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  1. Ok, i will be there for the food. Just like yesterday.
  2. Hi Dream, I be there on sunday , but if my friend is late , than we will play catch up.
  3. I might join you guys tommorrow if able to make it. :tongue_smilie:
  4. Interested in CBD running tee 1. Tiwazz M - Size S 2. burnz M - Size L 3. TLR 4. tohmin 5. brokie F - Size XXS 6. bee 7. ronnie 8. kayano 9. LaserRunner F - Size S 10. terence0023 M - Size M..... 11. shutehelup 12. sxuanjing 13. tekko 14. stuck M - Size S 15. fennel F - Size L 16. Roentgen 17. batx M - Size M 18. piglet F - Size L 19. charlotte 20. tao F - Size L 21. Littletigger M - Size M 22. yankee 23. wensze 24. JT F - Size L 25. hophlng 26. chacha 27. teelee - size XS 28. nikerocks 29. edwinchiam 30. -licht F - size M 31. terry 32. alvo M - Size S 33. chye kwee M - size S 34. jackohsk
  5. Can support and buy the singlet? I used to run the cbd . whahaa. :tongue_smilie:
  6. Errrrrrr, thanks for the food, although i just come down to eat, and did not contribute. :tongue_smilie: it was nice to be at cbd again, although i did not run . =D Try to make it for the run someday. =D
  7. Hi tigger, i am teelee, Nice to meet you. :cheers:
  8. Yeah, nice run today, so actually manage to learn something from imd today, Quite interesting run. :cool_grin: Thanks all :smilie_daumen1:
  9. Your FR very good, =D Continue to write k. =P
  10. The runners are getting faster and faster,,,,, Wah =D And the cakes,, lolz, too sinful. the run not enough to cover up the cake . :cool_grin: Overall it was fun and enjoyable. :cool_grin:
  11. LOL, whts yr friend name,,, your friend really good runner, i forgot his name though......
  12. my van only 80km/h la, alamak.... hahha anyway, light sticks will still be available today.
  13. So is the sticks useful, next week still need? Or harmful , :cool_grin:
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