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MR25 Ultra Marathon 2012

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oops.. sorry a thousand apology..the triathlete sumiko tan.. ok..the non-married but heard getting there soon.. lightningbolt, very alert..uncle saw triathlete sumiko tan in action yesterday at the megatri 2013..doing her mega event (3km swim, 102km cycle, 27km run)..and her distance/marathon coach and friend fabien williams was with uncle.. and this one is http://redsports.sg/...biathlon-9.jpgand a little piece of info on sumiko tan http://redsports.sg/2008/07/24/sumiko-tan-triathlete/

thanks..uncle re-edited in previous post..uncle apologised to the other columnist sumiko tan - married ..and the real triathlete sumiko tan..is the ex-MR25 ultra marathon champ..

so how to tell who is who in future?.. wah..how to start..one is more petite and althletic..the other, only loves hubby and no run..some say, older..<pic : older that's all, see what?>

and lightningbolt..a triathlete..and in the family of sgRunners..thanks a million...for identity in crisis..

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yo..lightningbolt..race over one month later..talk about nike goddess run..waiting for MM..you ok or not..uncle already confirmed to be present at goddess run..as fairy godmother.. http://www.brooklynp...7_15_bk01_z.jpg .. don't sit and idle and wait for photo.. uncle runs with MM..both L and S..with nike running tees..all one standard size fit all shapes..official one XxXS.. want to take photo fairy godmother aka uncle in XxXS? peekaboo uncle smile for lightningbolt in this one http://cdn.ebaumswor...12/81607507.jpg

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