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  1. wah! how come you know ar? You missed out another. it was the "original nine".... there were only 5 last night.
  2. It was an evening of fun and laughter and food and discovery. See you all next year!
  3. This picture is not the first CBD run right? of course not. This one is either last yr or last last yr? ya lor, that's what i thought too cos cheow didn't look like this in the beginning. loanshark!!! long time no hear from him!
  4. what happened to little foot? he became a big foot and disappeared into the wilderness.... hahahaha....
  5. aerosolcan..... hahahaha.... like that also kena caught by you! boy! no where to hide man. hahahaha...... iceman, ya you sure smell smoke.... i really know how to smoke one ok! hahaha.... sorry ar, I can't be a tortoise on 10 Aug... maybe 17 Aug... maybe....
  6. i was referring to our rabbit "zhi lei"... (boston qualifier)... as for babumouse... he seems to run faster when thomas is not around (i am now eager to see their next IM showdown) as the LS, the lady in bright pink!.... she was at cruising speed ... tortoise? OH! This one I can volunteer. hahaha...... so this week there were: rabbits, mouse, tig(g)er, shark, etc Only the pest spray was missing ... next week should have cat, dog, chicken... tortise..
  7. er... simi lang si rabbit ar? got blue got pink got green?
  8. wahaha... your hanyu pinyin very good... excuse me! you CMI leh! this is not hanyupinyin la.... hahahaha....
  9. now i know how the saying "pardon my french" came about. arlo! simi lang la? huat kok ang moh lang loh. zarh jit le boh lai, boh kuah tio ee gong jit tua too chor uei haha... why he gong chor uei? (why did he speak in *** language?)
  10. now i know how the saying "pardon my french" came about. arlo! simi lang la?
  11. i tot was playstation 2 portable sorry ar, i still don't get it hor. simi si P2P?
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