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  1. Please share @lonewolf what is the dream??? Haha... I’m curious. I’ll be giving this race a miss in 2020 because I’ve already committed to an overseas event.
  2. Hi K!m, is it possible to remove the screenshot in yh90's post that you quoted on the StanChart Marathon thread? Just summarise it to something like i mentioned it to him in a Facebook message

    1. K!m


      Oh done. Didn't realise your message until today.

  3. activerun, I feel so terribly flattered by your words. I guess I love writing as well as running, and just want to do my part in sharing more with the running community. Yup. A work-life-running balance is important. Never let one thing suck you completely dry.
  4. Hmm, I am not under the bolded category though.... Still a relatively newbie runner compared to many others i've met... despite the post count under my nick... Though that said, I concur with Lonewolf, there are some runners here, very seasoned, but they don't post often, that's what their post counts are still low. Maybe it's because they are too busy running, to come to this forum... Haha...
  5. Blog post on the North East Compressport Run 2015, featuring quotes with many of your fellow runners, who found this to be a wonderful race experience indeed. Link: http://www.prischew.com/running/north-east-compressport-run-2015/
  6. Hehehe. Forever young. Wah pris I never know u look so ang mo when u were young...=p Hahaha, Autumn!!!!!
  7. Opps not the age of course, but she is hitting 1k posts soon.. Yeah lor, I where got old?
  8. Just sharing Soh Rui Yong's story about how he became the second-fastest Singaporean marathoner at the California International Marathon on 7 December, his takeaways from that race and what he's hoping for his marathon next year at the SEA Games. Happy reading! LINK: http://www.prischew.com/running/soh-rui-yong-second-fastest-marathoner/ P.S. Yeah seems very sad that this humble forum is dying a slow death. If it is to stay alive, new blood needs to come in continuously, which isn't really happening.
  9. They retrieve your timing by BIB number. So we need to bring our SCMS bib as proof that we did the run? Just tell them your BIB number. The engraving is just the timing without category or name. I see. Thanks.
  10. They retrieve your timing by BIB number. So we need to bring our SCMS bib as proof that we did the run?
  11. Hey lonewolf. Thanks for this heads-up. Ok shall see and check this out if I have time!
  12. Oops I donno where is my wrist band. Hahaha.You getting this? I might go down to do it on Sat, wouldn't mind another memorabilia Hehe. Cool.
  13. Oops I donno where is my wrist band. Hahaha. You getting this? Hmm. At the SCMS, you were towards the tail end of the finishers right? If that's the case, perhaps they may have wanted to get rid of the remaining gels, that's why they stuffed it all into your hand. I was one of the slowest runners, by the time I reached the marina barrage hydration station already ran out of gel and the volunteers were informing us that it was the last hydration station. I'm always a snail runner, but managed to get it last year at SCMS, this year at Newton Challenge, GE run etc.. this is the first time
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