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  1. wah.... *clap clap*.... what a busy month....
  2. yea, so drag to another month again... i think both of them are tired too...
  3. what @kohpapa , did i see wrongly, u ran 610km in March??
  4. I think no one really will know the truth... definitely not us who are not in the race.
  5. the distance looks quite scary... 1680km for the minimum Bronze standard.. If we can get 10 members, each member have to run 168km in a month meaning around 42km per week.... not impossible.. just that need to find at leas 10 members who will commit to a 42km per week running schedule....
  6. I noticed even his recent facebook post on the OSIM chair that he had seemed to be quite unlike his usual style...
  7. Just to remind that the virtual races can be uploaded to the 2xu website from 26 Apr to 20 June in maximum 6 accumulative runs... Enjoy everyone....
  8. this fees that @kohpapa paid is quite affordable with consideration of shipping fees for the medal and finisher tee....
  9. One suggestion is to run along ECPs where there are plenty of toilets and vending machines. Else will have to bring water bottles along..
  10. Had ran it last year... its pretty similar to a virtual race except that u hear an additional voice from handphone over certain parts of the route. The fees is pretty high I would say.
  11. I have tried to send them an email to check on this race but no response as of now... so let's see if they get back. Else its radio silence for now...
  12. This is another hybrid race where its a physical race but booking of certain timeslot is necessary. https://www.runasonesg.com/rates-registration/
  13. Hi Wols... welcome to this forum... hope running has changed your way of life so far... this forum was setup where runners can gather and discuss about new races or past races... the civil situation has totally cut off all in person races so far... hence it is quieter than it usually is...
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