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  1. I remember it was quite interesting since some of us were alighting at different locations. The Marathon to Orchard, Half Marathon to Harbourfront.
  2. Thanks for the journey, finally can put faces to the Username. Haven’t been in rifle range area for quite awhile, lots of changes for better or worse. Update on the reddish green corridor, they have reopened the railway bridge at Bukit Timah Station. Looks nice but damn crowded.
  3. As I wrote, the swab test requirement can only be impose once the testing infrastructure has increased, the pricing should be reduced by then also. We can't use time and cost structure of precovid situation in current environment. Temperature screening is a standard practice by now.
  4. As long as there aren't vaccine yet, I can see the Race Organizer making it rapid test or swab test(if by then lab testing capability has increased to cater more testing) compulsory for those entering the race venue.
  5. Not really, now need to comply with the guideline. It was issued on Monday and quite a lot of things to prepare the site before work can resume. So most probably will be working from home for another 2-3 weeks.
  6. I bought that exact brand, "Ultra Mask" face mask before the CB period, feels it is thicker than the reusable mask given on the first round of distribution. Tried to run with it and decided against it after half a klick. I prefer to run with a buff, to cover the mouth and nose area when passing other runner or people.
  7. Now even Lorong halus and Pasir RIs Industrial/Farmway are getting bit crowded. Anyway now switching to strength training indoor, need to serve SHN until 4th May as part of the construction sector.
  8. Yesterday I tried running at Tampines Eco park, nearby my place. Not too crowded but still quite a number of people. Back to running at Pasir Ris Industrial and Lorong Halus, just need to avoid the wild dogs and boars...
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