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  1. ere has been an increased trend by a new batch of participants asking for finisher tees in every single running events. C'mon, what's the point for parading around to show everyone your accomplishments for every races? Finisher tees are meant for distances that you would not do on a daily basis i.e. 42km and above. 10km/21km finisher tees? What, they usually only do like 3km or 5km? Accomplishments are intangible and can not measured in terms of finisher tees.

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    2. Top Chan

      Top Chan

      No Frill is the Best! Too many running events singlets and tees become RUBBISH in my wardrobe! I prefer reasonable reg fee!

    3. lazyman


      in the near future 3G army can consider giving finisher tee for those who finish 2.4km under 10mins. whaha

    4. Jackie


      Maybe above comments are by seasoned runners who've attempted distances more than 42km? But for some who've just started out running in events, maybe even a 5km is a milestone achievement to him/her, and want to wear that achievement in the form of a t-shirt.

  2. sub-2 pb for 21km, first in my life

  3. Hit my 10k pb 51:57 at Best Friend Run. Gotta keep pushing, sub-50 is becoming a reality.

  4. 70km @ Twilight Ultra Challenge, outdone myself :)

  5. 60km @ MR today,.. woohoo...

  6. Medals are not won at the finish line, they are won in training.

  7. Yup it's my fav running place.

  8. handphone 77 run in bidadari too?

  9. acknowledged that fact that it is not easy to run with camelbak across 21km of trail.

    1. RunningFatboy


      OH no..i have signed up for 100duo...

  10. i can't imagine living and not running

    1. Runningmummy


      I like trail...but 10pm flag off for 50km duo is crazy.

  11. Completed SD in 0:59:28, finally a 10k p.b. for 2011....

  12. In position 203rd out of 1661 certified finishers Gun Time: 01:13:58.75

    1. Top Chan

      Top Chan

      大哥Desmond. are you doing Metta Run this coming Satursday?

    2. handphone77


      Oh u muz be going rite, I'm sitting this one out as I've done it last year. I usually don't run the same event having the same distance year to year unless there are special reasons for me to do so. My next event is NVM on the 12th.

  13. 60km...broke my own running distance record..now an ultra-marathon conqueror...

  14. Entering the battlefield @ ECP on 3 26 11...

  15. My first event of the year have come and gone..2011 has started for me..yeah..

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