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  1. Once again , thank you Joe, well organized. Plenty of water point. I also see the GU gel at 10.5 km mark. Finisher medal is special. I rate this race 8.5/10. Good job.
  2. I have a women S size tee, looking for XS, pm me if you want to change. Thanks,
  3. My tee size for brook singlet is M size. This round for addias, I taking S size
  4. $8o slots is taken up fast also. At this rate , by the time this race launch for first timer runner will longer have chance to get the priority slots. 4500 slots will whip in no time.
  5. Nothing will happen. The 500 x Priority+ slots at the ION road shows and the 50 slots for each of the community road shows are separate from the online registration count. So those who missed out registering online can try at either the ION road shows or the community road shows. But I think you will still have to be there early to grab a slot; especially the community road show where only 50 slots available. This is a nice marketing ways to make sure runners sign up early to enjoy the promotion rates. And 500x of priority+ at ion will also be gone after a few hour of the opening launch.
  6. V sad for me. I first timer, looking at the rate of slots taken up , I already prepared my $8o, on 16 July.
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