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Triathlon Newbies Sprint Race 5 Feb 2012 (Sun)

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Date: 5 Feb 2012 (Sun) organised by Trifam or Triathlon Family http://www.triathlon...showtopic=11714

Time: 8:00am

Venue: NSRCC Sea Sports Club (11 Changi Coast Walk)

Format: 750m swim + 18km bike + 5km run

Race Fees: $30 per participant

This race is suitable for triathletes of all levels - whether you are a beginner or season triathlete.

hivelocity account registration.. if those taken part in Sundown before, should already had an account..otherwise register for new one..


Closing date: 27 Jan 2012

Best Wishes..

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Mok Ying Ren wrote an article about this race:


Teo Ser Luck, who was one of the founding member of Trifam (an Ironman) in 2004, gave an introductory speech..also sponsored 100+ & Tiger beer for the event.

event pics:


thoroughly enjoyable and the marshallers who were very encouraging and did their job well in terms of managing the traffic..no traffic wardens were hired for cost saving...very well done to the volunteers and organisers..

this race kicks off the season of biathlon and duathlon and triathlon races for 2012..

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yap, uncle drank on behalf of those who didn't drink beer.. dozens cans for carbo replenishing, since only apples and bananas were available.. the best one is the oldest participant got 1 carton of Tigers as surprise prize..

just to end the forum thread with another writeup about the race: http://lead2tri.blogspot.com/2012/02/trifam-sprint-2012-pictorial-review.html

heard still got a hundreds of Tigers left from Teo Ser Luck's give away..everyone wants to be the champion to take all..it's ok with uncle..took another dozens home already..now got beer belly..now resting and recovery from too much drinking..

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Yo bro, Russ..actually..these are triathletes that are experienced in local and overseas races..all are warming up for the Singapore Biathlon, Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore and IM events like Western Australia (early dec).. with some preparing for the coming one soon - IM NZ..

there are about 25 overseas competitors out of 130..the time you quoted..for sprint event..fast ones..some of us call this event..back to kindergarten.. but in actual fact..sprint tri event is a "youth Olympic standard" level..

just to add about the swim... sea bugs.."bite"...slight itchy discomfort..feeling like hand to scratch during swim..common..for open water swim..

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