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  1. I am hungry... I'm looking forward to the potluck....
  2. This picture is not the first CBD run right? of course not. This one is either last yr or last last yr? This is Ms Cutie's first run with CBD Runners!!! Tigger killed me on Mt Faber! & was "skinned alive later at a particular bus stop" at MR Ultra!
  3. LaserRunner and Batz: Old Chang Kee (chicken wings+spring roll+crab stick+sotong+curry puff); eplite - you want to buy old changkee with us??
  4. 1) roonz - otah and 20 mr bean ice-cream cones from across the road. -- should be enough to feed 5 2) Charlotte - Bringing edible food. =p 3) LaserRunner - Bringing laser stomach and edible food - depends whether got time to bake - sherpherd's pie if not then is tao pao edible food. 4) 21) Tigger - Bring softdrink(no isotonic) 10 bottles....should be enough to feed 5.
  5. whaaooo... i long time never go cbd run... now it becomes a Monthly SET(s) MENU??!! hahaha....
  6. sorry ah, i am not boss but i happened to see this question. run to zouk... then climb stairs i think hahaha... can LIM ah...
  7. are you providing sport massage after the run too? I heard it is meant for the toos and "insider" only. Are you an outsider? cutie needs a massage please............thank you ......
  8. you place your name at the #1 spot.... hahah... you will be stuck with it now. non-CBD Runner can join or not har?
  9. just make sure when you are back in singapore for CNY... bring along some shanghai snacks for us Shanghai snacks? When? wahahah.... got food then your appear.....alamak!!
  10. we missed you too.... awaiting for your return to cbd run sigh.... that would be 6more months!!! :Cry: just bring some ice cream when you return to cbd run fwah fwah...... okok... promise to bring ice-cream when Laser returns from exploratory meditation... can do loops to mr bean if need be!!
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