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  1. Gentle. Please help to group the Republic Run 2011 into one. Thanks.

  2. Status update...

  3. wouldn't that be too much food? if each person brings 5 packs of cha-kuay-teow, then 10 people will bring 50 packs... how to finish?
  4. The path after coming down the bridge is blocked The way into the indoor stadium is via macdonalds - no short cut
  5. this must be one of the rare occurrence that you miss CBD run... i was late as usual, but managed to catch up with tigger and ST just before nicoll highway...he told me "the rest ran to indoor stadium" so i continued on, hoping to see a big group of runners... just when i reached stadium road i saw babumouse running back at sub-5min pace...there after i saw 2 runners but don't know who they are... reached indoor stadium, ran from east gate to west gate but no signs of any other runner, so i ran back on my own where was everyone?
  6. translation? let me try tigger had japanese dinner with 3 icecream men, who got very angry because the chef didn't give them enough seasoning
  7. no running today?? just eat?? anyway i'm on leave today - so will probably not be there... enjoy!
  8. yummy...how much $ is set F? sorry won't be joining - i forgot to bring my shoes *bleah*
  9. no, the bunny was Mrs IMD... IMD was faster than bunny - no where in sight
  10. yes, it's nice meeting you, costner... was really not an easy run for me - the bunny leading the way was "bouncing" effortlessly yah, and thanks to tigger for the cold (and almost frozen) H2O good run, guys! see you next year!
  11. don't worry, it will be fixed in a few days' time (after TLR is back from his holidays)
  12. Martin, i think it is more prudent if you bet less than the $ value of your phone... otherwise, you may have gotten back your phone, but you lose it to singapore pools
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