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  1. the photo is at my home pc, will send to you tonight
  2. I think we didnt take any group photo on that day. Here are some of the loose photo that we took on that evening.
  3. Taken on 21 Feb 2006 This is one of the earliest photo that I can find !
  4. sorry for the late update ... we will be running to singapore indoor stadium on tuesday night... When I run past that area last weekend, some of the roads leading to Stadium had been closed & sealed. I think the only way to the indoor stadium is by kallang lesiure park.
  5. I love that route too until wild dogs started appearing there !!!
  6. ya, but it is a public holiday can have a cny run ......
  7. Thanks guys for all the good food & company. See u again in 07/12/2010 !!!
  8. I'm bringing muffin later. Help me to finish okie !!!
  9. I think there is still a signboard that say "Danger. Do no enter" Same as last year, i think the F1 track will close sometimes between Aug to Oct for them to pack & unpack the grandstand. As there are vehicle and eqipment moving around aimlessly, it is for the public well-being that the track was closed during these times. Other than that, the track is open at all times.
  10. unless u skip the run, then I'm sure you all can finish 10 sets in a night !
  11. Last year, I did a run on that stretch during the F1 week, the road was closed, thus you can actually run on the road instead of the pavement. (Anyway, the pavement will have already been board-up with the all the metal railing, thus, if you wanted to run on the pavement, you will actually have to make a big de-tour to go around it. But then, there are still dead-end somewhere ! ) But as usual, had to watch out for vehicle cos the vehicle can be travelling in 2 way instead of the usual 1 way. And these vehicles are usually the heavy trucks. My advise is not to run this route during the F1 week
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