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  1. congrats and keep aiming higher... i believe u all can sure outbeat Silver..
  2. nice nice.... we all know u can do it for sure....
  3. Congrats... just read that NYC is in-person marathon!!! with 33,000 runners set to toe the start line.... congrats... just got to stay safe...
  4. wow.... Day 1 already completed 44km... nice nice.... u are on going to get the finisher's entitlement very soon at this rate...
  5. yah man.... @kohpapagot the gist of my feeling... its mind vs physical bro @beast. I always enjoy a physical race for many reasons, 1. the race day itself where I am swarmed by runners from all walks of life coming together in the early morning (except for some evening/night races) and toe the start line together. Bonus is to get a PB, which is quite seldom for me in recent years though... 2. Able to critic different races and put down in race blogs so that other runners will be aware of all the details of the race before deciding to take part in the following year / series.
  6. do let us know if the interface with the website is almost instantly after u uploaded...
  7. so many virtual races... no woder your distance that you achieved per month is.... amazing...
  8. Managed to train up for this race but safety and health is definitely more critical at this period. stay safe everyone and let's wait for the new date, likely they will announce only after the Ph2 Heightened alert period.
  9. i am starting to get a little tired of virtual runs hence would reconsider on this run....
  10. oh... so means i can just run anywhere using my garmin and sync my garmin to this mapmyrun app... without the need to load preferred route? that is what i prefer.
  11. the confusing part is with these 2 statements... so i assume that we can run anywhere but need to load this "anywhere" map onto Mapmyrun app prior to the run and follow it?? 1. "You can complete the required distance in your selected challenge/category at your own pace, anytime and anywhere (except for indoor running and the use of treadmill are not allowed) within the clock-in window." 2. STEP 2: LINK YOUR ROUTE Select and bookmark the preferred route by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Log into your MapMyRunApp to connect the route to the app.
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