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  1. Good point mentioned on the embracing of new habits and practices, given that Covid-19 has already forced most of us to get used to the "new normal". The key goal is to reduce social interactions/transmission of the virus as big scale events are deemed to be of higher-risk. Even though virtual runs may not be the most preferred option, virtual runs provide runners a choice to get their runs done.
  2. I saw this article also. Tough to believe that he is now from grace to fall.
  3. @kohpapa Congrats to you being reinstated as a Technical Official with the New SA Committee! Let's hope the new SA Committee will revive our athletics community.
  4. @kohpapaFully agree with your last statement. If the person's running technique is poor, even high-tech shoes are not going to propel the person to be super efficient runners. With the price of Nike Zoom, I can easily buy a few pairs of minimalist footwear lasting me for years.
  5. Good sharing of guidelines for how USA running events will operate in a COVID-19 situation. I am just wondering if the guidelines will be too numerous to follow for race organizers, although on these guidelines look good on theory if properly executed.
  6. @AutumnRunner I am actually ok with these social aspects you mentioned in the six points. These six points are ironically items that large-scale running events cannot take place due to large crowd size, respiratory exchanges, person to person contact etc.
  7. I like how you coin the Race"Less'" and it is starting to happen as we are speaking now. Unless running events are essential needs to certain group of runners such as elite runners dependent on such income, the majority have to slowly cope without mass running events to prevent possible COVID-19 outbreak. Hopefully there will be increased awareness to protect the environment with lesser mass running events for now.
  8. Unlikely that just using phone and AI can help people to troubleshoot their fitness quickly. Technology is more like an enabler/tool to help us and having good data on our running activities, we can better adjust our training approach. Thanks to the article shared by @kohpapa
  9. @yeokianhwee Welcome to this running forum. From your title, it seems that you are looking for suggestion on getting a watch to measure your running performance and heart rate strap. 1. For running watches, you can consider Garmin, Suunto, Polar, COROS etc. DC Rainmaker provides comprehensive reviews of such running measurement devices at https://www.dcrainmaker.com/ 2. For Heart rate strap, I don't recommend chest strap due to possible abrasions and slippage of the heart rate belt when worn for prolonged period. I use the Wahoo heart rate arm strap which gives reliable readings when
  10. Interesting if the Vanguard Marathon is to go ahead. I am looking forward to see how the organiser manages a few hundred participants for this event. Source at https://www.1m2go.co.uk/races/vanguard-way-marathon/
  11. @Lady Ice At this stage, it is still advisable not to have mass events as people will gather, leading to big crowds and covid-19 infection for more persons. Good and long blog write-up post you have there.
  12. @AutumnRunner Agreed. Covid-19 is still present and some countries are not able to handle the current situation now (increasing cases, resources exhausted etc). We can do our part here by running alone and going to places which are not so crowded. Good pointers by Runners World there.
  13. Great to see some sgrunners from Eastern SG and getting the needed workout today. Good tips from kohpapa on safety distancing during exercise. I chose an industrial area with a park and saw less than five runners during today's morning run. Continue to stay safe and healthy here during this tough times.
  14. The qualifying time for the Males Olympics Marathon is indeed tough at 2 hours 11 mins 30 secs. As for now, we don't have any runners who can complete a full marathon below 2 hours 10 mins to comfortably qualify for the Olympics Marathon. Let's wait for future potential runners who can make this happen.
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