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Singapore International Triathlon 2013

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Singapore International Triathlon 2013, 28th & 29th September 2013, ECP E2.

Race Categories on 28th & 29th September 2013
http://www.triathlonsingapore.org/Events/Singapore_International_Triathlon_2013/Race_Information/Race_Categories.htm noting that 28th September is for Kids, Mini and Sprint Triathlon and that 29th September is for Age Group Standard Distance..

Registration is not opened at the moment.

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well, as part of grassroot community awareness on the sports of multi-event.. let uncle gives a lame one..

knowing that all.. sure go to ECP.. run run.. and always notice.. ships.. small and big.. and also know waves patterns..seem to move at certain direction.. of course, low tide..high tide..

so.. in open water event.. or what we call swim start first event.. we shall have this.. swim clockwise.. or swim anticlockwise..and are we going to face strong current..facing..what.. don't know what.. and how come..swim out..easy..swim back.. hard.. and so.. uncle always have this question.. and so uncle reveals with this example..and uncle explains..


yes, important to know..low tide..high tide.. low tide..sweeps towards beach..high tide..sweep outwards of beach..

yes, need to know the wind direction.. how?.. see ships with bow and stern.. if wind direction..sweeping currents..direction of incoming of current..follows the bow and stern.. get that.. with the bow facing against the direction of the current..easy right?

so.. aiyo..must swim clockwise.. must swim anti clockwise.. going and figure this out..visually.. how to expect to swim harder..and..to swim easier.. and because uncle can swim and breathe bilaterally.. uncle can see everything.. watch out for creepy left ah..or right ah.. for jelly fish..or..oh no, left ah got a great white..white running shoe blobs suddenly out of ECP E2 open water @ sand castle park area .. girl girl... boy boy..your great white one..anyone one's?

next time.. while you go run run ECP.. show off this kownledge to runners not from sgRunners..who blur blur never read uncle's lame one.. tell them.. "you know, you see the ships with bow and stern.. and blah blah black sheep story".. hope you find true friendship and hopefully find true love among runners.. from uncle's lame one.. sharing from the multi-event sports.. shi.. keep this a secret..here..ok?

as usual.. relaxing..@ECP E2..what a life..swim, eat, bike, eat, run, eat...sleeps..wakeup..weekends only lah..think what.. everyday, crazy!

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I've ran ECP countless times and i've seen all these ships anchored off shore, but never did i notice the direction of the bow and stern are indicators of the directions of the current. So can i sum it up as below:

Scenario One: Bow faces out into sea, away from beach

- Low tide, strong current sweeps inwards towards beach

- More effort swimming out towards the sea, and less effort swimming back towards the beach

Scenario 2: Bow faces inwards towards the beach

- High tide, strong current sweeps outwards towards the sea

- Less effort swimming out towards the sea, and more effort swimming back towards the beach

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bro jerrylam.. very clever..sharp..and wah, long time no see, why no hear you sundown?

Scenario One.. more effort swimming out towards the sea.. due to low tide..and since the bow of ship faces out into sea means wind direction..blows towards the beach...extra effort + more effort swimming out towards the sea.. CORRECT.. that's why uncle says.. swim High and Higher tide..very shoik..understand why..confirms Scenario Two on high tide..a-but-then..more effort swimming back to the beach..CORRECT..if bow of ship faces out into sea means wind direction..blows out away from the beach..making returning to beach..harder and challenging..

so, if told that swim starts - will be clockwise, or will be anticlockwise, this will help open water swimmer..visualises, when the waves or tides will harder..especially if using unilateral breathing technique - commonly right-side breathing - and if kena double jeopardy of both tides and waves high choppy on right-side breathing.. then, it is about time to say, "how come nobody teaches bro jerrylam how to breathe on left-side"..and that's uncle message to all...

bilateral breathing is important.. especially in open water swimming.. for the waves can be unpredictable.. like uncle one time during lightning thunderstorm, just swim for fun.. bows of ships anyhow shift here and shift there.. now, that means..VERY DANGEROUS.. any kind of swimmer, yayapapaya ones included.. better be careful.. waves may sweep anyhow..and may land up some not able to swim back to shore for safety..especially if High and Higher Tide.. yes, especially 1st day of lunar month..15th day of lunar month..gravitational pull..favourite by fishermen with bountiful catch.. uncle remembered in 2011..RED MOON..scary one..not even fishermen dared to fish..

so..unlike calm and no challenging one..like swimming pool.. all this cannot be "taught".. only with swimming in open water..then can experience..but, DON'T SWIM ALONE..ok..

for correctly answer well.. nah, take back your Great White..shoes.. and please, don't anyhow swim with running shoes..in open water..it is not very good, because the smell of the shoes.. scare off the fish..and fishermen nearby not happy.

lastly, just to add this interesting fact.. ECP.. many think they are at East Coast, running always EASTwards..but, actually they're at on the South East when facing the sea..check out Bedok Jetty..which direction?..and guess what direction of ECP track are the runners heading to before the national sailing club.. the U-turn of the sundown 42km?..how about the direction on the return to the fort road (ecp)..or marina barrage?

yap.. small and big ships at sea..along ECP running tracks, all can see.. but, nobody notices why they parked all aligned like magnet, right?.. so..everyone..now..knows better..can tell more lame story.. while running@ECP.. have a great running weekend ahead..everybody.

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Immediately after Sundown, i took a flight to the Middle East for work and just got back. Thus no time to share my comments. But this Sundown was great, cooling weather and no thunderstorm like last year (only complain was hydration point at 35km ran out of drinks!!!). The rain did come, but only as i was driving home.

Back to SIT! Actually, i've got to admit that before i read your post on top, i always assume that it's more difficult to swim out into the sea and easier to swim back in towards the beach. Why? Cos from watching movies, anyone that drops into the ocean will be washed ashore eventually. Thus i thought that the current will always sweep inwards. Ooops..i was so wrong LOL. Now i can act a bit smarter when i go running with my buddies at ECP hahaha

As for bilateral swimming, i tried to incorporate it during my training in the pool but its just too damn difficult!!! Breathing from the left is just so unnatural, that it totally disrupts my rhythm and pace. I ended up exerting more energy, and tire myself faster than usual. Is there any easier or more effective way to train for this?

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bilateral breathing swimming.. slowly..

by habit.. if you are right-side breather.. you will always..glide with both hands (superman glide - to balance body and buoyancy)..and then..when left hand start to stretch, and push down, and at the same time..right arm bend to allow right-head turn to right to breathe.. everyone is ok..

just reverse lah.. "think".. glide with both hands (superman glide)..and instead..consciously..use right hand to stretch, and push down, and left hand bend to allow left-head turn to left to breathe..yes, difficult.. because, left head turn rotation not ready..

so must do left head turn rotation.. and experience this.. while on land head rotation exercise.. can see what's behind?..just like..right-head turn rotation..see what's behind.. is so easy..use this as daily head rotation exercise..simulating breathing both sides in "water"..

of course, uncle use resistance bands to strengthen the left hand bend when in swim.. for the left hand arm bending for swim is unnatural..so cannot event lift out of water..and..so head simply can't even turn left..so..meaning.. muscles still tight..and not strengthen..resistance bands to "stretch" to strengthen..

so takes time.. body learns fast.. may be just start..float in water for a while..both hands hold hips..turn and breathe right..no use hand..no problem..steady..again with both hands still on hips..now turn left and breathe left..lots of problem..drink water, out of breathe.. practice 100 times..and body next time will be buoyancy for the left side of body, and head to turn to left side, and breathe..and soon can swim with head, mouth, nose..effortlessly..breathing..months lah..of effort..

shi.. uncle practice left breathing side to see babes suntan at pool, mostly..that's the motivation..what open water swim?..what waves?..what tides?..use bow and stern of ships?..don't be crazy!

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Thanks for the advice Uncle!! I'll definitely try it when i go for my swim this weekend. It's just that usually when i go to a pool, my aim is always to try and complete the laps as quick as possible. So i must have a start-from-basic mentality to incorporate this left side breathing. I'm just resistance to change. It's just like i've read and know that minimalist shoes or barefoot running is much better for me as a runner. But the idea that i have to start from basic stops me from trying it.

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yap.. what you're about to do is.. as we age..we must learn to adapt..to different style of running..and also adapt to better way of swimming..for healthy and fitness reason..and yet be competitive..

and surely..cross-training platform of swimming and biking..other than running..is equally challenging and can be interersting..and that's why..uncle offers this awareness..so that..if anyone wants to try TRI.. here @sgRunners.. also got many who can be just as good..and competitive as well..

"start-from-basic mentality".. swim like a fish..isn't this the IM way..as discussed in tri-factor before..

yo.. bro jerrylam.. do uncle a favour.. please talk here.. and not at trifactor.. uncle very "siong" chase here chase there..and our posts become the highest of today.. everyone wonders what we talk about.. they think we ..goo goo gaa gaa..no talk run..talk swimming..some times talk bike..

have a great weekend..everybody..

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ok.. uncle, as usual.. gives awareness.. how to check local tides.. http://www.rsyc.org.sg/marina/tides-weather.html

and since bro jerrylam said.."I'll definitely try it when i go for my swim this weekend"..

so uncle gives tips.. coach robb: swimming : swim drills: breathing Freestyle made Easy in pool.. http://www.youtube.com/embed/p0ePIQb7bXw

and total immersion open water swimming promo, more suitable for long distance.. http://www.youtube.com/embed/cqBrmOf-UDc

happy swimming.. everybody.. the Tri Swim way.. pool and then open water.. remember..don't swim alone in open water.. check tides..check wind direction.. check got fishermen around.. if yes, their lines may be invisible..but, if kena..entangle to feet.. just need to be careful ok!

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body marking.. decals on left and right arm, between shoulder and elbow, and decals on the left and right leg.. either between hip and knee..or knee and ankle ok..

why.. body marking..identification during swim..since there is no bib..

note: one- or two-piece swimsuit also acceptable..and if front zipper exists, it must remain CLOSE or UP..

otherwise, some have back zipper.. also can..

better still .. be like this for the swim leg.. and oh, remember to secure the electronic timing chip on the left leg..


reason for preferably front has no zipper..is for sponsor's ad to be visibly displayed..and ad space template is also specified by the ITU rule..mosly this one is meant for pro and elites who are sponsored..

of course.. this will lead to the one rule always.. "When in run, race bib in front, and if have front zipper, please zip up." and that's when anger and grunts follow..because the local weather is hot and humid..

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still continuing on the swim.. in perfecting strokes..for open water swim


a swim snorkel is recommended.. especially in IM swim training..features and benefits:

- centre mount snorkel allows you to focus on getting swim strokes right instead of having to rotate to surface to get air,
- increase lung capacity,
- improve body balance.

as uncle also had been trained and drilled as associate IM swim instructor.. welcome any swim Q&A..here..

NB: public pools forbid any use of swim snorkel..unless with special lane booking and for the purpose of club specialised swimming session only.. and of course, no such rule at private pool.. but, please lah.. use swim snorkel to practice swim strokes.. and not for down in the pool long long ..babe watching swimming underwater of pool.. :turned:

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into bike leg.. bike equipments check-in.. and helmet..and placement of race tag..want to know what the pros and elites must comply..


ITU Competition Rule 5.2 C... states “For draft-legal competitions, wheels must have the following characteristics: A diameter between 70 cm maximum and 55 cm minimum, including the tyre; Both wheels should be of equal dimension; Wheels shall have at least 12 spokes; Spokes can be round, flattened or oval, provided their width does not exceed 10 mm; and, Wheels not complying with the requirements above are allowed to be used if they are included in the UCI approved wheels list.”

Aero Bars:
ITU Competition Rule 5.2 D... states “Forward facing handlebars must have a solid standard factory bridge joining both sides of the handlebar at its forward most point.”

so, everybody, pop quiz time..how about this one?


unless stated..only traditional road bike drop handlebars are permitted..in most ITU-competitions..but, local race... foldies.. fixies..MTB..yes, recreational and non-competitive.. but, uncle seen kids with elite/pro bike..competiting..and imagine they speeding with the slow and steady ones.. a safety concern also..and please, it is ok to ride on the personal bikes of preference.. for first timers.. often the MTB.. and please don't spend $$$ thousands to upgrade.. but, in case some here may want to compete..or..wants to know what is the better upgrade.. because the distance of ride..is getting further.. how about breaking 100km century bike distance.. so..lighter, more aerodynamic, and with aero bar.. helps for tiring arms..and of course, nutrition like gels/hydration planning has to be done on the bike..toilet-break how?.. shi.. uncle got adult diapers.. so solve uncle's poo poo and wee wee needs.. then how to dispose adult diapers?.. good question..secret..cannot tell much here..awareness is on tri bike equipment.. not on own personal hygiene at race..

hence, for the awareness. notice that..there are those.. who are cylist warriors..or triathletes who are non-ITU type like Ironman races.. or independent races that don't specific what type of bikes for competitions..also..show up at local and international..ITU-sanctioned ones..a bit of..why cannot on aero bar.. overseas (mostly no rules except Ironman races which comply to WTC).. well..if for fun and be competitive..why worry so much, right?.. but, hope this forum thread.. can clarify..yes, fun..yes, some also come with competitions.. yes, some follow ITU rules (overseas)..and yes, some (internationals) expect locals to be aware of ITU minimum standards of competitions knowledge.. and that's when uncle comes in.. gives greater awareness.. for all, at least know better, than be totally ignorant..ITU-sanctioned ones include SEA, Asian and Olympic Games..and the one 2015 SEA Game..Triathlon.. shall be a local Regional International one..anyway.. Olympic distance is standard.. swim 1.5km, bike 40km and run 10km.. so..bike's handlebar built in with aero bars is not necessary.. uncle will surely response.. but, for distance challenging races like OCBC or trifactor type, aerobars any how put, where.. go ahead..never concern uncle..non-ITU ones.. uncle go to sleep..

but, nowadays, ITU-competition races has upgraded to "O2" events.. meaning Olympic event x 2.. swim 3km, *bike 80km and *run 20km.. of course, local race of megaTri.. has O2 in 2013.. and *bike/*run distance can be subjective..like bike 90km or run 21km.. doesn't matter.. as long as competition is ITU-sanctioned..and uncle is there to officiate..ITU-rules still apply for elites and competitive, same for non-competitive and fun.. for fairness in the rule of competition, but exceptional will be for bike-equipment check-in.. if organisers say.. relax lah a bit.. as long as most locals and internationals understand.. this event is for fun and friendly competition only.. yes..hope all understand.. sometimes.. certain competition rules are not entirely "enforced" in local races.. because the need to encourage more to tri Tri and perhaps creating awareness and the nurturing of Triathletes to becoming local Elites and Pros..is the reason of this Triathlon grassroot awareness..so uncle share share.. light-heartedly.. as usual.. never serious..just fun fun..that's all

for bike draft-legal competitions..what isitz?.. to be the next topic of interest..but, any more Q & A on swim, bike so far?

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Just for those.. newbies who have not taken part.. Swim Trial

*The swim trial is compulsory for all participants who are First Timer swimming in the open water competition. For relay team, it is only applicable to swimmers who are First Timer swimming in the open water competition.

*The swim trial is including One Pool Session & One Open Water Swim Trial. The participants have to pass the Pool Session before they are allowed to take the Open Water Swim Trial.

*An admin fee will be charge to applicable participants at SGD $10.00 (exclusive of GST) for each Pool Session and SGD $18.00 (exclusive of GST) for each Open Water Swim Trial. The admin fee is strictly non-refundable.

*The participants have to pass one Pool Trial & one complete Open Water Swim Trial to be qualified for the race entry to Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013.

*There are a few pool sessions and open water swim trials scheduled for your choice. Details of the pool trials and open water swim trials can be found on the www.triathlon.sg. If the participant fails at the first attempt, he/she will be allowed to book for another trial session from the Swim Trial Schedule if available. Admin fee for the additional pool or open water trial must be made again.

*The participants have to complete the Swim Trial in Pool Session according to the criteria:
a. Kids Triathlon Swimming Distance 100m within 5 minutes & 200m within 8 minutes;
b. Mini Triathlon Swimming Distance within 8 minutes;
c. Sprint Triathlon Swimming Distance within 25 minutes;
d. Standard Triathlon Swimming Distance within 55 minutes.

*Upon passing of the Pool Session, the participants have to attend and complete one Open Water Swim Trial by training the full swimming distance of the respective categories.
a. Kids Triathlon Swimming 100m or 200m;
b. Mini Triathlon Swimming 200m;
c. Sprint Triathlon Swimming 750m;
d. Standard Triathlon Swimming 1.5km.

*The participants who fail the Swim Trial in the end, the registration will be rejected and the race entry fee will be refunded.

and swimming on race day..

*Swimsuits must be worn.
*All swimmers must wear the swim caps provided by the Organizers.
*Swim goggles may be worn.
*Fins, paddles, pool buoys, snorkels or any other swimming aids are not allowed.
*Wet suits are not allowed.
*Support crews are not allowed.
*No persons other than the participants and officials are permitted in the swimming area.
*Swimmers in difficulty shall signal to the escorting boats/canoes for assistance.
*For the Standard Distance Events (used to be called Olympic Distance), the swimming course will be closed 50 minutes after the start of the Race. Contestants still in the water after this will not be allowed to continue the race.
*All warming-up for the swim must be conducted within the designated area.

ok.. just clarification on swimmers in difficulty.. when signal to the escorting boats/canoes for assistance.. swimmers can hold only, rest only, take any recovery breath necessary..and must continue to swim.. but, if later.. another attempt is to signal again..for escorting boats/canoes for assistance for the same reason..subjective to the open water marshal's professional decision on whether the ability of swimmer to continue swim is questionable, and when swimmer is asked if a speed boat with safety foam is needed.. and agreed..the swimmer shall be transported to the beach for safety..and to the Swim Official's decision on the beach.. the swimmer will be placed on a delayed time penalty box.. in which..after all the participants in the swimmer's category have finished the swim leg.. and with "delayed penalty time"..the swimmer can then continue to proceed to the transition point..for the bike leg..

hope all participants.. newbies..and those who may have participated in other tri races..but not ITU-sanctioned ones.. please take note..Open Water Safety in race.. is very important.. and the rules..are meant for Safety in Competition, that's all..

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Uncle, what's the main difference between a road bike and a tri bike? I was actually considering to invest on a better bike than the current beat up road bike which i loaned from my friend. To keep my budget low, i'm actually looking at 2nd hand bikes on togoparts.com. But i realise they do differentiate them by road bikes and tri bikes. The aero bars aside, what are the actual differences? Will a normal road bike be more than sufficient? Or a tri bike will make the difference? Please enlighten.

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hi mr jerry,

saw some of your thread and i suppose u r like me who just started on doing triathlon.... just like to share my experience with you only.. I also stuck on either tri or road bike,, until i read on some of the articles that a tri bike is really a specfic bike... based on the Sg traffic road... training with tri bike will be not be very convenient if you are doing aero position...

so i went for a road bike. After a few tri event, i slowly upgrade my bike to clipped on aero bar... So far my bike is doing great and i used it to cycle to work for justify the cost of e bike... I think average joe who do tri for fun will be good enough with a road bike or some upgrade for a aero postion...

Like some articles stated manufacturer and reviewers will give you all sort of fancy remarkable feature of all the light carbon, aero shaped etc... but honestly we are not able to ride as fasst as the prof do who wish to shave off second in order to win the championship...

So i suggest just get road bike and train MORE safer while riding on road... then ride in aero position in lesser/no traffic or during tri event...

of coz there will be hardcore who may tell u to go for 2 bikes etc... which i don't think it justify my wallet.. we train our physical muscle

not finance muscle..

just my 2 cents :)

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delldell314.. 2 cents worth.. great stuff you highlighted.."of coz there will be hardcore who may tell u to go for 2 bikes etc... which i don't think it justify my wallet.. we train our physical muscle,not finance muscle.." ...ok.. let uncle explains..

in the cycling world.. MTB, Road Bike, Tri Bike.. and they are different races..and different cyclists..

MTB.. dirt bike trail tracks.. and if take part in TNF-100.. shall see.. trail runs.. sometimes actually with bikers also on same trails.. and so.. look at the tires..knotty..wide ones.. the wider ones..can cause such pressure on dirt floor.. and so.. MTB..always heavy..and the wheelset.. depends..26" and some hybrid..and their tires.. come with.. if for road ride..1.25-1.75 (road slick).. but if go for dirt track.. 2.5..3..and even more like almost motor-bike like tyre.. meaning thicker and knotty.. and so in many tri races.. will always see many have MTB..because..stability..better, and easier to mount..don't be surprise some MTB ones.. can ride fast fast..on road..with..slick tires..

Road Bike.. the most common ones.. almost all bike groups..those, who call themselves bike club ones.. simply..wheelset..yes, with spokes (less means lighter) ..of course, weight of bike..much lighter than MTB..and handling of road bikes.. depends on the wheelset.. commonly if steady and beginners...700c..35 and above.. and for more experienced and competitive.. 700c..18-25..meaning.. the lesser..the more challenging and faster..but, if not handle properly..thin tyres mean..easily if there is a bump on road..oil slick on road..or wet conditioned road.. out of control..spin out of control..

Tri Bike.. same like road bike.. the only difference is wheelset 650c..18-25..and this explains the difference.. and the seat post.. because in tri races.. aerodynamic is critical.. so angle of seat post..need to be fitted.. slightly upright then the road bike.. like this


so now.. talking about aerobar.. this is the one why road bikers always do not like with someone with tribike.. because.. in tri races.. drafting.. and aerobar rules.. and so.. road bikers.. prefer just handlers.. and don't like the use of aerobars.. and also when bike groups get close together.. imagine with tri bikers around.. how to pace..safety distance.. too close.. because aerobar extension can too close to front biker's rear.. and so there must be a "safety" distance, specially for tri bikers.. and so.. tri bikers.. in order to mingle and play the rules in road biking.. always land up with.. ok, just add road bikes in their portfolio.. ride and enjoy.. the joy of biking..with other bikers bros and sis..on roads..and better no use tri bike.. use tri bike only for tri training and races.. get that?..why delldell314 says.. get 2 bikes..if money got no problem..

of course, uncle don't want to talk about aero bar clip-on.. sure come one.. maybe..much later..

ok.. since everyone..ready to talk bike..uncle shall talk about Bike Rules.... and Drafting.. so bro jellylam and others will understand.. ok.. better awareness... means more questions.. and great..to have all.. here..sharing.. :turned:

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Cycling Rules:

*Cyclists must ensure that their competition numbers are clearly visible at the back of their adorned apparel at all times.
*Bare torso is NOT allowed.
*The Bicycle number tag must be properly secured on the left side of seat-stay OR seat post.
*The Helmet number tags must be clearly displayed on the FRONT, LEFT & RIGHT side of the helmet.
*Participant may run or walk with his bicycle.
*Cyclists are to keep to the left side of the road unless overtaking and are reminded to observe traffic rules at all times. Overtaking on the left of a cyclist is dangerous and should not be allowed.
*All participants will have to perform their own repairs if their bicycles should breakdown. Changing of bicycles is only permitted at designated point(s).
*Support vehicles and crews are not permitted.
*All cyclists must wear helmets approved by the following recognized testing authorities: American National Standard Institute (ANSI Z-90.4), Snell Memorial Foundation & National Swedish Board of Consumer Policy.
*The helmet must be worn before the cyclist remove his/her bicycle from the bicycle rack and has to stay on the cyclist's head until he/she has placed his/her bicycle back securely at the allocated spot on the bicycle rack.
*All participants are encouraged to have their bicycles inspected by professional bicycle shops before their race. It is the participants' responsibility to ensure that their bicycles and bicycle brakes are in good working condition. Please note that only the participants racing in the Elite categories will have their bicycles inspected prior to the start of the race.

*No drafting is allowed except for the participants racing in the Elite categories.

*For non-elite participants, No Cycling is allowed on the Cycling Course once the Elite Race has started. Contestants still on the Course will be withdrawn and not be allowed to continue in the race.

*For Elites Category, the aero bar must not be extended further than the line drawn between the two brake levers.

*For Age Group Categories, the aero bar can be extended further but it must not be more than 15cm from the front wheel axle.

now.. please read carefully again about the aero bar for elites, age group categories.. and drafting (draft-legal)..and no drafting (draft-illegal)..for whom..racing in categories?

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Drafting - a very important one.. and very controversial one..but very easy to understand.. uncle explains

Drafting - two kinds of competitions, depending of the allowance of drafting: Draft-legal races, Draft-illegal races.. please refer to this table:


Draft-Illegal Races: please note, this is never being explained very explicitly..only here..awareness.. uncle tells more..ITU-sanctioned races..

* Drafting from another athlete is forbidden. Athletes must reject attempts by others to draft;
* An athlete is entitled to any position on the course, provided they get to that position first and without contacting others. When taking a position, an athlete must follow reasonable space for others to make normal movements without making contact. Adequate space must be available before passing;
* An athlete who approaches from any position to take advantage of the draft, bears responsibility for avoiding the draft;

* To draft is to enter the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone:
1. Bicycle draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be a rectangle. The width will always be 3 metres wide. The center of the leading 3 meter edge will be measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. The length of the reactangle will depend on the distance of the race: for Long distance events the length will measure 12 metres; for Standard distance events or shorter, the length will measure 10 metres...

just uncle's special note here.. some may quantify as...10 metres is about 5 bikes length..interesting info.. in Ironman race.. 7 meters is the length of the draft zone.."Athletes must keep 7 meters (4 bike lengths) distance between bikes".."Athletes may not back out of the 7 meter draft zone once it is entered (drafting violation)"..and in some non-draft racing bikes (sanctioned or non-sanctioned) cannot be within 3 bike lengths of each other...so understand why Tri race events..under different Federations.. and also non-sanctioned organisers..drafting zones..also can differ?.. and that is why.. the awareness and the knowledge of whom is the legal sanctioned federation/organisation organising the race is important..always clarify the draft zone, if there is competition rule.. so that we Triathletes.. don't let.. misunderstanding..and sometimes...difference in opinions about safety and others..some even on directly on competition rules..and..have cause division among us..through heated words ... with some even have comparison of which sanctioned organisations have "better and stronger" competitive athletes..and because of mis-interpretation..and always..regarding the rules of respection competitions..that's why..this awareness in this forum thread.. is the reason..shared here..exclusive..


2. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete.

*Entry into the bicycle drafting zone: An athlete may enter a bike draft zone in the following circumstances:
a. if the athlete enters the draft zone, and progresses through it with 20 seconds in the overtaking manoeuvre;

b.for safety reasons;
c. 100 metres before and after an aid station or transition area;
d. at an acute turn;
e. if a section of the course is excluded because of narrow lanes, construction, detours, or for other safety reasons..like sharp U-turn..


a. An athlete is passed when another athlete's fron wheel is ahead of theirs;
b. Once overtaken, an athlete must move out of the draft zone of the leading athlete within 5 seconds;
c. Athletes must keep to the side of the course and not create a blocking incident. Blocking is where an athlete who is behind cannot pass due to the leading athlete being poorly placed on the course...like this one


now, pop quiz with solution.. see who is drafting.. and see who is not?


*Penalties for drafting:
a. It is forbiddent to draft in a race declared as draft-illegal or no-draft;
b. Technical Officals will notify the athletes who draft subjected to a time penalty sanction. This notification must be clear and unambiguous.. like flashing of yellow card.. and one white board at run route, athlete with penalty reminded to serve time at "penalty box"..anytime during run leg.. many chooses to serve on the final lap of leg run..or in some case.. event organiser may opt to "add time penalty" to bike leg results..without "penalty box" like metasprint events.. "add time penalty" due to tight time management to finish the event earlier..
c. Penalty box option - more explanation .. The athlete sanctioned has to stop in the next Penalty Box and must stay there for a specific time depending on the race distance. 1 minute for sprint distance, 2 minutes for standard distance and 5 minutes for long distance. Megatri event uses "penalty box" option.
d. A second drafting offence will lead to a disqualification in standard distance events or shorter.
e. A third drafting offence will lead to disqualification for Long Distance events.

so.. now.. drafting..rules.. that's the one.. many MTB or road bikers who don't race in Tri or Duathlon events.. always.. have problems..in understanding.. and so uncle.. takes more time and details..provides a minimum of international standard of ITU-rules..for all to enjoy, have fun and compete fairly in safety environment..where all mutually respecting each other's draft zones, when in overtaking understands norm protocols..some will shout out "RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!"..overtaking in progress, and with no blocking (one maintaining constant speed) or to be blocked by others (just have to be pedal a little harder pant pant fast faster and beat that blocker biker..so easy)..and official uncle.. with eagle eyes on motor bike.. catch offenders, who block, who draft, who anyhow overtake (remember how much time can overtake?).. when given yellow cards, just accept the penalty (add time penalty or 'penalty box' at Run leg)..and if you shout "FO!"..uncle gives Red card immediately, says bye bye..go home with results only DQ on bike leg, aiya no big deal lah....so everyone to be assured fair game and safety.. and of course, respecting the rules is what sports require athletes in competitions..that's all..

and of course, the aero bar ones.. why for triathletes.. so important?.. shall be ..the next topic for discussion..

yo.. so far.. anything on bike...ok or not?.. soon we shall head to RUN leg.. uncle's favourite one..

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ok.. tri bike setup..simple to understand..and aero bar..uncle explains..mostly with visuals..

a typical tri bike..


so when it comes to tri bike fit.. must be comfortable.. and efficient in power to pedal..


eg..for small rider.. the fit needs to be..


of course, with aero bar with the ITU-competition rule for the elites..




and now compare with a road bike.. a reasonable competitive one..


and a typical competitive road bike with aero bar .. which is open-ended.. and placement of any water bottle..and with shifts at the end..and this definitely..cannot pass the ITU bike setup..


anyway.. the aerobar setup rules.. whether on Tri Bike or Road Bike.. must follow.. by the elites and pro.. so what does that mean for recreational, age-group Tris.. well, at least understand..and differentiate.. aerobar in competitions.. in regard to ITU sanctioned and non-ITU sanctioned ones.. awareness.. and..hope..this helps.. grassroot triathletes..decide to specialise and upgrade..into the multi-events sports.

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uncle, on behalf of the Triathlon Association of Singapore.. acting on the Haze Advisories For The Public..

"The 3-hour Pollutant Standards Index reading has hit a record high of PSI 371 at 13:00 on 20 June 2013.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has issued a Health Advisory for Haze. It suggests that all outdoor sports activities should be postponed or cancelled if the PSI reading shows above 100.

If PSI<150, all indoor sports activities organised by Singapore Sports Council (SSC)(competitive and non-competitive) in non air-conditioned environment, will continue as planned. If PSI>150, all indoor sports activities organised by SSC in non air-conditioned environment will be cancelled / postponed.

For primary, secondary and pre-university students, “outdoor physical activities, physical education lessons, sports and games are to be cancelled” if PSI reading is above 100."

All outdoor activities organised by Triathlon Association of Singapore (TAS) will be postponed or cancelled if PSI reading is above 100. We advise our members to avoid vigorous activities outdoor in view of the present haze situation here until PSI reading drops below 100.

and so while uncle was chit-chating.. lame one about megatri 2014 want to take part or not?.. how can, uncle?.. event is in a 2-year contract.. meaning.. Biennial..event in every two years.. so anyone taking part in megatri 2015?

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"and a typical competitive road bike with aero bar .. which is open-ended.. and placement of any water bottle..and with shifts at the end..and this definitely..cannot pass the ITU bike setup.."

Does it mean i cannot just simply fix an aero bar onto my current road bike?


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Thanks for sharing!! Yeah, i only started taking part in Triathlons this year, and i'm preparing for the Tri-Factor and Singapore Intefrnational Triathlons. Cos when i just walk into any random bike shops, the only major visible difference between a road bike and a tri bike is the aero bar. But if a clip on aero bar is allowed by ITU, then i might as well just invest in a normal road bike which i can just clip on the aero bar anytime i want to train or ride with it. I totally agree with you that all the additional features such as carbon frames, etc. will not matter much or wouldn't even have much impact on leisure tri participants like most of us.

hi mr jerry,

saw some of your thread and i suppose u r like me who just started on doing triathlon.... just like to share my experience with you only.. I also stuck on either tri or road bike,, until i read on some of the articles that a tri bike is really a specfic bike... based on the Sg traffic road... training with tri bike will be not be very convenient if you are doing aero position...

so i went for a road bike. After a few tri event, i slowly upgrade my bike to clipped on aero bar... So far my bike is doing great and i used it to cycle to work for justify the cost of e bike... I think average joe who do tri for fun will be good enough with a road bike or some upgrade for a aero postion...

Like some articles stated manufacturer and reviewers will give you all sort of fancy remarkable feature of all the light carbon, aero shaped etc... but honestly we are not able to ride as fasst as the prof do who wish to shave off second in order to win the championship...

So i suggest just get road bike and train MORE safer while riding on road... then ride in aero position in lesser/no traffic or during tri event...

of coz there will be hardcore who may tell u to go for 2 bikes etc... which i don't think it justify my wallet.. we train our physical muscle

not finance muscle..

just my 2 cents :)

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bro jerrylam.. wah so smart can understand.. you're uncle's most learned triathlete.. A++ for you

yes.. normal bike will do..if do 40km.. unless you want to do distance like 80km for O2..120km for O3

yes.. Ironman 70.3 has that longer distance in bike.. 90.1km.. and according to uncle's info.. no sponsor.. no news..and looks like to wait out for 2014..if will host locally..

did uncle say.. megatri in 2015 only?

just end... aero bar.. with sad story.. and cautionary note..


commonly, this will be what bro herrylam will mount aero bar clip-on to their handlebars.. open-ended one..(not jointed one like ITU-specified)

aero bar.. can lead you to have such a "relax" position..leaning both hands on aero bar is so shoik.. until..you may just fall asleep and not be alert.. and uncle got miss clashes.. meaning nearly head on in zombie state..to trees..to road curbs..yes, to oncoming traffic..but, not so lucky with one uncle's tri bros.. crash right into the rear of a stationary truck.. and the rest is not RIP sad story.. is just pain..elbow and shoulder dislocated..face hurt with cuts and bruises..luckily no danger.. but, the memory of "why and how it happened".. remained haunting for the rest of his life..

and so..when ride bike.. be safe..and for fitness.. no need to think like elite or pro on biking.. just keep healthy and fit..and limit time to ride session.. for there is still other events for swim and run to train.. so..please don't get too Tri-exercise addicted..do every event in moderation.. otherwise..spouse will complain..tell bro jerrylam..go and sleep outside with puppies..ok.. have a balance in life..sports is only just part of life..not consuming all of it..

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Rules on Running..

*Runners must wear their race numbers clearly visible at the front of their adorned apparel at all times.
*Support vehicles or pacers are not allowed.
*Runners must run on the designated path for the entire route. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
*No bare torso is allowed at all times.
*Headphone(s) and headset(s), mobile phones or any other electronic listening communication devices are NOT allowed.

previously, bro jerrylam's "Just out of curiosity, why earphones and mp3 players are not allowed during the running leg of most triathlons? I accepted it as a rule as i kena yellow card wearing my Mp3 headphone during the 2XU MegaTri, but just not sure why its enforced even to non podium challengers like us."

and uncle's replied to bro jerrylam..

"safety. because you need to be able to hear instructions from marshals and also to be aware of other competitors...sometimes, there may have at a dangerous junction where some runners run directly into traffic.. so all must have "ears" available for safety instruction

and so.. triathletes have respected this rule of Headphones, headsets, walkmans, iPods, MP3 players or personal audio devices are not to be carried or worn at any time during the race..of course, some event organiser..and you know who lah..trifactor..never mention one.. and metasprint one, yes one extra rule for running, "Wearing headphones is not allowed at all times.".. so understand why..uncle says..trifactor one..so so no standard..and uncle..in this forum thread.. feels..so so sian

ok..as long as Official uncle is present.. ITU-rules apply..because if local triathletes don't know rules and practice the right rules.. next time compete with international ones..whether competitive or non-competitive.. kena laugh on local triathletes..don't know what is international triathlon etiquette, so shame shame..

and Singapore International Triathlon..expect to have more international competitive and non-competitive coming..so don't do shame shame common sense ones ok?

and ever since uncle no mp3 in run leg in triathlon.. uncle also no mp3 in marathon..and no mp3 in ultra! ones.. just listen to birds in the day and crickets in the night sing songs.."

lastly.. always one that is.. BAREFOOT RUNNING is now allowed..unless covered.. such as VFF..with sole at bottom and protection on legs with fabric materials.. so much better if in shoes..

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yes.. Ironman 70.3 has that longer distance in bike.. 90.1km.. and according to uncle's info.. no sponsor.. no news..and looks like to wait out for 2014..if will host locally..

did uncle say.. megatri in 2015 only?

IM70.3 sg for 2014? is it news u source or ur own specluation?

no megatri 2014?? how u know??

abit disappoint but after sg int tri.. no more local tri until e next metasprint 2014??

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