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  1. Go Parisik at Holland V. 620 is selling at $488.00 and 220 at $379.00. Limited stock left
  2. I think this was one of the biggest gathering Happy Anniversary CBD Runners!
  3. the barriers are towards the end of marina promenade near the sea sports centre. Not major barriers la, although they disrupt momentum abit. Lazy people tend to find it hard to get moving again after stopping Last Friday when I went passed, there wasn't any but maybe they will put up more over the weekend in view of the YOG boat racing being held there.
  4. I'm newbie what. Mommy said if don't know must ask. TIGGER BULLY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is a route where some of the runners run at tempo pace all the way... some do fartlek along the way... while the rest of us are glad that we can complete the distance last time out it was more like steeplechase, had to climb over/under barriers can run along Shenton Way, turn right at Marina Boulevard fronting the Bay (instead of going straight down to Esplanade and floating platform),turn left at Bayfront Ave and run alongside Marina Sands until Helix Bridge. Use the connecting underpass between the
  5. Flynn? Running Lab is a multi sport's retail shop, located at funan, novena and tampinese mall. For funan, our run starts at 7pm, meet and dispose our bags at the shop. some of our running route are, jervois (some gentle slopes), esplanade-kallang park, fort canning, delta park connector. very similair to CBD routes, see ya. michael No more Mickael?
  6. is falling asleep at his desk

  7. I know it is CNY and everybody wants to wear new clothing - but if it rains within 2 days before the run, the trail may be wet and muddy so please try not to wear new shoes. Also, please note there are no toilets or water point in the Tampines MBT and finally although there is a nice toilet at Sun Plaza Park, there is no shower facilities.
  8. So sad I can't come for this. I miss the food run
  9. Oh so those guys were with you. Saw them running past and a friend and I were admiring their dedication and humor in wearing the t-shirt
  10. it's litter :Rolling Eyes: i cycled down this morning to check and to pick up whatever we left behind but it seems it has all been cleared up.. =) the cleaners should have swept it all up on Sat morning already but anyway :Applause:
  11. it's litter :Rolling Eyes:
  12. Something like the Christmas or party Crackers.... to create the atmosphere and to commence the run. Ultra Not very environmentally friendly leh :Shame On You:
  13. Fatbird made it to the newspaper again. Awesome! :smilie_daumen1: But what were those papers floating in the air?
  14. that's me... bump... set E +++ (mount faber) tomorrow... aaaggggg Set E - so sad cannot make it this week :Cry:
  15. Are we doing any running or just exercising our abs?
  16. fort canning +++ Thank you. Unfortunately won't be able to join. You guys enjoy yourselves
  17. I bring sponge cakes. By the way, who won the CBD longest and shortest day award?
  18. Although I did not see any one of the 4:45 pacers, nevertheless I would like to thank them all cos I was running and trying desperately to catch up with you guys and that eventually allowed me to finish just a little wee bit off the 4:45 timing.
  19. Thank you very much for the banana cake. I enjoyed the cake and the run very very much
  20. Maybe we should just have a 'carbo-loading' session instead of run? :Big Grin:
  21. Yes -- there will be from me.... if I don't get any. Just tell me when you bringing them down. I come down specially for it :tongue_smilie:
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