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  1. I benefited from this forum a lot, was keen to restart my running and in this forum have alot of good information and very informative blogs from the folks here! Really thankful of what the forum provides n hope it can still go on, for all the like-minded people.
  2. Just FYI,if anyone is interested in the engraving of ur timing on the band, the services is only from 12pm - 7pm. I went there too late today and the counter for engraving closed liao.. :'(
  3. The engraving looks pretty good, will go tomorrow to have my engraved as well!
  4. The grueling stretch of 30-33km was super hot at 9+am, and there was no water point n many had gone down at that stretch. N surprisingly only a couple of marshals n no medics on standby. Saw many casualties today, hope they r OK.
  5. I was in awe when I saw the Tokyo marathon video. Sorry OT a bit but I like the feeling of spectators and supporters cheering you on.
  6. O_O still got this kinda t&c?? ekiden category came with an additional condition for 2014.. must raise at least $500 as a team.. if can't raise that amount, then no participation.. that could put some teams off (including mine)..
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