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  1. Lol.. that's sad.... Esp send in a way that is obvious what is the content.
  2. Well, they could always do open/ closed categories to promote the local scene..... But of cos its more mafan for the organisers esp smaller events.
  3. Think this is intended change... ie auto detect the area you are running in and renaming accordingly... Anyway I always rename my runs to my own format.. so not a big deal for me.
  4. Hmm.. did not notice cos I brought my own handheld bottle and refilled when it is half empty.. Water too much still OK wat.. can still keep if not open.. Too little = everyone will complain. Really devalue their brand. :S
  5. Wow.. Grats 1:45... Envy Race experience as follow. I got 21.4km for the distance so looks good. Route is kinda terrible though... they changed it to 2 loops for HM. Maybe its for the best? See Chingay parade For the last 5k water issue again.... I am so glad I brought my own water and refilled partly earlier so last 5k not f%kd " No cups at Gardens at a later point, the staff were pouring water into my hands lol." Facebook post.. LOL really CMI lea their hydration logistics SORRY LAST YEARS REVIEW Pacers if I see correctly are the Newton runners. For the 2:10 pacing, I was kinda disa
  6. Have fun all!! 530 maybe still a bit sunny for 10k. But 730 darkness for 21k hope the road not go all the patchy parts T.T
  7. official website route http://www.marinarun.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/marinarun-bigroute-10km.jpg http://www.marinarun.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/marinarun-bigroute-21km.jpg weird... how come i got pic of 5km.... there is no 5km category? :S
  8. hmmm... so maybe it is as u say a new PCN route?? Will be very interesting for future routes!
  9. I think they only open it for longer routes (42k). Believe that sundown, 2xu (previously) and SCMS used that part. If you run along GBTB east from barrage, you look on the right, you can see got one place can thread thru but blocked since got construction/ development going on in that area. But first time used for 21k I think! Maybe next time got route straight go to ECP from marina with no road closure.
  10. All the routes for your perusal Love the 21k route... hope my body can take it.... lost so much fitness.... 5km route is siened diao... loop 2.5km for 5 km ... is kinda sad
  11. Fort road? OH wow.. new route... route sounds good... means they are actually closing road for this run? Will look at the route later when collecting pack!!
  12. If it is the same as last year.. it is like in the middle of nowhere... under the sheares bridge underpass..... So ... either from bayfront or from stadium?
  13. Hey yo! Race collection pack this Sat and Sun! About ten more days to the run!!! REMEMBER: BRING YOUR OWN SPORTS DRINK IF YOU NEED ISOTONIC Unless you want to drink poison water and have a good juice cleanse the next day
  14. YES JOHOR BAHRU RUN... LOlOllolol.. Dandiest bug ever.... I thought it bugged over from another run I did.. I just reset my Fenix 2... have not tried a run since... maybe will do one run tomorrow and see if this is fixed after a reset. Wonder if this is a Garmin Connect issue? :S
  15. Run with full backpack... train endurance.. LOL Drink their beverage = poisoned. Run their route = Injury. Such is life............
  16. Hi, urgent let go of race slot due to work. PM me pls.. have to settle by this Friday/ Saturday Size M male. NO BAGGAGE storage.
  17. I am also selling my 42km race slot due work travel. Buyer to self collect race bib, race pack at the expo and to keep finisher tee and medal. MALE size M Will provide my NRIC copy, authorization form and registration confirmation slip to self collect. Pm me pls!
  18. This race can consider... very flat profile along the route... just that route badly lit and rough terrain at some parts so kinda dangerous. Otherwise really nice run since it is cooler and also easy elevation all the way. Maybe boring loop but manageable la! See nice garden and skyline Anyway words of caution, this Boost drink is the same as last year i.e. under the Pere brand. So maybe consider bringing your own sports/ isotonic/ electrolyte drink instead of drinking the provided poison sports water.
  19. BROOKS. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo................ WHY?! But then again got finisher tee.... hmmmmmmmmmm........................
  20. I WANT. to meet him! Gonna see what training clinics he s hosting and try my best to go!
  21. Info on live track: http://www8.garmin.com/livetrack/ Instructions on uploading to RK with Garmin Communicator: https://support.runkeeper.com/hc/en-us/articles/201110476-How-to-import-GPS-data-to-RunKeeper-using-Garmin-Communicator-Plugin Otherwise you can dl the GPX/ TCX file off Garmin Connect and then upload to RK: https://support.runkeeper.com/hc/en-us/articles/201109816-How-to-import-GPX-TCX-files-to-RunKeeper-website
  22. Only scms is special where MRT actually open early... Singapore's premier event after all!!
  23. TSKTSKTSKTS.. UNFORGIVABLE MISTAKE! Are you doing track intervals? I wanna train Yasso800s for speed but too lazy go far far running tracks.. :S
  24. Wait...so u mean on Connect, it shows the run and rest period as one lap? Should be two right? I did a test with my F2 by setting 800 Run - 400 Rest intervals with warmup and cooldown and mine seems to record the lap correctly.. 4 intervals = 8 laps. But is just on the desk testing and pressing lap buttons.. not the actual running outside yet..
  25. Yes.. I got it too.. maybe they did some wrong query and did a mass email blast to the whole freaking registration database instead of those with incomplete registration
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