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  1. dude! your reputation has suddenly plummeted!

  2. Gender not telling????????????????????

  3. Should update your HM PR ..

  4. Why no picture in your profile?

  5. Step 1: Turn up outside Tanjong Pagar MRT (on Wallich Street) around 6.45pm on Tuesdays Step 2: If you want to change into running clothes, use the washrooms at adjoining plaza. Step 3: Look for Tigger / Tiwazz; put luggage in 1 of 2-3 cars usually available always. Step 4: Start running (at ~7pm). Step 5: Enjoy running. Step 6: Go back to Step 1. Cheers Turbolegs
  6. Vic-who is your current partner for the TNF100?

  7. Legs in Motion ....

  8. hey hey we arent exactly sissys at cbd run either u know The pest spray is turbulent .. Sharkkae : There are probably only a handful of people who can keep up with the aerosol speedster. Are you gonna be one of them.....
  9. takaishi has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

    Hello !!!

  10. i was referring to our rabbit "zhi lei"... (boston qualifier)... as for babumouse... he seems to run faster when thomas is not around (i am now eager to see their next IM showdown) as the LS, the lady in bright pink!.... she was at cruising speed ... so this week there were: rabbits, mouse, tig(g)er, shark, etc Only the pest spray was missing ...
  11. I also want to know... Actually, there were 2 ... 1 in blue and 1 in pink ...
  12. Not entirely. For Zouk route, it means we will repeat climbing the stairs. So thats 6 repeats of 30 storeys. For Mt.Faber, it means we will do repeats of the 1.6km loop on top of Mt.Faber but will run to Mt.Faber and back just once. For Fort Canning, it means we will do repeats of the 1km loop on top, but will run to Fort Canning and back just once. The Singapore Indoor Stadium route was originally a 13.5km route but has got changed due to F1 construction and all that. Hope this helps. At any rate, you can look at the first post of this thread to know about the routes we run.
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