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  1. As usual all will quote Joe and really hassle to scroll all the way down. If planning for the ultra vertical, my idea is we can go for a 5 hours limit. Ultra is either by distance or time limit. If really have to climb. It will have to be more than the TPY Ultimate Challenge. 5 blocks up down 40 floors took me around mins ? Unless we do a more floors or in terms of duration, anything lesser will not be really challenging to be considered as ultra.
  2. My Fenix 1 also recorded 20.14km. All Fenix thinks alikeMy 910XT tracked 19.80km. So Garmin models dun't think the same. I said Fenix thinks alike mah...din use my 910XT if not can see if all forerunners thinks alike ^^
  3. My Fenix 1 also recorded 20.14km. All Fenix thinks alike
  4. As if Joe double triple posting is not long enough, please don't quote him & increase the length furthermore ? Just a mention Joe, guess the few of us reading here will know is who...and Joe knows he is the Joe we are referring to ?
  5. Yes Yes ! Please pass on your knowledge & experience to east side CC...namely KG Chai Chee...Bedok or Kaki Bukit. These CC are dead quiet sometimes I mistaken them as columbariam beside my hdb block ?
  6. My Garmin Fenix 2 tracked 20.14km. Yea...saw a fellow tying shoelace so early in the race in the middle of the road. Come...I clap for you ? Hydration is ? Gel is ? Though I like Pocari than the sugar drink. Loops here is as usual boring. I must raise 1 point is that why the pacers balloons no timing. I must run near near to their bib to see their pace...but if I can run so close to them, maybe I won't need them either ? Overall I give this race a 7/10. Points deducted for isotonic drinks, loops & pacer balloons. Good job Joe !
  7. Ya @hitman, got peekture evidence posted before in facebook the committee go look see look see at night ^^ Haha initially wanted to joke but didn't type...but now I saw Joe himself also joke 1st event RD collapse Was saying cycle cos later if you suggest Joe go 1 jog 1 time before the event, I scared next day he needs to rest liao. OOr the event might need to be cancelled ?
  8. Yes ! So stressful ! This is my first SG race of the year ^^ Hope to take more peektures Cycle slowly look see also can !
  9. Actually what's the tee sizing issue ah ? 1 inch smaller is it ? Can we just get over it ? It's a tee smaller by 1 inch, not other thing smaller by inch.
  10. Compressport don't have off the rack tee. Even if want to tell friends not to buy, you also wouldn't be able to buy Compressport tee ? I like you.
  11. At least for myself, I'm very easy. So its not easy for me to "mad or disappointed with you" as your sincerely wish ^^ Actual race day experience to me also very important, if not more. So far so good for me, good job Joe.
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