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  1. hi there...

    i uploaded my photos in facebook and i'm not sure if there's anywhere else that i can upload... there used to be one that photographers could upload but that site seemed to be down... the only way is to add me under facebook... but if you do not have a facebook account, either you can create one, or get a friend who has facebook to add me... btw, could you validat...

  2. Hi.

    I'm Masako (nichname:Alpine) participant of Banana relay.

    Just wonder whether any other means to see the uploaded photos by you @ Facebook.

    Coz I don't have my facebook, would be great appreciate if you could update the photos other than facebook or send email to me personally.

    Email address


    Thank you very much...

  3. has not set their status

  4. Okie.. i changed liao.. going out after 'make up'.. haha.. okie i go mix my drinks.. and hmmm i still got the dispenser with me too! its raining heavily in simei... got thunder too... terry, take are yeah... plus the rest of sgrunners doing the fatbird marathon training... :smilie_daumen1:
  5. FRIEND!!! 3 years already! Please! They should have been thrown away long ago! So you got yourself a new pair of shoes already? exactly... better listen to Dream and Brokie... besides, even if you dun wear it often, your shoes will also break down by itself in the 3 years... :sweat:
  6. -licht, thanks for the chocolate cake... unfortunately, i din dare to take more cos i'm sick of sweet stuff after sundown... next time okie? see you this sunday!!! :Peace:
  7. I think the front are the one that didn't do sundown. Those at the back are the one who really doing recovery run ! slow slow pace. i know our IMD came back first... and he did 84km last weekend... IMD, are you human?!? :Big Grin:
  8. went down this evening to get the receipt from brokie... and saw IMD, yeehua, babumouse, LaserRunner, ST, yankee, tigger, -licht, fennel, ronnie, alvo, and many others... must esp :im Not Worthy: :im Not Worthy: :im Not Worthy: to those who ran despite completing the sundown just 2 days ago...
  9. good suggestion - kayano ... will you be coming from the Velocity ??? yes... kayano will be running with the velocity group... added his name...
  10. i think so too should be... it was raining heavily in the west... then when i reached bugis at around 630pm, rain stopped... so i guess they have a nice weather to run this evening...
  11. thanks brokie... :smilie_daumen1: btw, how come the group photo got a blur patch? becos of condensation? hmmm... i thot that should happen to the 1st group photo and not the 2nd one...
  12. knoc ur head... simi stairs?.... :sweat: i wanna slack .... wei... dun any how knock people's head hor... wanna slack can slack your own pace lah... besides, you got good reason to slack mah... :Big Grin: if you and charlotte flu havent recover, please dun run hor...
  13. u updated what photos? next time can include the link boh? so which one leh? aiyo .. here lor http://www.kodakgallery.com/PhotoView.jsp?...avfolderid=2007 i must be blind, didnt realise that you are there taking photos. :Black Eye: tiwazz is the one taking lah... :tongue_smilie:
  14. u updated what photos? next time can include the link boh? so which one leh?
  15. alamak... coming down by stairs is as bad as running downslope... extremely bad for knees... pls dun consider doing this... :sweat:
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