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  1. From the website, I noticed there are still quite a lot of 42km/Ekiden slots are not sold this year?! Ekiden seems to be the red hot favourite for the past few years. hmm......
  2. Wanted to register. Thank God it's Friday and I read the postings here. Change idea le. haha
  3. Seriously hor, so many ppl wear XS meh? I thought organisor will get to know how many XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL from registration and then place order accordingly, no?
  4. The Sentosa route is quite nice except for: 1. A bottleneck near the Dolphin lagoon 2. Under ground car park inhaling carbon monoxide from cars and buses 3. The never-ending up-and-down highway from outside Sentosa all the way to the "heart-break" bridge. I find that there should at least 1 more water point along that highway.
  5. I get very confused reading the info from the 2014 StandChart Run/registration le. Is me just me or age is really catching up where the brain cannot process too much words and info at the same time? lolz. Nevertheless will still sign up; perhaps shorter distance. hehe. Since new Stadium/Sports Hub is the new buzz word, I would expect it will be part of the race itinerary.
  6. errrr....hello? (Webmistress suggested that..:P)

  7. what happened to tigger? injure aggravate during disney, flame up on Sunday. Cannot walk on Sunday....have to hop...up the stairscase... :Cry: LittleTigger: Dun need to hop up the staircase mah. There's an invention called the lift. :Tounge: Do take care of ur leg yeah.
  8. Yup, if I m there, I be doing 10km only. :Big Grin: Going to slack and enjoy a slow run. KK: How I know u r going or not? hehehe...If u dun...prolly I am the only one doing 10km leh....hmmmm *ponder* Must think how to get there so early...hahaha
  9. Got ppl running 10km bo? :blushing:
  10. we even welcome snails.... hahahahha... come la... come join us. Someone calling me?...hehe. I dun do 21km or 42km leh. :Rolling Eyes: Btw.....saw the newsletter and the website of fatbird. U guys did very very very well! Impressive. Kudos and Thumbs up!
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