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  1. Hi guys! Thanks everyone for the advise and suggestions! I went to ran that route during CNY. I made sure i topped up my hydration at the last toilet at Changi Beach as the next hydration point is at ECP. As i ran on a Saturday night, i'm surprised to find out that Tanah Merah Coast Road stretch was not as deserted as i imagined. Ran pass quite a few runners and even hikers, most of them in groups. Will definitely plan for another longer run pass that side soon.
  2. Hi kohpapa!! Good to hear from you again!! I was hoping that 1 of those red shelters would at least have 1 water dispenser. Coming from Loyang, it seems that i'll need to top up my hydration at the last toilet at Changi Beach before hitting Tanah Merah Coast Rd, as the next water dispenser will be at ECP. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Seems that this Tanah Merah Coast Road stretch is really 'bare'... Yes, i'm keen to to contribute to your relay team. Must the distance clocked be just 10km? Or the 10km be part of a longer distance? And how do i join?
  4. Hi runners! I'm planning on a solo long run during the coming CNY break, and part of my route will pass through the entire Tanah Merah Coast Road. Is there any water point / dispenser along Tanah Merah Coast Road? Thanks.
  5. Okay, thanks bro! But they are also under the same parent company that owns Running Lab, so not sure if they'll have more or better choices and offerings. Will check them out regardless.
  6. Hi guys, except Running Lab in Singapore, which other retailers can i buy Hoka One One shoes?
  7. Thanks for the encouragement! But don't just cheer for us, join us next year I can't promise it'll be painless, but i can promise it'll be fun and worth it
  8. You deserve the down time after the over exertion in completing the 101km. Don't rush the recovery, and only start running again once you're fully recovered. We're no longer young indeed hahaha
  9. Nice video log bro. Good to see you at the race and hope that you're recovering well.
  10. Wahhh...next year's Craze Ultra is falling on the auspicious date of 10-10-2020. Already marked my calendar for this!! Anyway, HUGE congratulations to everyone who has completed this year's Craze Ultra. The weather wasn't on our side, yet we completed the race regardless. Ultra runners are known to be the ultra-hardy type. Rain or shine, we keep pushing on. Schedule and budget permitting, i'll definitely be back again for this annual punish fest next year.
  11. D-Day is upon us this Saturday!! Hope everyone has trained well over the last few months leading to the big day. Yes, this year's 101km does have quite a few 'elites' among the fray. Gonna be an exciting weekend ahead!! Eat up and get lots of rest this week. Looking forward to see everyone on race day!!!
  12. The Woodlands Waterfront checkpoint last year was only utilized for the 100 miles category. As there is no 100 miles for this year, hence that CP is not necessary.
  13. Already marked the dates on my calendar. I'm glad the race is back...although there's no longer 100 miles.
  14. Although the moderators are no longer actively running locally or participating in this forum, but the forum is still alive. And you guys here are still contributing ideas, tips, experience, feedbacks, etc. So let's keep checking in here for as long as the forum still exists. I still find this forum very useful in terms getting training tips, info on upcoming races, and appreciate to have everyone here!!
  15. Oops I donno where is my wrist band. Hahaha. You getting this? I might go down to do it on Sat, wouldn't mind another memorabilia
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