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  1. I agree but look at the people running/jogging or walking on PCN - Park Connector Networks especially during weekends. It's crazy. Almost no zero distancing
  2. So many things during this COVID-19 period is no longer follow policy. For example: Can apply for postponment to repay loans or insurnce premiums. And virtual runs......I never ever signed up for them, even if cheap like $10. Why must I pay for own run just to collect a medal? Still must self-time, bring my own hydration (or drink/buy along the way). A written policy may be there but how an organiser treats its participants, that will be remembered.
  3. Not in Singapore............... And even if CB is lifted, still must practice safe distancing and also no mass gatherings (which I understand incl mass running events) unless you only have....I don't know.....less than 10 elites running and not be too near each ? BUT 2XU, please refund those who signed up lah
  4. OMG......this is extraordinary times. Please do the right and honorable thing and refund people money. Not racing not because I choose not to turn up or change my plans and travel ovrseas on event day.
  5. Yes, Boss. 2XU still want everyone to race in 2020. But if Singapore Circuit Breaker get extended, then how to have mass running event?
  6. Dear @kohpapa Refund have to apply.. Due to my work, I never know if the 2021 date I am around to take part. If this year I don't apply refund, then in 2021 the date announced I cannot join, will organiser then allow a full refund?
  7. Wasn't happy to receive the email and have to apply for refund. But cannpt blame the organiser for cancelling. Although people who have runny nose and dry cough and fever won't do HM or FM, you never know those asymptomatic with no symptoms but infectious attend and a few people in the event kena infected. Sad year. All my races and my overseas family holiday all cancelled.
  8. Taxiway - I always remeber it as runway. I miss that mini beach sand. A break from hard ground! But hot sia for slow joggers like me by the time I reach the sand part
  9. Four terrains? Hmmmm...... Was it? 1. Road, trail, sand, footpath; or 2. Road, trail, sand, runway
  10. didn't sign up this year race but I think they should refund since they don't know dalay till when and it may clash with some participants others commitments then
  11. oh......Thot of doing the HM again in 2020 but just realise I am overseas on the event date :
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