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  1. With the number of new covid cases and possible spread in communities, I have a feeling this Sundown physical race may not proceed....
  2. I think if the authorities approve, this will be a litmus test of how other races are going to be organised. 4000 is not a lot for Sundown, but there are many other races with historically lower participation numbers. Such races may be allowed to proceed if this Sundown is successfully done. I believe there may be other requirements for the runners, such as proof of vaccination? Nevertheless, I think it is a good start.
  3. @kohpapa Uncle, with so much running, did you keep track of how many medals you have?
  4. Been reading runners comments in the official 2XU FB. Understand their frustrations as 2XU race is not cheap. I don't expect them to give full refunds as they are not like Sundown or Income Eco, both who have strong financial backing. At least Safari Zoo Run, also organized by Pink Apple, was able to provide partial refund and complement with access to all 4 wildlife parks.
  5. As far as I recall, I think 2XU and Sundown are the remaining races who postponed their last year's races to this year while withholding the participants money, though Sundown did give runners option of full refund. April to June are the months where these 2 races are usually held. I believe there are going to be some updates from them quite soon. Personally I believe Sundown may still give runners full refund, whereas 2XU is likely to go virtual.
  6. I think booking of time slots are feasible for such virtual races, where the participants may not be a lot. But for popular physical races which can have many thousands of runners, time slots may not be feasible. Personal feel is unless majority of local population is vaccinated and there is solid clearance test for overseas visitors, local races will still not happen.
  7. I remember last year there were quite a number of positive comments regarding this race, especially on the part on using their app..
  8. Now that the authorities may temp shelve the plan to get SCSM into the world majors, it may be possible the physical race, if happens, revert back to early morning, since there were just too much inconvenience caused to commuters in the evening race. My hope is it goes back to start at Orchard, instead of F1 Pit. Leave F1 Pit to Sundown and 2XU
  9. Thanks for sharing! Didnt know there is such race at the far end of the island!
  10. I have participated SCSM both in the morning and evening. Frankly with my slow speed, it is likely I will not complete the FM if it is in the morning as I may not survive the morning sun So for me, if i ran FM, preferably it starts off in the evening, unless I ran HM then I have no issue doing it in the early morning. Oh many of us would have missed the good old days of starting off at Orchard I must agree with previous comments that virtual events are not cheap. Apart from costs, some runners I know are not keen to take part due to the lack of race experience.
  11. If SCSM is one of the majors, more elite or good runners will be attracted to take part. The participation costs may increase and a tighter cut-off time for FM. But the standard of the race will definitely be raised. But this will also mean slower runners will most likely not able to take part in the FM, or be prepared to go up the sweeper bus. SG does not have many FM race and frankly, I feel this may not be a bad news to especially those slower runners who just want to run 1 FM a year.
  12. Wow! Your friends at their age are very brave!
  13. Sorry Uncle, wouldn't be joining you tomorrow for the run. Got to prepare for CNY lah. As for the actual run, i will probably do it at Chestnut Park. Never run there before even though had been there. Trails are easier than Macritchie, definitely better for my poor legs
  14. That is very awesome! how many days will it take for 1 trip?
  15. @kohpapa Uncle, for Team SgRunnersunited, can I selfishly suggest to do the run at Chestnut Park? I have done some hiking there but never run there before. And compared to Macritchie, I think its trail easier. Good to start for 'new' trail runner like me But of course if yourself and @beast wish to do the run at Macritchie, I will still go along with you all More important is we start and finish at the same points.
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