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Walking or Running Backwards, Anyone ever try?

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Hi, I'm a newbie of half century in Distance Running coming to 3 months. I have participated in recent topics in "Trail Runners: Goretex or No Goretex?" and "Compression Wear = Best For Performance Or Best For Recovery?".

In both topics, I had been a "how lian" Uncle in Trail Running especially in deserted places like cemeteries, of course all known x-country and trail sites of Mt. Faber, B. Batok, B. Timah, Bike Trails of Tampines, MacRitchie, and other unknown, where I don't see tracks.

I'm known to wake up at 2am, will hit to my favourite Mt. Vernon where the Ghuka mighty soldiers trained, of course, my grandfather of 1 century will always be my inspiration and my spiritual guidance on how to improve my endurance and speed, and sometime kind souls will advise me, tell me stories of the past, and some SGRunner with years of Clinical experience cannot believe that in the 3 months I loss weight from 75kg to now 64kg, I was recommended for Buangkok Hospital for the Not so Sane Runner for ICU, and certified that I have a PHd (Permanent Head demage) syndrome. I shall cut short here, you can follow up my running experiences, activities from the above Forum topics for discussion.

This topic is to be discussed because of Venus Run, and for the first time, even grandmother can take part, as an incentive to reach a mandatory of age making the number as a group participation. I must salute to the organisers, the male side will never have thought of this. I'm a male, sometimes I also listen to non female friends, they also agree, of course they cannot take part, I warned them of any "monkey" business, and as the elected President, I watch them well. Venus organiser, if you suspect them, you have my sincere permission to search them..your discretion. Just to confirm, my idol model runner Ms. Sumiko Tan is not my Fan club member, she is Supreme Being, best in MR25 Ultramarathon and other Ultramarathons, and Champion over the mankind, no need to search her, just send her my regards if she brings her mother and grandmother, sure win, Singapore Pool says so 100,000,000 to 1 odds.

Actually, in my many hill runs, I see more seniors don't run, they walk....reverse...clap hands, shout, and so happy. So I wondered why the Venus makes these old mothers, older grandmothers run? Why not for a change, all reverse, young ones Reverse Run, old ones Reverse Jog, older ones Reverse walk...fair rules. I quote from this site: http://www.onlinebraingamesblog.com/brain-fitness/walking-backwards-may-be-good-for-your-brain this is practised in Europe, and in Asia, Japan, the Land of the Golden Sun of many Centurions still living, breathing and active.

Of course, the benefits, I quote : http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Benefits-of-Walking-Backwards&id=2804338, posted by a senior consultant, primarily for seniors, and I quote : http://www.bodyresults.com/e2backwardswalking.asp by certified professionals. Actually Uncle I also going to aging, gracefully, http://www.healthnews.com/fitness-exercise/brisk-walking-routine-sharpens-memory-as-we-age-4713.html?page=1 after seeing many of my seniors reaching their prime, and we're told that we may live to a century, and uncle is only half way there, maybe I may start to reverse Ultra Marathon, reverse Marathon, before I land as Wheel Chair Reverse and hopefully when you guys are running, and you see my back reversing, you exclaim, "Seow" or mad Uncle, why you "gostang" or backwards with no L plate and blinking light warning? When one day I should report my Lifeline Termination Letter to either heaven or you know where, you will remember my obituary picture of my back, then you recognise me, bless that "Seow" or mad and "How lien" or show off Uncle with the finisher tee that reads "World's First Reverse Ultramarathon 150Km, completed in 15 days, w/o reverse mirror also, and no license for reversing with warning blinking lights." Please organiser, no black tee, very "pantan" or superstitious, I want yellow, with red lettering, adidas response like the Sundown 2009, silvery limunious so that nighttime people can see how "how lien" or show off Uncle finally achieved before 2061.

Experts, elite runners and organisers of all ages, honour your father/grandfather, mother/grandmother, on your Father's and Mother's Day with this Reverve Race package, sponsorship, can we have our local one BATA for a change? just need to make the shoes reverse when you wear, ok, easy, right?

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Uncle of half century says "Thank you for your sharing". At Bukit Timah Hill, Uncle actually sees elderly with sticks, reverse downhill and uphill, mostly hail from the motherland, Tung Shen (a popular phrase meaning they are born in China).

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