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  1. today still zouk route? or there is a change in route.
  2. will be skipping tonight cbd run. resting my legs after tnf.
  3. last week was zouk route, so what is on today menu?
  4. just a correction. tonight should be set F, fort canning...
  5. fences are up. but still got spaces to run.
  6. will be skipping today run. letting my leg take a rest after sundown marathon..
  7. Hello, newbie here. Would like to join the 19 April run at fort canning. Please advise whom I should contact and the logistics regarding this event ... Are there any lockers for us to store our stuff etc.. Thanks a lot Victor tanjong pagar mrt - exit B the pavement along wallich st opp "the white house" when u reach there, there will be a bunch of ppl. look for tiwazz or littletigger... no lockers, but there is usually somebody driving. we keep our bag in the car.
  8. bad weather here.... anyone know the weather near the cbd area?
  9. damn... should have join u guys... when i left office at orchard, there was still rain...
  10. have a good fort canning run last night with good weather.
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