likely to buy wetsuit... Most of the IM event at australia need to wear wetsuit...

Not sure where got chance to train to swim in wetsuit in Sg..... but if i wetsuit trained.,,, i will really like to go IM in japan..

Looking for IM70.3 event around SEA due to tropical waters con'd.... anyway i don't really like to travel australia... went numerous time for buz trip...

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just updated on 14 July..."Early Bird" period EXTENDED until 19 July 2013, Friday!..

it is known.. registration will close early with up to 2,000 participants..for safety and medical administration consideration..

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thank goodness for that.. early bird registration is today, 19th july, by 2359hrs..

mini category : 200m Swim, 10km Bike, 2km Run..delldell314's wifey..well done.. and of course, delldell314 should be standard..1.5km Swim , 40km Bike , 10km Run..well done..

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well.. end of Early Bird Registration...Regular Registration (15 july-18 aug) and Last Chance (19 aug-25 aug) commence respectively.. just for those who registered and committed.. Swim Start..something on Tide info..


and a little bit of unofficial "race schedule" in the order of Swim Waves Start..


please note: official Wave Start Timing will be announced closer to the race date. :turned:

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wah.. so pamper wifey.. must be pretty one lah..so precious..

likedat.. uncle shall volunteer day 1 swim official.. to look see look see..delldell314's wifey.. at mini triathlon.. expect to have few waves.. according to women's wave - always goes first..

and for day 2.. uncle shall volunteer as bike official.. catch delldell314 on bike.. give yellow card..for block, draft, and stick vulgar finger @ uncle's face..red card..sogood..

let uncle knows.. delldell314's wifey bib# (day 1)..and delldell314's bib# (day 2)...btw, delldell314...you're already in uncle's favourite "Black List"... :)

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u overestimated us liao... we just a lau cok cok couple... joining event to train for and keep fit..

my bike is just a entry level roadie... can't even ride close to the high end triathlon bike... not even to mention drafting....

u just focus on the young ladies and satki high end tri bike instead of us...

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lau cok cok couple..mmm..more of delldell314's cok cok is lau.. but not wifey..


got read uncle's lame story @ jurong lake run 2013.. a manhunt contestant captured in pic..and uncle said, "manhunt..must have that look, vitality and sex drive".. and uncle recommended.. tongkat ali..


so..better tongkat ali..before race.. safe and effective solution for men's health..for women's benefits..and hope your wifey can be happy as she with delldell314's cok cok so powerderful while.."joining event to train for and keep fit"..ya.. can say that again.. bro..very fit and stud..like that uncle tongkat ali in pic.. under the sun.. cok cok very stud in blue pants..yes, need the heavy chain.. to..restrain that "break Yangtze Dam flood warning" urge..no kidding..

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thanks for the lobang.. but, for those early birds..already enjoy the best discounts..


so the only lobang..is for..Sprint (16 and above)..about $10.. and Sprint, Mini and Family Relay (almost more than $10 to max $26)..

well..uncle shall be there.. Chief Running Official.. make sure.. if run slow slow.. uncle is going to be "very" angry.. so.. RUN FAST FAST!!!!!

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can't help noticing.. bros delldell314 and jerrylam.. on their families involvement in their sporting passion..

yes, today's TRI lifestyle happenings @bintan


and from 2014.. uncle shall officiate overseas events..in Asia Pacific.. so uncle also.. internationalised..

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Woot woot!! So uncle's lame jokes will not be confined to the local context only, and will be going international soon!! :goodjob:

So will you be in any officiating capacity at the next Bintan Triathlon? I'm quite tempted to check it out.....hmmmm.....

can't help noticing.. bros delldell314 and jerrylam.. on their families involvement in their sporting passion..

yes, today's TRI lifestyle happenings @bintan


and from 2014.. uncle shall officiate overseas events..in Asia Pacific.. so uncle also.. internationalised..

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yap.. asia pacific.. not only confined to regional SEA.. china, japan, korea..

but.. uncle also must say.. bye bye to jerrylam and those in this forum.. soon.. after scms 2013.. uncle shall leave..too many thousands "negatives" and lame stories.. time to pack up and retire.. happy for all.. uncle leaving soon.. :)

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maybe a a thread for updating interested ppl on the triathlon which hold around southeast asia or even asia pacific... I have been hunting for a oversea IM70.3 to break my IM distance virginity... maybe metaMan or Phunket Challenge next year...

Love to make Taiwan 70.3 as my family trip a few more years later... when kids is old enough to see their old but satki daddy in long endurance race...

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maybe.. but, definitely..not in this sgRunners forum.. you know.. most here are runners.. feel.. TRIathletes...you know.. cannot run type..wear..tight "bikini" suit..talk "endurance" as though..so superlative..better than runners..

never mind.. after..scms 2013.. bye bye to all.. pack-up and go..

delldell314.. got meet uncle's mentor and bike coach.. scooter Mun Kee Lang..looks like bro jerrylam..needs to learn to ride bike from the expert..for @Tri-Factor.. his tyres always.."punchak"..


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Aiyorr...i'm just damn suay with riding. And i'm also too lazy to learn how to replace a burst tube :blush: . Just out of curiosity, do most of you guys carry an extra tube and hand pump all the time during races or you don't? Because so far, i've not seen anyone repairing their flat tires at races. I saw a female participant with a flat back tire during the last MetaSprint Tri, and she walked with her bike all the way back to T2. I heard some will still continue riding on with the flat tire!!

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actually.. some just bring along a whole wheel.. no need worry about what inner tube extra and hand pump.. because, yours bro jerrylam..clincher type.. which consists of an inner tube and a tire..

and.. some don't even worry about tube.. because..their wheels are not..but Tubular..

so what the Tubular vs Clincher Tyres..in terms of puncture resistance, rolling resistance, and ease of installation

puncture resistance

Because tubular tires often have higher tire pressure than clincher tires, they can be less prone to pinch flats and punctures. However, flat protection technology within a brand of tires usually transcends the style of tire and thus clincher flat protection is better than ever. Continental offers the same effective and lightweight Vectran flat protection layer in their GP4000 clinchers and the GP4000SR tubular. Winner: slightly toward tubular...uncle recommends GP4000 for clinchers..

rolling resistance

Rubber compound, how forgiving the tire casing is, how rough the road, tire pressure, rider weight, tubular glue or tape being used, and the material of the tube are just some of the variables that affect a tire’s rolling resistance. No Winner. A Tie

ease of installation

It is usually assumed that clinchers are easier to install than tubulars, but one type of tire doesn’t carry a big advantage over the other in this regard. In a race situation, a tubular can be easier to change than some of the tightest fitting clincher tires, and it can be easy to break tire levers and puncture tubes when changing. It’s a tie!

in summary:

- the lightest practical tubulars will always be lighter than the lightest clincher
- if you flat, you can ride on it for a little longer
- if glued properly and the tire will stay on the rim even if it flats
- ride quality
- costs more (rims, tubulars)
- more difficult to maintain/repatch as an individual without team support on the road
- you could get tire/rim seperation, esp when rims are hot from braking

- cheaper
- more common
- wheels are more common
- easier to patch on the road, no need for gluing, stretching tire, etc

- if you flat, you can't really ride on it
- some say a lower quality ride
- will always be heavier (tube, tire, clincher interface)

The ride quality and weight differences are getting smaller, but will always continue to be there. Esp with carbon wheels - carbon clinchers are more difficult to make... and will be heavier than their carbon tubular rim counterparts... so understand why.. most pros.. use..carbon tubular rim.. like that..


ok.. bro jerrylam.. weather recently is wet.. so pressure cold and hot.. must know how to balance..PSI..

and.. inner-tube if not fitted properly into rim.. as long as when pumped..some of the inner tube expose slightly outwards.. so ready to be "punctured"..when ride into bumpy situation..

and.. depress..PSI of tire..slightly..day before.. and "pump up"..on race day.. a bit..until ready.. this is done in transition.. for in some races.. bike check-in the day before (usually evening) with all their gear (swim,, bike and run) for race.. and on actual-day of race.. only BIKE PUMP is allowed..so can understand why..

and also.. do you know that weight of rider vs psi is related..


bro jerrylam.. must have gained weight in recent weeks.. got check.. tummy and backside.. need to do "liposuction"..urgently.. before race day..

after LAST triathlon race of 2013.. time to Tubular wheels upgrade loh.. :turned:

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"actually.. some just bring along a whole wheel.. no need worry about what inner tube extra and hand pump.".....I assume these guys that bring along the whole wheel are mostly using tubular wheels. So if they suffer a flat tire, they can still ride on a while more towards the transition area to replace the wheel. Hmmmm......sounds like a good solution to my problem.

Yeah, i'm using the Continental GP4000 tires now which is supposed to offer one of the best puncture protection for clincher tires. And i check my tire pressure everytime before i ride. I guess its just the way i'm riding plus the route which i usually train. As compared to Changi Coast Road or even Mandai Road, there are many small sharp stones and pebbles littering the side of the road all along Seletar North Link and Seletar West Link because of the cement factories there. Both times my back wheel punctured along this stretch. I think i'll have to lean more towards the front rather than resting fully on the seat when i'm trying to evade these patches of small stones.

Currently, a tube costs less than $10, and the GP4000 is about $60 each. So if i'm switching over to tubular wheels, do i need to change the rim as well? And how much does a tubular wheel cost averagely?

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$2.5k - $5k???????? :startle: Ok, i'll start learning how to fix my clincher tires for 2014!! hahaha

didn't uncle says.. 2014.. then think about it..

and since you die die want to know the cost.. carbon tubular wheelset..depends on front or rear..


one cheep cheep.. $2500-$5000...before discount..

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soory.. uncle got "caught" with a young and preety sgRunner.. advising her.. not to have personal FB or blog.. as.. sharing..and uncle did an uncompromise act.. extracted PIC of real person.. and.. flash (of course, removed, after being told not to)..and uncle.."removed".. and reminded her.. not to reveal private info.. for private matters.. "locked and secured" privately..

same also.. bro jerrylam.. when uncle knew you.. uncle also say.. "seen" you @FB right.. but, uncle got poor memories.. so.. ignore pics of "private" matters.. for..we..respect..each other.. via.. "avatars".. we chat.. we share..yes, sometimes.. we "cry" in defeat.. unjustice.. sometimes.. have similarity in situation..in handling familiy delicate matters with career and sports..like how TRIathletes.. cope with growing Family..and yet..wanting to achieve that..coverted...IM..and after that.. more IMs.. and everyone..including..uncle.. also faces such issues.. uncle's one from auntie is always, "Sure or not, you can perform sXX.. just before 5-min..zzzZZZZ..ya..excuses..swimming..biking..running.. always not enough..".. and before long..uncle..zzzzZZZZZ.. thinking about training..

yes.. as uncle has said in Tri-factor series forum, after scms 2013.. uncle shall "retire" from sgRunners.. because.. has taken greater responsibility for the future sports matter..in the ever growing popularity..like the sports of multi-event sports.. be it aquathlon..duathlon..or..triathlon.. everyone has "exposed" and now the awarenss has lifted from "grassroot".. to.."competitive"..and even.. athletics.. besides..running of distance races including marathon running...

yes.. uncle has received coaching training certification in Triathlon.. and yes, also coaching training certification in Athletics.. of course, also serving faithfully also as national Officials (may also international soon after 2014) for both sports bodies.. Triathlon and Athletics..yap..SEA Games 2015 (in training)..of course..if can go Rio 2016...why not..shall be great.. and.. so.. uncle in remaining days till 2013.. shall contribute.. anything.. of interest in Triathlon here.. so that in 2014.. no more uncle.. everyone can pick up useful tips here.. and.. Tri-Factor series.. got some.. and of course.. MegaTri 2013.. with bro jerrylam.. some forummers thot.. uncle and bro jerrylam.. kind of "kinky" relationship..over there.. :turned:

this race shall be the next one.. after Tri-factor Triathlon.. and..yes.. like bro jerrylam.. last Triathlon race for 2013.. and yes, for uncle.. last Triathlon forum..posting and sharing for ever...farewell and exit..silently..like a ghost.. <disappear>

yap.. time clicking..fast..so.. like uncle.. very sentimentally.. thank you for sharing.. is there any more thing you want to know about the sports..Triathlon? 5np35h.jpg please keep this.."retirement"..<secret> ok?

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