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Multi-Event Sports Calendar in 2013 (local)

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Please note the upcoming events that going to happen in Yr2013. (Might subject to changes in date and time)

1. MegaTri 2013, 20th Jan, Changi Beach Park Changi Coast Road
Due to popular requests, the organiser has extended their early bird rate to 11 January 2013..
2. MetaSprint 2013-Aquathlon, 24th Feb, Sentosa
3. MetaSprint 2013-Duathlon, 24th Mar, Sengkang West
4. MetaSprint 2013-Triathlon, 21st Apr, Changi Beach
5. Tri Factor Triathlon 2013, 18th Aug, ECP area E2
6. Singapore Aquathlon 2013, 13th Apr, ECP area F2
7. Singapore Duathlon 2013, 26th Oct 2013, ECP area E2
8. Singapore Triathlon 2013 (ITU EVENT), 28th & 29th Sept, ECP area E2

Thank you for your attention.

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just update on 2H of 2013 of events:

1. Singapore Aquathlon 2013, 1 June, ECP area F2
2. Tri Factor Series 2013, 18th Aug, ECP area E2
3. Singapore Triathlon 2013 (ITU EVENT), 28th & 29th Sept, ECP area E2
4. Singapore Duathlon 2013, 26 Oct, ECP area E2


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RussYee.. ITU is either O or O2..and O stands for Olympic standard..and IronMan trademarks..Ironman 70.3 or your definition of Half Iron distance..

if there should be O2 in this ITU Triathlon in Sept?.. there was talk..but, remember..this event seems to be of the "OSIM of 2011"..and 2012..Cold Storage sponsored Tri was only 1-day after OSIM decided to pull out.. and uncle would think..not likely..logistics..and if this is "OSM 2011" format..yes..1/2-Day 1 (distance for Kids, Teens and newbies)..and 1/2-Day 2 (Elites, Sprints and OD)..and the emphasis is to build the grassroot triathletes and nurturing of the youth sprints elites (locals)..however, let's hope there is O2..and that would mean almost Full-day and that will be that likely issue why uncle says..difficult.

O2 was introduced..in Megatri 2013..of course, uncle was involved as official..and since there is no sprint, but minimum OD in Megatri 2013..if anyone preparing for O2..then look out for Megatri 2014.. for those who don't know O2.. swim 3km, *bike 80km and run 20km.. *varies according to event organiser, some may use this to attract bikers who are challenged..like 90km+..so becomes controversial..but, as long as the event is an ITU-affiliated race (or uncle is present as official)..the timing registered would be recognised for other ITU races, including Olympics, but except Ironman.

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Thanks again for the valuable info.

I'm aware that Ironman is a registered trademark, but not exactly sure why ITU cannot have races of similar iron distance for example Metaman is technically a '70.3' right?

From your explanation, it sounds to me ITU only can race multiples of the Olympic distance. OD, O2, O3, O4 etc.

O4 = 6 km swim, 160 km bike, 40 km run!! :D

OK Metaman also offer 140.6 full iron distance too.

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Ok I found these in Wikipedia:

Organizations [edit]

Today, a number of triathlon events over varying distances are held around the world.

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) sanctions and organizes a series of Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and 5150 Olympic distance races each year. These races serve as qualifying events for the World Championships held annually in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i (October, Ironman), Las Vegas, Nevada (September, Ironman 70.3), and the 5150 U.S. Championships in Des Moines, Iowa(September).

The "Ironman" and "Iron" brands are property of the WTC. Therefore, long-distance multi-sport events organized by groups other than the WTC may not officially be called "Ironman" or "Iron" races.[14]

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) was founded in 1989 as the international governing body of the sport, with the chief goal, at that time, of putting triathlon on the Olympic program.[15]

The ITU sanctions and organizes the World Cup and World Triathlon Series races each year, culminating in an annual World Championship for both elite pro-triathletes, junior pro-triathletes and amateur athletes in 5-year age-groups. ITU races are conducted in a draft legal format for the bike leg, whereas drafting is not permitted at the amateur level. In addition, the ITU has a Long Distance Triathlon series.

For its part, the ITU does not sanction WTC races;[16] however, USAT uses a combination of ITU and WTC rules to sanction WTC's branded events.[17]

International Ultra-Triathlon Association (IUTA) is the official governing body of Ultratriathlon which involves triathlon in longer distances than Ironman.[18]

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RussYee.. good research.. and uncle only explains simply..both camps who organise races under their respective WTC and ITU..

have slight differences in Competition Rules.. ..and sometimes controversial.. but, if you should participate in both camps.. there are some known ones..like wetsuits.. accepted but not approved in the other.. Tri bar.. mounted one bike handles.. legal or illegal?.. aerobars.. open or closed..allowed or not allowed?..how about the bike length specs.. and rules of US version vs International version.. and so for most of our local races.. we follow the Asian Triathlon Confederation..and ITU..and TAS is a Triathlon Sports association recognised by Singapore Sports Council (SSC).

Taking the example of Aviva Ironman 70.3.. the elites will have to compete for slots in the Asia Pacific Ironman 70.3..and when Aviva Ironman 70.3 was then in Singapore.. competition was to take the honor to win these slots..

As for the ITU ones.. the elites also compete for slots..and like this year..K-Swiss Subic Bay ASTC Asian Triathlon Championships 2013 held recently on 27 April at Subic Bay Freeport.

now, you mention International Ultra-Triathlon Association (IUTA).. wha..any triathlon in longer distances than Ironman..

from the grassroots levels perspective..for those who want to start sports in triathlon..like kids and teens and even adults.. they must know the rules of competition to nurture their interest and abilities to compete.. and uncle gives an example.. MILO Youth Triathlon http://www.youthtriathlon.sg/ 29th of June to be held at East Coast Park.. Senior (17 - 20 Years) swim 300m, bike 9km, run 2.4km.. and if they prefer to have a sanctioned-race competition.. then they can pick to have either WTC or ITU official presence..to ensure race competition rules to be adhered..otherwise..that is ok too..

important to all is..how have multi-sports..help you to grow in healthy matters, fitness and lifestyle?..this is the best cross-training platform for those of us..at sgRunners..whom..some may want to Run and Swim..biathlon.. Run and Bike..duathlon.. or take the challenge..Triathlon.. and uncle has been happy to be involved in promoting multisports activities.. happy to say.. more triathletes are coming to sgRunners forum..to participate in both run and multisports discussion..

RussYee..remembered we started chitchating in may at marina21 forum in 2011...and uncle "seen" (readings from forums) on your actions in running events and actively participating in multisports events..very impressive and superb progression.. and uncle did once say lamely in marina21 (2011) forum, "if can start swim at marina barrage one day, and swim 4km round marina bay, that will be great".. and yes.. 2017..there was talk of having IRONMAN Singapore..and now with the Sports Hub completion in 2014.. looks like IRONMAN from WTC may be coming after all..

and thanks RussYee.. for your comments and for further clarification..cheers

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Full of technical.... i think i prefer just enjoy the sport as a average joe.... leave the detail to the prof who earn their living to do triathlon..... I just hope that IM70.3 Singapore will carry on and don't pull out... Really hope i can do my 1st IM70.3 next year.... when i can quote to myself

"From a weak man to an iron man!"

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2013 is a Tri-ing year for me too. Already took part in the MegaTri and MetaSprint Tri events, signed up for the Tri-Factor Tri as well and looking forward to the Singapore Tri in Sep too!!

Thanks for updating the calendar Uncle!!

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this is follow-up on ITU Competition Rules (which local multisports races follow)..eg USATriathlon.. download: http://www.usatriathlon.org/~/media/46b976f9b90e4bb4ac17b30b09bacfff.ashx

attire..one- or two-piece must be fully cover torso..if front zipper exists, it must remained closed (up).. that's why..a rule..remained ZIP UP.. yes, in local hot and humid climate..very hard to implement..

bike equipment..special mention on clip-on aerobars..what's allowed and what's about the the handlebar of the aerobar...pics explain all

of course..the draft-legal competition rules..for bike leg of race..is explained.

so for those who aspired to be competitive and be elites.. these are the competitive rules.. which the amateurs may not be subjected to..but, why there is need that even recreational or amateur triathletes need to know and still must follow the rules during races.. because everyone has to know the rules..so everyone competes fairly and safely..and that's why..official uncle shares..and when more understand better the rules..everyone will have a fair and safe race..that's all.

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bro jerrylam.. you no sundown.. and aquathlon?.. but see you at newton challenges..so got do scms or not?

Yup, i'll be Sundown-ing this coming Saturday and will most definitely signing up for SCMS. However, i won't be going for the Aquathlon as i'm not superhuman like Uncle who will be going for 21km on Friday evening, then Aquathlon on Saturday morning before signing off on a high with a 42km at night!!!!! :bow:

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