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  1. I'll give a personal perspective of someone who cut the race short. I joined in the run at around the 10k mark and ran till the end (ie i did 32k). Collected the finisher shirt and medal. Also have a finishing time (but missing the 5k n 10k checkpts) Why did I do so? Well firstly I dont usually run marathons in Singapore anymore cos its too hot to PB, and its not like I'm in contention to win a prize. I do like running though, and I love the atmosphere at SCMS. Hence I already decided months before the race that I would probably just do the last 30ish kms as a training run, instead of bashi
  2. dude! your reputation has suddenly plummeted!

  3. Cans are asexual!

  4. Gender not telling????????????????????

  5. Why no picture in your profile?

  6. should be able to see here. http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/6761338 has this route changed cos of the construction around indoor stadium? the map above was last uploaded 2009
  7. ah, who knows maybe u went into ninja training and it paid off. no wonder ur name appeared twice in results

  8. that's melvin lah not me. i sold him my slot. i haave shin splint and ITB cannot run that fast and 36min is impossible, you should know hehehe.

  9. wont la. rain ended in the city alr. brokie bringing legendary barley to potluck?
  10. thumbs up for yellow ribbon run organisers!

  11. On the way to Kallang today i saw signs saying some roads will be closed for Sports Hub construction. More obstacles to CBD run's indoor stadium route...
  12. where hv u been? i not boss but next week = MF eh bring ur dog to CBD run leh
  13. hey hey we arent exactly sissys at cbd run either u know The pest spray is turbulent .. Sharkkae : There are probably only a handful of people who can keep up with the aerosol speedster. Are you gonna be one of them..... mahesh, your hands must be very big. eh dun set sharkkae up for an anticlimax lah.
  14. hey hey we arent exactly sissys at cbd run either u know I not saying your sissys, pls don't get me wrong kidding lah!
  15. hey hey we arent exactly sissys at cbd run either u know
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