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  1. I only taught you to become a nicer person with integrity and never a hypocrite or stupidity

  2. Never con people that you are a slow runner ... it is not nice to do that.

  3. You brain is screwed and will always be a follower. What else?

  4. Be happy go drinking you are my good Bro ... In trouble need money no more Bro ... sound familiar ? ^U^

  5. 我们的人生重点和责任不是限制在跑步。跑步只是一种兴趣和保健的方式,但不能把光阴全全花费在单一嗜好,因为它只不过是一个钟形曲线。

  6. Shaking head ... truly a "salted olive" I have ever seen for years

  7. 急急忙忙苦追求,寒寒暖暖度春秋,朝朝暮暮营家计,昧昧昏昏白了头。明明白白一条路,跑完千哩又如何?

  8. You give Singapore a bad name ...

  9. When the fox preaches ... Look to your geese ^U^

  10. It is a female own mind, Not her enemy or foe that lures her to evil ways ... Fatuous ^U^

  11. Karma - You know she is coming but you do not know when or what she is bringing ... Hahaha ^U^

  12. What to let go? Wealth = CANNOT ^U^

  13. I appreciate very much being injury-free

  14. Run without using brain will end up with injury ^U^

  15. To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

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