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  1. Yes indeed the route from Sunset bridge towards the direction of Senkang Riverside park will be quite inaccessible for an ambulance in the event of an emergency. Actually the route round Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Punggol Point Walk isn't the most accessible as well. So really need to look at the route in details to ensure its feasible.I will concede that while it is easy and trivial for us to play armchair route planner but we dun always take other factors into consideration like safety, logistics and accessibility. So the route suggested by AR and me may not be the most suitable for stag
  2. Liked the concept of the finisher medal this year but most prob gonna give the 21km a miss due to logistical issue (transport)and my knees really gonna need a break before doing 2XU-350 btb HM after doing NC:Penang-BMR HM btb. Might do the 5km fun run just to show some support for the organizer. Last year's edition was really memorable. Punggol is really a good place to run.
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