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  1. The best way to predict the future is to create it!

  2. Hi. Supergal.

    Told by my Malaysian runners friends, the Sunto Eco Race is taken over by the Royal and the place is in Pangkor Island. Detail will out in June, 2011. I'll keep u inform. 3days 2night,3 in a team to conquer the virgin jungle, with map and compass in Nov,2011. haha...that's all I know. Eco Challenge is not easy, but fun and a real challenge to runners. Cheers.

  3. hi yam,u have more infor abt the Eco Challenge (organised by Royal Malaysia) in Pangkor Island.....50km...3days 2 nights. ? this u mention in SAS tioman eco challenge topic.let me know thanks.

  4. peace: mix 50% isotonic + 50% water= same effect as panadol to relieve headache.

  5. hi!! hehe thank you!! happy birthday to you too!! see you around at the nike or newbalance runs.. byeeee

  6. happy birthday to u! glad to know someone of the same birthday as me.have a great day today!

  7. I am from F Div. Glad to find a colleague here at sgrunners.

  8. oh ya i got take part ya..u there too?u from which division?

  9. hmm which x-country do u mean?the PSA one at macrithie or the one at bedok reservior?

  10. Did u take part in this year's X-Country?

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