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  1. think its at the first shelter, at the end of ECP...., before NSRCC
  2. yah i also never noticed the water cooler until some one mentioned... just keep running. at the end of ECP u will hit a road. U turn there... just to add on to the description above =)
  3. go early and see if u can tongbang some of the peeps that drove... make sure u recognise that person! or there are lockers near the public shower/ toilet (around macs, about 2km from big splash)
  4. han, sunday take a break la... or u can organise a 'slow pace' run with uncle choon =D
  5. doesnt matter, u make a really nice background =D
  6. terry found one photo of u on his friend's photo album! http://www.flickr.com/photos/alpha_lunas/3217299909/
  7. thanks again keonzzzz! =D
  8. From Leica, who currently has no computer access: "My sincere thanks to all at the support table that night. and also those at siglap."
  9. ah boy when did u ever sleep early? 7 am not early? but seriously, think u guys shld try to adjust to the wheeeeeeee hours... read about people not being about to keep awake!
  10. HAHA i thought shld sleep late to get used to the racing hours?
  11. alamak, u are complaining because army not tough enough for u!
  12. hahah! uncle choo? i tot he was chun.. hmmm.. but he is a 3:03 Marathoner!
  13. it's litter :Rolling Eyes: i cycled down this morning to check and to pick up whatever we left behind but it seems it has all been cleared up.. =)
  14. think its paper, not plastic =)
  15. Later i go market buy one papaya and freeze it.. make sure u finish it k.. haha.. Wa....finish 1 papaya and spend the rest of weekend LS-ing He asked for it!! Aiya...he wants to be like Froots...in that picture. hello i also got internet okay. i can read okay.
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