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  1. u finally change job ah ??? Sigh.... company moving to Pasir Panjang...... sigh......
  2. Count me in ah........ tho i wont be working near CBD anymore by end of next week.
  3. cant make it today.... so somebody else got to take over the last runner position.
  4. Thanx fellas for the run.... short but fast. Thanx ST for the pacing.... and 100+.
  5. Thanks for the much needed run... thanks for the lovely ice cream, heavenly 100plus and delicious old chung kee snacks and thanks for the lovely gifts.... long live sgrunners... long live CBD run... :cheers:
  6. my first time running up Mt Faber in 10 years..... i think its worse than the double hills at KL.... Very unfit now... too much of good food in Bintan probably... more days to SCSM... prepared to suffer.
  7. tmr i join... but have been slacking for a while. Last long run was King of the Road...... have mercy on me.
  8. ur pace not bad liao lah... keep it up ... ha ! ha ! with tigger as trainer, who dare to slack, the slackers are the one who MIA like me lor !!! Actually true ah.. not to saka tigger.. but he was very encouraging... and inspiring... hahahaha
  9. This week cannot... next week should be able to.
  10. won't be able to do CBD for some time. Covering a position in Bintan on Tuesdays to Thursdays.
  11. Yeah.. i saw the barebodied runner. Thanx guys for the run. Good recovery run. Thanx to Ronnie and Bee for the pacing. After a while i felt like a lightbulb so i sped and left them for their "tien mi mi" finish.
  12. i'll join for a very slow recovery run.... leg still hurts... from hamstrings, quads, calves and feet... all pain. This is what happens when you attempt a full marathon without enough training.
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