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  1. Hi, I was also born in Hong Kong and relocated to Singapore since 1998. Heard the HK Marathon has too many participants and the route is very hilly. Is that true?

  2. Thanks for the support team. Iced-100+, ice water to cool off and bananas. I have to rush off as I am not sure whether I will beat the cut-off time. I do miss the support at Tampines petrol station as I was too focus in going along the park connector. Sundown support is possibly the most difficult race to support as supporting the Ultra and 42km will require the support station to remain "open" for a very long time. Kudos to the team!!
  3. Terry, I think your 2nd grouping point is Tampines Ave 9 (not Loyang Ave 9, no such road).
  4. I believe the 25-Oct Fatbird run also started from splash. I did a 28km which has the U-turn point more than half-way into CCR. I think for a 24km U-turn point, it should be about 1.2km into Changi Coastal Road if we keep following the part connector.
  5. tummyMAN, welcome to TFB flavoured training sessions...hehe didn't quite get your nick this morning...hope to catch you next time. yes, a number of us has 405s, and they work like a charm I tell you....esp. so for Pacers who need to know at all times the pace they are running at. I estimated the main body were running at about 6:30min/km throughout At Fort Road, when the main group caught up with me and Kayano, we tried to run together with the main group. Kayano and I are running at 6:00 pace and cannot go faster anymore (Kayano has heartrate at 185 and I hit 173). But the main group disap
  6. yo ericx... this coming SCSM is my 1st marathon... and mi target to complete by 5 to 5.30hr... hope i can achieve that... btw, the sifus of the fatbird pacer can definitely help u to achieve your aim / improve your timing :Big Grin: So you are also going for the Saturday run? My target this year is to break the 6hrs mark, to go for 5hr+. I tried the Sundown without training, was horrible... 8hrs... I plan to be there on coming Sat. Last year SCSM is my first full marathon, I finished 6 hr 1 min. Aiming for 5.5 hr for SCSM2008. I am intended to do my brisk walk on Sat, not sure wheth
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