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  1. Worst case is there is no flash sales.
  2. I always felt that Singapore running event can have so many participants partly is due to this sgrunners.com. I join running event during those early day, Mobile Singapore Marathon usually attract less than 2000 runners running FM.
  3. I think I will join this event even I am not sure I can attend anot. It the week of the March school holiday, I am afraid some other thing may crop up.
  4. We tell them our timing and they engrave or they will check our timing from the SCMS web site? What if I tell them my timing is 3h 01 min , will they engrave it ?
  5. Not the organizer instruction to give out gel to the faster runner, I think it the volunteer want to give out the gel as fast as possible and can pack up early.
  6. Many just want to experience marathon for the first time and they do it once. Many serious runner stop running SCMS because it had downgrade itself into a social walking event. Just view the comment of those serious runner from FB , you know .
  7. IMO, 6.5 hours is quite fast for some people. I think 8 is fine, just as long as the cut-off timings for each section of the race route are clearly communicated. Example: Tokyo Marathon 2014 runner's booklet page 5 http://www.tokyo42195.org/2014en/sanka/pdf/runner_handbook.pdf From what I heard, these timings are also clearly shown on the route itself. Therefore, the organizers can save the headache of diversion and also save on costs of blocking the road for too long. Anyway, running past 12pm, sure die 1 with the heat. It might be too fast for some ppl. But we also must be considerate to th
  8. I agree with you too. Many year ago, I already notice this trend. More and more runners without training joined FM. I am not laughing at those walker, I walked during FM after 25km too. If you want me to walk the first 10km, I still can finished it within 2 hours. The pace is 12 min/km. If I walk fast, the pace is around 9-11 min/km.
  9. I don't know why this diverting of slower runners to shorter routes story become a big story this year. I know this year Sundown Marathon also did the same thing.
  10. Tell you I know of runners got diverted to a shorter route but still finished it in a 8+ hours timing.Organiser shall just use the sweeper bus bring those runners to Padang and tell them train hard next year. Sometime thing is not appear as what we see. Especially alternate media had make this worst.
  11. Not easy to prevent such rat. Timing shall put as DNF. I remember my friend run a shorter distance due to the heavy storm at the sundown marathon but still got his certificate with timing of sub 6. That his PB timing.
  12. For my split time, it includes 20km 21.1km and 25km so probably he skipped the U turn point in ECP? Can also see that his ranking went up a lot cos he turned back early.. This is a case of very blatant cheating (doing a 25km from the 10 to 35km checkpoint in 1:19:32 denotes a 3:11/km pace, which puts him at Olympic athlete level), not that it matters since this person is only deceiving him or herself U turn at ECP got not time check mat. The runner must had heard word from runner in the opposite direction and make a direct run across. So important point why they don't put a check point ?
  13. Got one of my worst FM timing due to the heat too . The kind of heat could be the most hottest SCMS I ever experience. Saw 4 runners collapsed along the way but they well attended by medical staff. Luckily for this year SCMS there seem to be more medical staff than previous year.
  14. For your info, Starhub super sport Arena is a free channel. If you do not have Starhub but TV connect to cable antenna, you can tune in the channel . I am not Starhub promoter.
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