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Singapore Aquathlon National Championships 2013

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Singapore Aquathlon National Championships.. F2, East Coast Park, June 1st 2013 http://www.singaporeaquathlon.com/course/

since uncle shall be no longer involved in 10km Sundown, might as well report activities..

this race is the alternative to the SAFRA Navy's Singapore Biathlon 2013 which was cancelled..and the highlights will be the Inter-School Challenge and Club Competition..MetaSport shall be the organiser..

yap.. the 5km run leg of the event is F2 to National Sailing Centre..

uncle knows some here were involved in the Singapore Biathlon 2012, and due to sundown, not able to attend this one..

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yap.. while waiting for the race to begin.. why not talk..swimming..as in biathlon..

knowing the swim shall be clockwise route..will this be an easier or a bit challenging swim.. mmm?

swim - breast vs front crawl..which is better..mmm?

after swim then run.. what and how's the feeling...mmm?

if can run 10km..means can swim 1,500m.. so if can run 42km..means can swim 6,300m...mmm?

meanwhile..while waiting for sundown 42km to start.. uncle just swim laps.. how many..never count..2+ hour..maybe

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wah.. interesting topic: "Does running or swimming helps to lose weight?"

How long (frequency, duration and distance) should i aim to run for if i want to lose weight?

and how long (frequency, duration, distance and style) should i swim?

sounds like doing multisports like biathlon can lose weight?...mmm.. uncle can answer..but, better..wait after the race..now everybody focuses on sundown..uncle needs to zzzZZZ.

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ah.. uncle is back.. if attendance compare to SAFRA one in 2012.. no fight lah.. SAFRA Navy one..has always being hailed as the largest and most competitive biathlon in Southeast Asia.. http://www.singaporemarathons.com/?p=42 ..Singapore Aquathlon.. new event is Olympic-standard..but, primarily for sprints and youth challenges..and since Metasports is organiser..also organiser for Metasprints..so can see..mostly upgraders of sprints..here..

yes.. swim start after 8:00am.. some 100m from bedok jetty..clockwise towards bedok jetty (last buoy closest to bedok jetty is only 50m)..2 loops of 750m.. unlike SAFRA Navy Singapore Biathlon.. swim start..quite a distance from bedok jetty..anticlockwise..and the loop is 1 giant one..and some claim may have exceeded 1.5km.. but, depends on tides and wind.. today's is tide low and lower..and direction of wind..is left-right (NW)..and guess what..favour for clockwise swimming..

run is like 2.5km x 4..U-turn at bridge towards National Sailing Club..to..F2..parallel to swim start lane.. transition area.. not box with number..but just horizontal lines with bib number written..so "virtual" boundary space for personal items..

weather..sun rises from the east..and sunny clear sky..PCN still have leftover puddles from yesterday evening thundery rain..and along the run track.. cyclists also join in..and running dogs also join in.. very normal and typical at ECP..everyone is happily enjoying the great saturday..no sundown regular ones are here, except uncle..of course, uncle no represent sundown.. uncle in ironman finisher tee mah..yayapapaya..

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.no sundown regular ones are here, except uncle..of course, uncle no represent sundown.. uncle in ironman finisher tee mah..yayapapaya..

I was also there uncle. But kept low profile. I cannot yayapapaya as I onli noobie. :thumbsu:

I think there was a strong current going against swimmer after first turn. And that stretch was very long. My swim time is terrible.

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NoobieRunner.. always gives uncle challenging one.. so..

"strong current going against swimmer after first turn"..uncle can explain.. high tide turned low tide..there will be sudden pull-back..and should be closer to 9am..yes, there is a sudden ebbing of tides..almost drop of 1m..another reason is..you know that wave water breaker.. that one when you return to the start point..that break the force of waves..and break away..and when if swim there..can feel the turbulance..and so..you tend to swim harder..and feel strong current..and uncle's way.. is..prepare to stroke harder when nearing to this breaker..got it?

yes.. uncle prefers to swim..high and getting higher.. of course, the bad is swim away..facing splashes..and when swim towards beach.. good so relax..because waves help you to bring you to shore.. but uncle got secret way of swimming.. uncle is bilateral front crawl swimmer.. left side/right side can sight and breathe.. and uncle swims without goggles some more.. train to adapt to sea/pool.. part of training for aqua lifesaving.. cannot imagine to see someone in distress in water..lifeguard says, "where my goggles ah?"..

so..better swim bilateral for swimming.. because of that, uncle got see banana leave with ashes on my right breathing just know.. don't know whose lost soul on water..anyone breathed or swallowed..tonight..kena zombie walk, possessed..go sundown 42km wear no race bib..hop hop like kangaroo at ECP..hope not SUPER Noobie one

and shifu sivakumar.. uncle got lobang.. sundown FM..wanted..willing to pay $xxx..in the next 12-hour..must deliver..

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