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  1. Thanks for the cake, little girl. It was delicious. Thanks also to Chacha for the drinks. As usual, I enjoy the run up MF.
  2. Thanks guys for the run and the drinks. As usual, enjoyed the run up the hill though this time round, the old engine got rusty and cannot go up or go too many rounds. :sad: Seem like the route to/fro Mt Faber is full of treacherous traps out to snare us innocent runners. Please take care especially when running in the dark. Stuck - take care of that wound and it heal fast .
  3. Yes I agree with Alphagirl. Ms Tekko just picked herself up after the fall and went on. Super impressive! :hail: She got 'experience' in this area so not a big problem. Also, this type of things run in the family so very used to it :Big Grin:
  4. tekko, is it i have to create an account in order to view your pic? I don't think so. Just click the link and u should be able to see pic leh
  5. The photos taken by me here
  6. u doing virtual running? I will be using my mind to visualise the run up to MF and completing 100 loops while laughing at Gurmit Singh in Calefare. Does that count as virtual running? :Big Grin: u must feel chuan and sweating as though u ran 100 loops. :Batting Eyelashes: Okay lor I go to the steam room or sauna and do my visualising :Big Grin:
  7. u doing virtual running? I will be using my mind to visualise the run up to MF and completing 100 loops while laughing at Gurmit Singh in Calefare. Does that count as virtual running? :Big Grin:
  8. Yeah MF - my favourite CBD Run route - actually the only one I will turn up for :Big Grin: Too bad I will MIA again next week. M will represent me
  9. Many thanks to Ultra for the drinks to these 2 gatecrashers. Thank you
  10. I think I gain weight after this run. After run, by the time reach home and eat dinner it's almost 11pm. After that straight away go sleep. How not to gain weight like that :Big Grin:
  11. Oops kena scolding liao. better turn up :sweat:
  12. Hi Keith, Welcome back. buying more Asics shoes this time round? This Sunday, there is the Mizuno Wave Run at Bedok Reservoir. Registration is still open.
  13. Me also want. don't mind yellow with black stripes very unique :Big Grin:
  14. count me in. Food (bring food, eat food) + run.
  15. Deep Cruiser - thanks for reverting me back. Now feel so old again Anyway, to add to the names: between Babu and Sealboon is Charlotte (you can just see part of her head); behind her is Rory; next to Chengnai should be Tarepanda. The 2 girls in front of them are not from sgrunners if I am not wrong.
  16. Alamak - I prefer the new me. Younger and more handsome.
  17. How can I miss this since my name is stuck there permanently on the very 1st post? I bring colourful cup cakes.
  18. Passed by TP MRT during lunch time and there were 2 Special Ops Vehicle parked there where we usually meet for the run. 2 Possbilities: 1. Mightyjoe has chio his entire platoon to join the run OR 2. Last week you guys had an illegal assembly and this week the police are out to make sure there is no illegal assemby
  19. On the way home, saw 2 runners waiting there - Terence and Edmund. Subsequently Don (the handsome Filipno guy) turned up followed shortly by 2 ladies.(haven't joined sgrunners yet but 1 of them have joined the CBD run b4) They managed to put their barang at Don 's office) before going for the run.
  20. I somehow got this email. I have already replied directly to Kwang on the meeting point and directions. Can those running tomorrow watch out and take care of the newcomers: "Hi, My fren and myself are keen to join you guys for the CBD run. Do we meet you guys at Tanjong Pagar MRT exit B and leave our bags at Robinson Road Post Office? Is there someone we can contact should we have any last min qns? Looking forward to your advice Thanks Kwang" kwang's nick is kwangx2
  21. Hi Nova, I on leave today. Planning to do a swim at Tampines Safra
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