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Singapore International Triathlon 2013

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IM70.3 sg for 2014..is a speculation only..but aviva IM 70.3 then.. organiser is HiVelocity..

megatri 2014..will never have.. because it is a 2-year affair..so just completed 2013..next one is 2015..

yes.. after SITri.. it is going to be quiet till.. as usual.. in 2014..Trifam Sprint in feb or before CNY.. and hopefully..IM70.3 sg in Q1..metasprints..hopefully..SAFRA NAVY Biathlon 2014 is back..

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hellhole, long time no hear from you.. glad you are back..

ok.. if uncle understands, hellhole's "can you replace the whole handle bar that has a standard aero bar on? ".. sure, like this.


and if consider a custom-made to fit a triathlete in a tri bike..


but, uncle has a question for hellhole.. what are ITU-specific on aero bar, both sides of the handlebar must be joined.. ..and handlebars with built in aerobars are not allowed..


yes, unless hellhole is in ironman races and other non-sanctioned tri races.. but, again what if you are just age groupers and don't know the rules..and just for fun and yet competitive.. as long as you don't take part with the elites and pros categoryi ITU-races.. so, uncle the official is not banning you for your ignorance..will still allow you to participate..

but, awareness again, in case an independent Official from overseas may want to be strict on competition rules regarding "handlebars with built in aerobars" and say NO.. at least, now more who read this forum thread..would have know what's the reason for that answer NO.. and explain to others..why..better..

thank you, hellhole.

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yes, unless hellhole is in ironman races and other non-sanctioned tri races.. but, again what if you are just age groupers and don't know the rules..and just for fun and yet competitive.. as long as you don't take part with the elites and pros categoryi ITU-races.. so, uncle the official is not banning you for your ignorance..will still allow you to participate..

--> That is all i wan to know then....

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delldell314..yap.. uncle and officials will "ignore" age-groups and other recreational participants who might want to ride with their "competitive" superlative performance bikes..for fun and will heck care about the rules..supposingly when challenge will say, "nobody tells us, and organiser never say so"..and so international triathletes..look at locals..what? don't know rules..

ITU elites and pros when bike check-in.. they will be screened under ITU bike specification.. because they compete for money and ranking in ITU-list of elites and pros.. and because they know what is expected of them..rules and fair competition..

yes.. this awareness.. is for those who are ignorant . on the ITU-Competition Rules.. different from Ironman one who is from World Triathlon Corporation (WTC)..and uncle knows many of Ironman and Ironman 70.3 here..and also many more from those unsanctioned ones.. yes..we're triathletes..but, just need to be sensitive to find out more..the rules of competition..like bike drafting (this race is 5-bike length) and, for safety guidelines.. all will have the same directives.. cannot compromise danger and irresponsible acts.. like MP3 on bike and especially run.. and so.. understand who are triathletes who are ignorant of safety?

so runners who are triathletes.. run only road race.. having mp3 is optional.. but take part in ITU triathlon ones leg run, please don't..and no barefoot running.. wear VFF..ok..

any more questions?.. next, protocol while in bike race.. overtaking, blocking, draft zone..

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many times, when you in bike race.. there will be certain protocols that seemed to be understood.. like..overtaking...


A overtaking B on right.. shouts.."Right!"..

meanwhile as A overtaken B, C is at the same speed as A..shouts.."Straight Ahead".. meaning..bro/sis..maintain same speed and distance..please..keep left..overtaking in progress..

A..please don't slow down or stop..press on with more speed to overtake B..and quickly keep left.. and if B would have understood that A is under "pressured" by C to cut-in to left.. please "allows" A to cut-in... A will definitely be grateful..

as such, we establish friendly and competitive protocols for all..ride safely and compete fairly.

please note..protocols may be different by internationals (language in English with different interpretation)..so be more alert..and always assess situations..always watch own safety..handle personal bike well with skills (through training)..and always be prepared to watch for the unexpected dangers ahead, beside, and even behind..and if direct crash..please look for the grass-patch, or fences..instead of tree or stationary vehicle..never mind.. medical attention will be fast and swift..to rescue..

be prepared to ride safely..and please use protocols to alert your intention or to warn others..such as tires flat or bikers in front suddenly slowing to stop due to emergency.."danger ahead, slow down"..followed by waving of one hand to let other bikers see from behind.. and thank you for your cooperation.

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the most dreaded situation happens.. flat tires

spare tube, tire levers and pump..


place bike like this..


follow the steps in the "How to Change a Flat Tire" http://bicycling.about.com/od/bikemaintenance/ss/flat_fix.htm

better to practice it.. before race.. or let a bike mechanic have a final "check-up" or inspection..

please note.. flat tires..minor repair of bike in race is your responsibility.. and you're also expected to push your faulty bike to end point.. :hot:

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RussYee.. suggest you go for a professional bike fit on your Tri bike..maybe some adjustments may make your bike split a bit faster..uncle explains..

"ride efficiently to transfer pedal power to crank"..is something like this..crank


and the transfer of pedal power.. in stages..or revolution..


where.. the end..fitted with clip pedals..such as keo power.. in this slide..for leg to then pedal..with clip shoes of course..


wonder, what's your clip pedal type?

"No comfort"..means rider not fitting to the bike..so needs adjustment..example is a tri bike fitting report..output (max), speed ave (max) and cadence ave (max) given after the report.. in this example.. cadence ave is 91 rpm and cadence max is 104 rpm...


maybe, because of not having a "good fit" to tri bike, and leg when on clip pedal is not able to transfer energy and power to crank.. resulting in drop in speed ave (max), cadence ave and max..as a result..of inefficiency in transfering pedal output (max) power to crank.. maybe other factors to be considered could be knee angle, hip angle...or even thigh or shin length, or position of forearm on aero bar...

yes, bike riding can get "high" and become "very competitive"..but, this is what this awareness is all about..who says sgRunners cannot ride bike and become very good.. and thank you for sharing..RussYee..best wishes in upcoming Tri and run events..including swim too..

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good choice on the switch.. road bike with SPD-SL Ultrgra pedals to Tri bike of keo classic..red one must be?


and crank type?.. shorter one like this.. because shorter crank can help you achieve lower drag and faster run splits.. maybe this interesting info may help to improve bike split time, same like running fast while riding bike.. http://www.triradar.com/training-advice/are-short-cranks-faster/


and hellhole.. recovery from surgery loh.. chat more..not one lame sentence..

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sponsor is cold storage.. mid july more or less should be the date of registration..reason mainly.. muslim fasting on 10 july-07 aug..and other one, the 7th month hungry ghost festival till 4 sept.. everyone scared scared..spirits floating..in burning ashes..

of course, there is one upcoming in aug.. 2013 trifactor triathlon on 18 august..alternative to day 2 of 2013 Cold Storage SIT..trifactor has individual standard and sprint..@angsana green E2 ECP..

Tri Factor Series 2013 forum thread.. everything..swim, bike, run (7 july) and triathlon..talk there.. no problem.. uncle be there too.. involved as official..as usual..but, working with event organiser - orange room..that's all

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DAMN......the Standard Chartered KL Marathon which i've registered for and was supposed to take place this weekend is postponed to 29 September and clashes with the Singapore International Triathlon!!!!! NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Seems that i'll have to postpone my participation in this event to 2014 already. :unsure:

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no problem bro jerrylam.. registration not ready for this one.. so can go for the Tri-factor triathlon..28 August..official uncle be there also..and latest info.. Tri-factor Run 7 july also cancelled and postpone to "last quarter of 2013"..some say oct..except oct 20 newton run challenge.. hope bro jerrylam..you not affected by that tri-factor run also..

same same everywhere.. races kena cancel and postpone because of haze.. all postpone ones kena clash with future events.. life goes on..

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delldell314.. aiya..let uncle reads to you..

"Dear Participants of the Pokka Sports Water TRI-Factor Run 2013,

The Orange Room Management Team, Organiser of the TRI-Factor Series will like to thank you on behalf of our event sponsors for all the feedbacks you had provided the last week.

In view of the current uncertain haze situation, we understand that there were serious concerns that the event will be safe to proceed as scheduled. Taking the recommendation put forth by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and National Environment Agency (NEA) with regards to outdoor strenuous activities during the haze, Pokka Sports Water and all the sponsors for the TRI-Factor Series will like to postpone the event to last quarter of 2013. The exact date and venue of the race event and race expo will be subjected further announcement.

For those participants that received scheduled EDM notification on race kit, please ignore it as the race expo scheduled this weekend (29-30 June) is being postponed to a later date.

Please be assure that your safety and a good race experience remains our top priority and we seek your support and understanding of this decision.

For any questions or any further enquiries, please email us at enquiry@trifactor.sg.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to see you soon.

From the Management of the Orange Room Pte Ltd"

yap.. official uncle will let all know whether Tri one got or not?.. first one in the world to let all know here..as usual.. relax.."hope tri factor tri just stay as per the date"..but with caveat..

and delldell314.. you..eh.. off-topic.. you suppose to go to Tri Factor Series 2013 forum thread..not here?

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I was all excited and eagerly anticipating registration to start......but not anymore :( . Seems that the Tri-Factor Triathlon will be my final Tri event for the year, and it's probably not as exciting or well supported as the SIT.

yo.. for all waiting for registration.. "Count down to registration launch - 6 more days!"

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Please allow me to quote for such a good and honest experience from a old bird... I guess i will stick back to my Aluminium roadie... as it said "if there isn't any wrong, don't fix it"


In preparing to take on the challenge of a first Ironman, I believe far too many athletes put too much emphasis on the bike they choose to purchase for the event.

Somewhere along the Ironman trail, many athletes have come to believe that the lighter, and more state of the art the bike, the faster they will finish the bike leg of the Ironman.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For example: You could put one athlete on a $10,000 bike and have him train without the aid of a proper diet or without paying attention to proper hydration choices and repacement drinks and the Ironman will spit him out like a cherry pit somewhere around mile 80 on the bike course.

Take another athlete and put him on a $800 reliable, average weight, used bike fitted with proper pedals and aero bars. Then have him pay particular attention all training year to proper diet, hydration, and raceday fueling techniques and somewhere around mile 80 of the same course he will call out "nice bike" as he passes athlete number one who is in for a very long, painful day.

Don't get all wrapped up in taking out a second mortgage so you can buy that "special" bike that is 6 ounces lighter than anything on the road. After all, you're going to be loading 5 pounds of water and food and gear on the thing before you even get out of transition. This is not your normal bike race. If you were just racing a bike century and that's it, then that might be a different story. But that's not the nature of this beast.

First of all you've most likely been bashed around for an hour or so in a wild free-for-all swim and for most of that time your heart-rate has been racing out of control. Plus, you still have a full marathon to consider after you get off the bike.

Your bike is just a small part of the Ironman equation. Don't get too wrapped up in light and fancy and expensive. I know, I've done that.

I had my best bike leg ever and my first thought was to fix up the old bike and keep racing it. However, I let my bike supplier talk me into buying a fancier, newer model that was so much lighter that I would go even faster. I never, never matched my fastest bike ride over the next 10 years. Even on bikes valued 10 times more than my old standby. It was probably the biggest single mistake I made in my 20 year Ironman career. I should have gone with my very first instinct.

For some reason, a bike will just suit you. It suits your style, ability and "fits" you like that favorite pair of runners. When this happens, hang on to that bike. If you have to, save it mainly for races and get a second bike for the bulk of your training. That way your race-day bike will last you for years.

I've raced on more than one high-end bike that I was just never comfortable on, no matter how light and fast they were supposed to be. At first it may seem cool to be the recipient of envious gazes from fellow triathletes when they see you on your bike the week leading up to the race. You are the bike "king".

Believe me, its not so cool when these same athletes pass you out on the course with those dreaded words left in their wake. "Nice bike."

Every time you hear that, you will want to sink further and further into your bike seat. You will wish you were on a $250 beater. At least that way you reason, you would have an excuse for getting passed over and over again. There is nowhere to hide out there.

To save yourself a ton of embarrasment and humiliation, be sure that your ability matches the bike you ride.

All my bikes are gone now, except for one. That same old bike is in my living room on a wind-trainer and if I decide to do this amazing race once again, when I turn 60, four years from now--it will be on a very special, 16 year old bike.

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Registration Opens 3rd July 2013!..


can start to match Bintan Triathlon fees already. :thumbsd:

Let me recap, petrol/oil tasting seawater, 6 rounds around East Coast and 2 loops of 5K on other side of East Coast.

Really not worth the money.

Moi shall vote with my wallet and keep moi money instead.

All prices going upz, upz and upz!

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