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Trifam Sprint 2013

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Sunday, January 27, 2013..reserve your date..Best sprint distance triathlon race in Singapore! Limited slots!

More details will be up soon!..next week.. http://www.facebook.com/events/1689796104494443/

Venue: NSRCC Sea Sports Club (11 Changi Coast Walk)

Format: 750m swim + 18km bike + 5km run

a review of 2012 event on 5 Feb http://lead2tri.blogspot.sg/2012/02/trifam-sprint-2012-pictorial-review.html

like last year, those with hivelocity account registration....should be the likely online registration format..

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Registration is open! Click to register https://www.1xcess.com/registration/5

For non-Trifam members.. register "Proceed Without Coupon"

Date: 27 Jan 2013 (Sun)

Time: 8:00am

Venue: NSRCC Sea Sports Club (11 Changi Coast Walk)

Format: 750m swim + 18km bike + 5km run

Race Fees: $33 per participant

This race is suitable for triathletes of all levels - whether you are a beginner or season triathlete.


Men's Open (18 and above)

Men's Veteran (40 and above)

Ladies' Open (18 and above)

If you are below 18, special arrangement is required. Please contact us for more information.


Uncle's note:

pm was received recently.."if can bike and run regularly in past months, swim only 200m in pool, can take part or not?"...no, better don't..go for metasprints..this one is Trifam members, friends and supporters..even though..affordable fee at $33..but, there is limited complete "safety" features like buoys with ropes, keyaks with lifeguards..or..volunteer road marshals..with no road blocks and no road closure at changi coast road..and..if rain..everyone is on their own safety responsibility..and NSRCC Sea Sports Club is not really "booked"..but, due to connection through private arrangement.."permitted" to be held as the site event..and timer chips..on loan for Hivelocity for nominal fee..and the carpark will be used for T1/T2 transition..in 2012..not more than 200..took part.

so..newbies..no way..even though this is a sprint event..which is half of Olympic distance..and most senior members of trifam participating as ex-Ironmen..and will gladly treat this sprint event as "Tri KinderKids"..to speed and power all the way..of course, everyone abled to tri would aim for sub-1 for sprints, but sub-1.5 and below effort for most normal tris are ok..

so, how is a sprint event endurance comparable to run distance effort?.. about 1/2 marathon..so, if you're 1/2 marathoner and full-marathoner..with tri experiences..go and register..

btw..tenah merah open water..at the end of ECP..current and tides..slight challenge..with..occasionally..jellyfish :(

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sorry kohpapa i have to disagree with you here...

trifam sprint is a newbie friendly race...my first tri was done at one of the trifam sprints several years ago...

i am in the organising committee - lots of focus and resource is put into sea safety...though there are only buoys and no lane ropes, but we will have kayakers covering safety and lifeguards on safety boat - not forgetting ambulance with AED on standby

there is no road closure for bike leg, but road marshals will be at the junctions as well as the u-turn...it won't be any "dangerous" than the usual weekend rides along changi coast road...it gives participants (newbie or ironman alike) the opportunity train all 3 disciplines at one go...

come and join, don't be shy :)

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yap.. uncle knows you from trifam.. and yes..you took part several years ago.. but you no participant in 2012..which uncle yes..and as participant..not safe for newbie..period..no offense..and already andy, president of trifam in 2012 said, "guys..this race is minimal cost..may have to do away with certain aspects like having blah blah....so no road closure..so you on your own..just follow the volunteers..and swim safe, ride safe and run safe"

as such..this race is not sanctioned..and this is a private event by trifam..and members of trifam are triathletes..not most runners who want to do tris for first time..and some more uncle received a concern from one of sgRunners..if can't swim 200m in pool..can do this one?"..by the way...appropriate invitations are more for members, friends (spouses or family members) and supporters of trifam..just like sgRunners local races (running guilds)..so got any sgRunners members, are member or friends or supporteres of trifams, or uncle knows gentle..seen active in 2012 sprint trifam (btw, this race has not been organised after a break of years of inactive mode, maybe since gentle last participated "years ago", right?)..yes, gentle, here as sgRunners..Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 "First Marathon", MR25 ultramarathon, and as forummer, but not necessary here sgrunners "know" gentle..and uncle also no trifam member..also no hue who gentle from trifam..and so..when all talk here at forum..all are just passionate members..through nicknames..avatars only see pics..some..don't know real or what..so far, uncle thought gentle is a sweet woman..

as respect to gentle..uncle's responsibilty is to inform..and to let those who want to tri for the first time as runner/biker without swim experience.. gentle, organiser..you got swim trial for those who never open water before or not?..like all sanctioned races.. mandatory..declare..if no.. must have a pool trial and open water clinic..like Megatri and other sanctioned races..doing a swim safety first check..to make sure seen swim in pool session with cut-off timing..and double make sure with open water swim, training clinic even with kayaks with lifeguards, a safety boat, and "buoy with ropes" for practice..even before the actual race..because..commercial race is sanctioned..and safety first in sports is #1 priority.

so..as a responsible triathlete..coach..and official..fun is good..but, safety first and checks must be in place..and so..uncle reserved opinions..for this race (a non sanctioned one)..and deserve the rights to let all know..the difference of participating in sanctioned event and non-sactioned event..and gentle..hope you understand uncle's role in creating this forum too..must be responsible because uncle releases the info. leads one to sign up..with the proper warning, based on facts on past personal experiences and this is placed under "Local Competitions events"..before decision..think carefully..you fit to do?..any of multi-event concerns weak and not sure?..uncle always ready to response...and with gentle..welcome..clarification..as organiser..

choice is yours..gentle's "though there are only buoys and no lane ropes, but we will have kayakers covering safety and lifeguards on safety boat - not forgetting ambulance with AED on standby"... mmm...uncle forgot..no lane ropes in 2012..mmm no ambulance with AED on standby in 2012..mmm..no road marshall..changi coast road....any more things else, gentle, organiser of trifam sprint 2013...of not haves (safety) in previous trifam sprints..so in 2013 one $3 more ($30 2012 + $3)..is 10% increase..wah..go to ambulance with AED on standby?..that one..is always a must..even school sports meets complusory must have that service..but buoys..can see if "got" ropes..better..for newbies..otherwise..a boat with red color flag at a distance..everyone thought that is "buoy" also.. :turned:

oh, yes ..this one no need safety check..got free beer this year or not..for finishing?..and MP and Mayor Teo SL there?..great..uncle shall be there to get latest gossips..you all know punggol east SMC..ex-Ironman, MP, Mayor Teo got "leaks" to this shocking affair of 2012, come on, not with that laura, (*)..and uncle more interested to go to this event..for scandals..mah..you all think uncle go for sub-1 sprint..free tiger beer (heard "tiger" to be sold off) from bro Teo, hope he got say, "laura also coming..."

have safe fun everybody..and hope this trifam sprint 2013..better safety fun race for all..cheers to 2013..

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very interesting perspective kohpapa...

first and foremost, if you can't swim 200m in the pool, then you MUST NOT take part in any open water swim...

even if you can swim 750m in the pool, the same distance in open water will have additional challenges...

your post is so long, serious message and joke mixed up in same paragraph...let me try to clarify some misunderstanding

1) since 2008, trifam sprint has been organised every year except for 2011

2) ambulance, swim buoys and road marshals at road junctions + u-turn point are standard every year

3) non-commercial and "non-sanctioned" translates to lower cost to participants but doesn't mean we compromise on safety

4) i believe trifam sprint is one of the best triathlon event here for first-timers and newbies

5) having said all these, participants have to be responsible - read up, ask in forum, attend swim lessons/clinics, learn how to bike properly before participating in any triathlon event

i am not a sweet woman - i don't hide behind my forum nick and avatar - friends i made in sgrunners know me as gentle and i am proud of it :)

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gentle..glad you respond.. no offence.. you're really a tough man..and as triathlete, we all know who you are.. and for the clarification..

1).. as this invitation is extended to sgRunners..unlike trifam..you have weekly open swim "Tanjong Beach Swim" by tesky..and now by chow.. and as such..for members and supporters of trifam forum..there has been some form of weekly on every saturday "open water" swim sessions..and so the senior members lead by example, organise, and of course, train..but, is any sgRunners known to participate?..mmm..uncle did mention to those who want to tri, but with no open water experience..must attend or if be coached by swim coach..so uncle supports trifam activities..and encourage sgRunners to go for the "Tanjong Beach Swim"..

2) avatar..many pics..some taken years ago..some taken not too long ago..some very comical..and some like uncle are animals..no offence to gentle avatar..yours look "feminine" in sgRunners, but the trifam one, wah chong desert hill (nicer)..and that's why uncle is not very serious..and if uncle addresses you as "auntie"..yes, uncle knows through trifam you profile age..so how about, young adult man..ok..because in sgRunners..age not reveal..and some more..sex preference..uncle got once..misled to think the person who pm uncle..female..but turn out to be an ah qua..asking uncle's compression wear..feel, smell and taste..

3) seldom see gentle on forum lately..maybe..uncle very active in 2012..ok..see gentle joined since 25 july 05..and posted 5k..and uncle can see..per year contribution about 1k..just like uncle..now peak..and let's see uncle's.. 12 feb 11..hardly 2-year old..so as uncle has said..no hue to gentle..wah..senior member of sgRunners, why no hue..and because just like everyone in this forum..we are not constraint by who you're..everyone here..passionate runners..and as long don't shout at each other..or be personal..and that's it..have fun..now let's go to back to trifam forum, gentle, also nickname..ok..1k plus..and senior..but uncle also see more seniors are in their 3k..or..5k..of course, andy, president is 3k level..meaning..if given 3 more years..gentle can run for presidency?..so write more posts at trifam forum..but, must admit, trifam posts..daily like cobwebs..busy ironmen overseas, training, where got write daily diary like uncle here..

4) our supportive tone here is similar..promoting grassroot triathlon participation..but different intepretation of safety measures..trifam, with its existing active sessions for members in pool, open water, bike, and even run..and most are members-driven (lead by example, and can see, andy, the current president, very active leadship driven), and for that, uncle likes that trifam way of mentoring, and must admit, if not for andy to say..why no trifam sprint in 2011..and he kena elected as president..and that's why..2012 must have trifam sprint on his first year of presidency..correct me..gentle..since you're senior member of trifam..we are discussing on the swimming part that we're concerned..for swimming is technique..not one time swim 200m in pool..and then..do 750m in open water..and that is red flag for uncle..and is red flag too for gentle..and thanks for agreeing on this point..and as such..we're engaged in this mutual concern to remind all..

5) as for this event..because, again, not every sgRunner actually has cycled at Changi Coast Road..unlike trifam bike sessions..every tues, thurs, whole weekend sat and sun..many bike groups..trifam members and supporters surely got biking training and experiences..but, sgRunners. are mostly ECP bound or their respective zonal groups..running..and minimal biking experiece..on ECP tracks or PCN tracks..and with many of uncle's tri-kids in training at Changi Coast Road..parents of at least 25km/h and above cycling calibre..must be of assistance..one to one tri-kid..or one to two tri-kids in close supervision..and for those never being to Changi Coast Road, a place where..know to have the most accidents..not to mention..cyclists deaths..and so..anyone who never ride..need to be "trained"..or if possible, half road closure..and as such..unlike your so call..unique race.."i believe trifam sprint is one of the best triathlon event here for first-timers and newbies"..you're entitled to your believe..but, as parents of sgRunners, we're entitled to want you to provide more safety..and if we're customers..so, you listening?..if not, the choice to register to take part..final caveat..discussed..shared..more info please..

6) same with buoy with no ropes..and again as parents of sgRunners, why can't have ropes?..maybe can see if andy or the rest of committee..can think creatively..since we tris are very resourceful right?..and ambulance..sure..changi hospital so near by..one call only..

7) "having said all these, participants have to be responsible - read up, ask in forum, attend swim lessons/clinics, learn how to bike properly before participating in any triathlon event".. isn't that uncle told to all at sgRunners..if you've not done enough of these..then go to sanctioned races like metasprints or aquathron, more prepared, not like 3 weeks, do a sprint level, and uncle even recommends a mini-sprint for some who pm uncle..where proper swim screening check will be needed..

and so..uncle has made final caveats..to sgRunners..and of course, trifam members who are sgRunners..we appreciate your participation..contribution..but sometimes, uncle got to play a neutral role (not an easy one)..as a "parent"..and for that, gentle, uncle is well know in sgrunners and "i am proud of it" also.. for those non-swim, non-bike..sgRunners who want to tri..because, uncle also supported grassroot triathlon development in singapore, just like gentle, and hence, if uncle's serious tone has upset gentle..uncle says, "sorry lah"..so want uncle to salute you?..better read "Men's Health Urbanathlon 2013 " forum recent ones..uncle's style..can take humour or not..gentle?

ok..uncle serious mixed joke..always the highlights..gentle and uncle are of course the same gang..actively promoting healthy triathlon lifestyle for all..and very glad to have a synergy in thoughts, and also..wishes all..a happy new year 2013..and if any triathlon or any bi-event Q&A..concerns..at least, all know who will be here at sgRunners, providing grassroot support to this great sports, triathlon, rank one of top 5 most popular events in recent times..and because of that "challenge"..safety consideration in sports is always a must..and thank you..gentle..you're uncle's favourite..gentleMAN..and by the way, you also help to organise marina21..like tesky, chow also assisting or volunteering?..punggol again in 2013? :turned:

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I agree with Gentle.

Dear Koh,

You are allow to give advice, but incorrect to damage their's [Trifam Sprint, Andy the president, &...] reputation.

You are misleading the reader that "safety is compromise" & ...

You know Gentle is a man, before you post. By calling a man as a woman repeatly is a great insult.

I feel sorry for Gentle.

Again, you keep edit your post, trying to mislead the reader.

You so sad.

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willaim_min.. uncle say sorry to Gentle.. already.. as uncle has explained.. his avatar..looks like.. and of course, gentle avatar at trifam looks like a man running up a desert hill.. and uncle has respected gentle as a gentleMan.. since at trifam.. sex and age is defined, and here at sgRunners.. william_min.. got chance to know your age?

"safety is compromise".. never suggest that.. but megarTri..a commercial race.. and other races.. has the question, ever swam at open water and the distance before, if not.. say no.. got pool swim trial and yes, a open water swim with the same distance..and the open water swim is conducted.."buoy with ropes" with lifeguard, and kayak with water marshall..and this is even pre-race..and when uncle took part in 2012 trifam Sprint..there was none..and gentle confirmed none.. so, let others be aware.. there would be "buoy with no rope"..and uncle suggested, "if can ask andy, possible to have?"..since, who is the committee chairman..uncle presumes..the president..who else, the VP?..

"safety is compromise"..imagine go to a swimming pool with no lane markings..normal standard olympic-sized pool got black marking on floor, why, swimming, head faces down, so black marking is "guide" to swim straight, not any direction..so even minimum..all swimmers will be guided with "lanes"..so at open water..if with "lane represented by ropes" will be preferred..but, let's us be clear..the concerns in this discussion "is this event for newbies?"..and uncle has to be very cautious..and uncle has received pm from newbies..and hence the concerns..so, info provided with gentle..check this out..trifam event.."lanes with no ropes, only buoys"..

"mislead the reader".. in fact, it is a blessing that gentle can show up here, and speak the truth..in fact, at some point, there was softening of the tone.."yes, those that has never open water before...go for swim trial..and yes, attend swim clinic".. isn't that what megaTri and others have done, and not what Trifam has screened with newbies.. and how can uncle mislead the reader, when the truth and more info. comes from gentle, whom uncle has respected..for informing more of what uncle has pointed out..anything else that we do not know..like biking safety..next

"safety on road".. even with now the OCBC Cycling Singapore 2013 coming..some who have taken part in the race, has some knowledge of "biking incidents"..and even road closures are known, to maximise safety..and Trifam 2012..already no known road closure, and uncle was present then, remembered the presentation from andy then was on safety first on road, and u-turn at carpark 6, watch out for traffic, look for road warden with red flag.. this witll totally challenging, if for newbies, a rather sharp U-turn and yet prepared to face an ongoing traffic anytime..remember, we are on the topic..is this Trifam Sprint 2013 suitable for newbies?.. not for triathletes (seasoned) like uncle..and uncle asked sgRunners..who are not trained as tris in endurance..who do not swim as twice/thrice weekly..and bike as twice/thrice weekly..like triathletes at trifam..this is sgRunners..and not Trifam forum..so, with mutual respect, uncle cautioning is always for sgRunners not ready.. and before you decide to sign-up..do you have any question or info needed about this event?..and that's where gentle and uncle..left a no interference period with no comment..for the respect of those who will have to decide, based on both views of points... organiser and past participant..and that's all.. mutual respect on different view of points and perspectives.. and as such, must congratulate gentle for the "silence"..and uncle shall even remain "silence" till after the event on 27/1/2013..

gentle has been active in recent SCMS 2012..and especially encouraging just like uncle, like in "The First Marathon", cheering, while uncle provides training and tips..and already gentle has meant well..and a gentleMan, worked well as a team, and uncle is also aware..but, coming to this event, eventually, all who are signing up..deciding..uncle has already decided..even before this discussion and engagement with willaim_min..and again, if willaim_min wants uncle to apologise..then uncle says, "sorry"..gentle, andy, Trifam, willaim_min..everybody..willaim_min..everybody..anybody..somebody..

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hi all,

let's not get too worked up here...

most sgrunners should know kohpapa's style by now...it is not easy to understand his posts (most of the time i do - maybe i can tune to his frequency quite well)

but i don't agree with everything he says - so i try to clarify if i feel there is a need to...

how to define sea safety?

i don't think lane ropes makes much difference to safety - open water swim requires sighting - either sight the buoy, or other swimmers...if cannot sight, change to breast stroke, or thread water for a while and figure out where to swim

to me, looking out for swimmers in trouble and provide assistance quickly is key to swim safety - that is where kayakers, lifeguards and safety boat come in and the organisers always have that in place

swim trial?

it is a way for organisers to weed out slow and weaker swimmers from their race...but trifam sprint doesn't do that - so "slow" swimmers are also welcome participate - but we will keep an eye on them during the swim...

bike safety?

no road closure doesn't mean the race is "dangerous" - participants are advised to exercise caution, especially at junctions and u-turn point...no difference from the usual weekend ride on the road...and again road marshals will be there to slow down participants and guide them along the correct path...

newbie-friendly race?

i certainly think so - but will let readers / participants decide

it is a small-scale race in friendly atmosphere - definitely not out to make money. we strive to give participants (newbies or oldies alike) a good race experience. this is our small contribution to the triathlon community.

if anyone has questions, can post here or PM me if shy - i will try my best to answer...

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thanks gentle.. and it is good you take over this one..as an organiser..

well..trifam..uncle never agrees it is not a good organisation..in fact, they have a very good bonding in taking care of members..in their sports..and must appreciate their involvement in promoting triathlon in singapore..very very long..

uncle likes the members volunteerism..in making sure the sports is "safe"..and this is also with respectful and mindful..safety points of views..and of course, like what gentle says.. "let's not get too worked up here..."

uncle just want to end..with a good and respectful note to trifam.. you should visit them often..so many planned weekly activities..like sentosa swims, bike sessions, and even runs..of course, sgRunners also run with them..and as a triathlete..uncle enjoys seeing more sessions of trifams (swim and bike and maybe bricks of bike/run..) it can also be introduced to sgRunners..of course, now gentle is here to say, "if anyone has questions, can post here or PM me if shy - i will try my best to answer..."..

sure, as stated on his reasons for disagreeing with uncle, it's ok..with uncle, as long, a synergy of everyone wins and gains, both uncle and gentle..still actively promoting triathlon..in grassroot level..remember, "the little worked out" here is unnecessary..what is important is for the newbies who want to try trifam event.. and now that the navy biathlon is cancelled..and hence, some forummers did say, trifam is one of the best..and so, uncle said, if got time to be more ready..can also consider metasprints events..feb, march and april..

thanks, gentle, for "most sgrunners should know kohpapa's style by now...it is not easy to understand his posts (most of the time i do - maybe i can tune to his frequency quite well)".. well..a truely gentleMan..what else can uncle say..still want uncle salute to you, gentle, navy style or what?

ok..gentle..please take over..as organiser of this event..and thanks for lifting the "heat" from uncle.. uncle needs to go "Injury" forum.. help AhXiong to look for shoes, big blister, and some more after gall bladder surgery, needs heathy exercise..and looks like uncle, better stick to "Injury" and "Buy Shoes" forums, not bad, got pm..

best wishes to all.., but, don't worry, uncle shall return..no surprise, as usual

oops.. just something great about andy, distinguished president of trifam..uncle saw him cheering everyone at ECP before the siglap side during the recent SCMS 2012 Full Marathon.. truely a great leader..yes, did high-5 to uncle (of course, uncle no trifam, that's why he knows nothing of uncle)..and almost to everyone..and just want to say, "great to have that trifam spirit"..and yo..triathlete members of trifam..happy 2013..with this trifam sprint to kick-off with a great year..ahead..and thanks for showing here..now uncle knows who sgRunners..are from trifam :turned: , glad to meet you.

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I'm a newbie in Tri and also a wannabe...I have many sifu friends in Trifam. Those regular ones are IM level and I'm picking up tips from them.

There are 2 things, for me at least, in participating in this sprint.

Firstly, after 2XU Mega, I don't know whether my body can recover or not within a week. Surely here pain there pain wan.

Secondly, me certainly kena smoked by all the Ironman :D lol!!

Well, I do agree this is suitable for newbie (like myself) distance wise :)


PS. just to add I tune to a different frequency reading kohpapa' post and also require 140.6 stamina to completely read them!!

Thanks kohpapa anyway, I know you meant well :)

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